• Keep Medicare
    The need for quality health care in Mississippi. In a state that has one of the poorest congretional districts in the country and low income residents throughout the state,our people cannot afford to buy quality health care.
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    Created by Willie Reeves
  • Animal Welfare
    Animals are abused commercially from factory farms to pet breeding businesses. We need strong laws which are actually enforced, against any kind of animal cruelty by commercial industries.
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    Created by Michelle Healy
  • Vital Healthcare for Transmen & Transwomen
    Vital healthcare for Transmen and Transwomen such as hormone replacement therapy and gender affirming surgery are excluded from many health insurance coverage when WPATH and the AMA affirm them as vital life saving treatments. Call for HHS to make these coverages mandatory in Affordable Healthcare Act Rule Making. Affirm that Transmen and Transwomen should not be discriminated against in Healthcare.
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    Created by Sasha Zarya Nexus
  • Oklahoma's War on Women
    Ask the Oklahoma Legislature to disavow and stop attempting to legislate women from utilizing their right to make decisions between her and her doctor, especially when it comes to the right to choose.
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    Created by Timothy Beauchamp
  • Alaskans Support the Right to Choose Naturopaths
    Alaska’s naturopaths need your help so they can continue to help you and your friends and neighbors. Tell the Alaska legislature you support keeping the naturopathic scope of practice the way it has been in Alaska for nearly two decades. Find details at http://www.akanp.com/legislation.html
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    Created by Karla Hart
  • No more pink slime
    Do you know that we are eating pinkslime in are hambugers and milkshake
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    Created by Dominic njoku
  • my petition is for all handicapped students, like me
    I finish my studies as medical billing and coding, I am 64 years old, unemployed, please help me,
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    Created by caridad sencion
  • Tell us when a food is altered
    Americans are already dying from eating "the American diet" too rich in animals products. To enhance our health we must be informed as to what we are buying and eating.
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    Created by Carol Bradshaw
  • Whats in our Food
    We are free people and elected people to keep us healthy?? Where are you people!? STOP IT and do your job !
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    Created by william silverman
  • GMO should be labeled
    We need to know what is in our food
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    Created by Beverly Arnold
  • Lyme Disease Task Force in New York State
    Due to the debilitating nature of the disease, particularly in its chronic form, people are often forced into long periods of leave from work or school; causing financial burdens on Lyme victims, their employers, and taxpayers. Because the disease becomes harder to treat the longer it is allowed to progress, more effective diagnosis will yield shorter treatment times, and lower costs to all involved parties. It is our hope that the creation of a Task Force in New York State will result in significant progress in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.
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    Created by Muriel Doyne
  • Genetically engineered food.
    Genetically engineered foods to be labeled.Right to know how our foods are processed.
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