• process food
    we need to know what kind of processing is being done to the foods we eat.Example: pink slim in so called ground beef,which is just that ground parts of beef with pink slim which makes it look red. What makes uppink slim?
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    Created by James Stallings
  • Appeal to Texas Medical Board to Stop All Actions Against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski
    On behalf of all cancer patients, both present day and from the future, we, the following, respectfully ask that you stop all actions against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.
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    Created by Sheila Herron
  • Labeling GMO foods
    Please put into law a bill that labels food that has GMO products. The consumer has the right to know how the raw ingredients were grown and what it is.
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    Created by Jeanne Boudreau
  • Ban Pink Slime
    Pink slime is old ground beef sanitized with ammonia. It's used as a filler, and is only used to save money.
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    Created by Stevie Pipis
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    Created by Kathleen JuergenS
  • Please do not close the low cost spay and neuter clinics in Alabama
    I understand that the low cost spay and neuter clinics are under attack to be closed in Al. I am proposing that they not be closed because of the need of people in Alabama that cannot afford to get their dog or cat spayed and neutered. This in no way should threaten our local veterinarian. I have used my family veterinarian for many years and so have all the peope I know. But there are those who cannot afford the going rates for spay and neuter and can get their pets spayed or neutered for a reduced cost. This reduces greatly the no. of animals that end up in the animal shelters and many end up getting euthanized. The fewer animals conceived the less the tax payers have to pay for the animal shelters. Many people during this economical downturn have had to relinquish their pets to a shelter. What would it be like if the family dog just had eight puppies and they were all relinquished too. Animals cannot speak for themselves so I take this opportunity to speak for them.
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    Created by Katherine RouLaine
  • May Mental Health Awareness Month
    Mental Health Awareness Month was started by MHA Mental Health America which is the oldest organization for Mental Health. Started in 1928 by a consumer finding that it was difficult and no laws to help the Mentally ILL. Join us to say that everyone is depressed once in a while and that the FMLA of 12 weeks NON-Paid leave is not reasonable when Illness causes money. Everyone with ill children or family members receive no pay for these 12 weeks
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    Created by Sheryl Newton-Turk
  • Health Care for All
    All people need afforable Health care. When people are healthy thay do not think about health care. It is when an emergency occurs that they see the drawbacks of living n a country which does not promote affordable health care for all.
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    Created by Dolores F Charlock
  • Wasteful destruction of medications
    Stop the Needless waste of discontinued medications in our Nursing homes
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    Created by Laura Miles
  • Provide Visiting Nurses
    Govenor Malloy's budget revisions call for lowering the level of home health care from visiting nurses to home health aids. Many home-bound psychiatric patients fragile elderly and disabled require daily visits by nurses. Tell Govenor Malloy to stop threatening the welfare of our most fragile citizens by replacing Nurses with poorly trained Home Health Aids.
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    Created by Timothy J. Bassford
  • Increase Social Security benefits
    We who have worked hard all our lives, are given a very small percentage of our SSI upon retirement. It's not enough for us to live off on a monthly basis, especially when most of us have medical bills.
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    Created by Claudette Keller
  • Save A Life!
    Please release this drug (herceptin tdm-1)....there are a ton of people that desperately need this drug to save their life!!! Please!
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    Created by Peggy Schmidt