• Ban coverage for erectile dysfunction products from government sponsored insurance coverage
    The uproar over providing women with coverage for personal decisions related to reproductive care begs the question of why no uproar over products for men's sexual freedom.
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    Created by Mary Ann Goloversic
  • engineer fish
    Engineer salmon
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    Created by Jerome Markowitz
  • nucca
    Medcare and medccaid covering all nucca x-rays.
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    Created by Sharon Kay Summerford
  • Happy Meal is a Healthy Meal
    To All Concerned, I am a mother of three and am trying to raise my kids to appreciate and respect their bodies and their health. This is very difficult to do in today's society. Fast food is everywhere and they want the toy to go with it. Are fast food chains teaching our kids that it is good to eat poorly? Kids associate French fries with toys and games. This is why our children are suffering from obesity and our health care system pays.
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    Created by Becca DRESSLER
  • It's Time for Paid Maternal Leave
    The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that does not require employers to provide paid maternity leave. Even a woman in Afghanistan is entitled to her full salary for 12 weeks after the birth of a child. We're calling on congress to ensure American women have maternity leave policies at least as good as Afghan women.
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    Created by Luke A. Flynt
  • help disabled and mentally challenged people lead normal lives.
    my petition is about allowing mentally challenged and mentally disabled,and disabled people in general the ability to exist freely in society without stigma and the blockages they have now in the present medical,legal and social systems.passing better legislation to that effect.
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    Created by sherry dillow
  • congressional compenstion overhaul
    The current benefits that congress enjoys at taxpayers expense should be opened to scrutiny and a 20% reduction in pay as well as an increase in medical copays and deductibles. these co-pays and deductibles should be aligned with what coverage average workers recieve and should be implemented immediately until a reasonable bill can be put to the voters.
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    Created by Daryn Coleman
  • FDA: Regulate Arsenic in Food/Baby Food
    Darmouth College has released a study that shows there is a high content of arsenic in baby formula, cereal bars, and energy shots. This is even more significant due to the fact that the FDA doesn't regulate food products as they do water. This is one of many areas that is unregulated that clearly parallels other regulation.
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    Created by Grant Short
  • Cardinal Dolan: Get your politics out of women's bedrooms.
    Cardinal Dolan demands that Catholic employers should not have to cover birth control in health care coverage they provide. The issue was settled for Catholics in June of 1967(1). It is not a moral concern for them. But, he and the Catholic Bishops of America neglect that their documents call for universal health care coverage. Where is their demand for that? (1) Tension, Morality, and Birth Control [Journal] / auth. Peter Chirico S.S. // Theological Studies. - [s.l.] : Theological Studies, Inc. (Georgetown University), June 1967. - No. 2 : Vol. 28. - pp. 258-285.
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    Created by Richard Coder
  • Public Option Amendment
    In response to the Blunt Amendment, S.AMEND 1520 to S.1813, I petition any Senator or Representative to introduce an amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148) which will reinstate the Public Option.
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    Created by Steven Brungard
  • We need to know if our food genetically engineered
    Please support mandatory labeling. We urge the FDA to require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. We have a right to know about the food we eat and what we feed our families,
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    Created by M Bown
  • Genetically Engineered Foods
    I am a diabetic and have been for many years. I am very careful of what I eat and the size of the portions that I eat. I am very worried about the genetically engineered foods being put on the market with no identification marking to say it is GE food! I spend $15.00 per week at the local food pantry where the food sold is grown locally.
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    Created by Barbara Buckley