• Reinstate Medi-Cal benefits
    Please reinstate medi-cal benefits to those who need it. I have a friend in Berkeley who is totally cut off from Medi-Cal who needs a dr, and meds. Others are suffering too.
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    Created by Maria Bainer
  • Beta-FDA Herceptin tdm-1
    beta-FDA blocks life saving drug, herceptin tdm-1.
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    Created by Barbara Carroll
  • FDA blocks life saving drug, herceptin tdm-1
    I have a friend with cancer who needs this drug to survive.
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    Created by Randy Platek
  • Modify the Patient Privacy Act
    To initiate a change in the Patient Privacy Act, to allow immediate family (parents, and/or siblings), access to medical information which can be used to help a substance abuse patient get the proper treatment, primarily when a physician determines that the patient may be in a life-threatening situation because of their addiction.
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    Created by Alberta Sequeira
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    Created by Bill Curtis
  • Stop KanCare. Keep $3 billion in Kansas.
    Kansas Governor Sam Brownback wants to implement KanCare, a program that will shift the long-term care of Kansans with intellectual disabilities from the Kansas Medicaid program to out-of-state, for-profit insurance companies by awarding a $3-billion contract to private insurance companies. Governor Brownback and his Lieutenant Governor Jeff Coyle continue to insist that KanCare will save the state money despite evidence to the contrary. Families and professionals have voiced concerns over this plan. There is no proof that for-profit insurance companies can do the job or will deliver the services needed. There is no adequate recourse for the state of Kansas or the families concerned if the for-profit insurance companies do not deliver the level of services needed. This petition is to ask former Governor and current Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to intervene on behalf of Kansans with intellectual disabilities, their families and their service providers to stop the implementation of KanCare by January 2013. By signing this petition you are asking for help for the Kansans with intellectual disabilities who do not have the cognitive skills or communication skills to help themselves.
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    Created by Madeline McCullough
    Sufficient care for mental health patients is a matter of life and death, not only that of the patient, but of their family, friends and the community at large. The death of a New Orleans Police Woman at the hands of a mental health patient released into the community without medications is one of many cases. If we wish to cut our murder rate, we should not cut mental health funds!
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    Created by Roselyn Leonard
  • Fire Rush Limbaugh
    Rush Limbaugh's verbal assault on Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke, calling her a "slut" and a "prostitute," was intended to do one thing: intimidate women who would dare to speak out for their reproductive freedom and private health matters. His show should be canceled so that Wenatchee is not exposed to the harmful and violent comments.
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    Created by Jan Albin-Bullock
  • WFSX: Get rid of Rush Limbaugh
    We are losing civilized discourse on political discussion. Rush Limbaugh has turned Talk Radio into Hate Radio. We need to raise our standard to a level where there is no room for name calling, obscenity, racism, or sexism.
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    Created by Deborah Low
  • KDJI Holbrook: Take Rush Limbaugh off the air
    Rush Limbaugh really overstepped the bounds this time when he called Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute and demanded to see a sex video of her--merely because she was going to testify in front of Congress concerning the role of birth control in women's health, specifically its use in treating ovarian cysts.
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    Created by Barbara Bean
  • Support Virginia Women
    The head of the Republician party (Rush Limba) should be taken off the air in Fredericksburg in order to support Health Care for women
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    Created by James Lundholm
  • No Limbaugh in New London
    I want Limbaugh taken off the air
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    Created by Bruce Burdett