• Rush Lumbaugh
    Rush Lumbaugh's vulger remarks against women--degrading them on health care issues when he has his own doorstep to sweep--multiple marriages, illegal prescription drug use and generally outspoken
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    Created by Sharon Treinen
  • Respect for all women's
    Discontinue Rush Lumbaugh's radio talk show
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    Created by linda.r purcell
  • Stop governor Mitch Daniels from takeing away
    Stop Mitch Daniels from takeing away Medicare and Medicaid from the state of Indiana
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    Created by Cynthia Adkins
  • Cancel Rush
    Rush comments on woman's rights are offensive to all women.
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    Created by Marshear
  • No To Privatizing Medicare
    Our family has had personal experiences with privatized medical "care". Our loved ones did not receive the care they needed and deserved.
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    Created by MaryAnn Henry
  • Keep Taunton State Hospital OPen
    Closing TSH will place vulnerable individuals and their families from receiving local services and placing a hugh burden on families who will have to travel to Worcester for servies. If is doubtful that the incresaed community services needed to support this population will be provided following discharge.
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    Created by sharon sousa
  • Drug Addiction
    Drug addiction is a mental illness; not a legal issue. It should be treated as such. Addicts needs rehabillitation, not jail. Signing this petition will help addicts become healthy. It is a disease.
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    Created by Joan Moreschi
  • Oppose SB 1349 Vaginal Ultrasounds
    Sen. Winder, R-Meridian, introduced SB 1349 which requires a woman to receive an ultrasound before she gets an abortion. Even though Sen. Winder took the language out of the bill requiring the vaginal procedure, very early pregnancy ultrasounds can only be done vaginally in order to get a quality picture of the fetus for a physician to answer the question on the form proposed in the bill. The woman has to pay for the procedure even though she does not want it. Currently in Idaho, doctors may offer an ultrasound to women before an abortion, give out informational pamphlets, and provide information on adoption services. Idaho places no requirements on physicians to perform ultrasounds under any other circumstances. In fact no other medical diagnostic test is mandated by Idaho statute, revealing the true intent of the bill: to shame and discourage women from receiving legal and safe abortion services.
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    Created by Susan C Philley
  • Properly fund research for pediatric cancer.
    Each and every schools day in the United Stated 7 children die from cancer and 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. It only gets a fraction of the funding that it deserves compared to all other cancers and pharmaceutical companies do not invest in reserch due to the lack of profits in developing cancer drugs for a smaller pool of patients as compared to larger groups of adult cancers. Profit should not be a factor when saving the lives of children is the topic.
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    Created by Thomas Nunn
  • Heart and Lung Act for Correctional Officers
    I would like the State Legislature to include the Heart and Lung Act for Correctional Officers who work for the Department of Corrections. At this time they are not included and their jobs are just as critical as a Police Officer and Fireman duties. They put their lives on the line everyday and there is not provision in the Heart and Lung Act including them.
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    Created by Carla L. Schreiber
  • Label GMOs
    We the people have the right to know what is in our food. This petition is for mandatory labels on all food sources that contain genetically modified ingredients.
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    Created by James Wright
  • Governor Quinn do not cut our health insurance
    retired teacher health benefits
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    Created by Karen Groom