• Help Protect Women's Health in Texas
    Texas has signaled that it would rather lose $35 million annually in federal help to provide 130,000 poor women access to health care than allow Planned Parenthood to receive part of the funding. Health and Human Services Commissioner Tom Suehs signed a rule Thursday that officially bans Planned Parenthood and abortion provider affiliates from getting funding from Texas’ largely successful Women’s Health Program. We must call on the State Senate to repeal the law that makes this possible so that we may protect the health of women in Texas. Especially those who are unable to seek healthcare without state and federal aid.
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    Created by Brent Marley
  • Support Single Payer Health Care
    Delaware will have a single payer health care bill in our legislature this spring. This system will cut medical costs so much there will be enough money to pay not just for medical, but dental, vision, long term care, prisoners, aids you name it. For profit insurance companies take millions off the top for millionaire CEO's, advertising and shareholders who contribute not a cent towards health care.
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    Created by elizabeth allen
  • stop celling tobacco products
    I would like the state of Connecticut to stop all tobacco products for concerns of americans health as well as children gettting second hand smoke.And no more Bill Boards with tobacco advertisments.
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    Created by Holly Anne MacLean
  • Stop Pennsylvania's Mandatory Ultrasound Bill!
    The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is poised to pass HB 1077, the so-called "Women's Right to Know" Act. This bill operates under the guise that women aren't smart enough to understand their own bodies. It requires all women seeking an abortion to be subjected to a mandatory ultrasound at least 24 hours in advance. It requires the ultrasound screen to be aimed toward the woman's face but 'permits her to avert her eyes' and also requires that she deliver a print of the image to her physician in order to have the procedure. The PA Medical Society and other medical groups have already come out in opposition to this incredible invasion of the physician/patient relationship. Your Representative can stop this demeaning and unnecessary attack by voting NO on HB 1077, but we need your help!
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    Created by Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates
  • health insurance
    alternative health care, we should be able to choose what ever care through our paid health insurance plan why can't we choose? why wouldn't an insurance company not want to pay less than more for let's say vitamin c infusion v.s. chemo the difference is $150.00 vit c to $1,000 chemo or more . insurance should pay for what WE want not what they want
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    Created by christine penrose
  • Make Medical Marijuana Legal
    Often people with cancer can not control the nausea and are unable to eat without the help they get from marijuana. Their pain and suffering is hard enough without forcing them to break the law to get the help they need.
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    Created by Violet Harmon
    BC/BS Arizona health insurance rates have increased at an alarming rate. Far too many Arizonans are left without coverage and without medical care. This has become epidemic in our State. Please read this petition and help to bring attention to this dire situation that, at best, results in untreated illness and lost work time; and, in worst-case scenarios, disability, bankruptcy, and even death.
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    Created by Donna Lomeo
  • Restore EPIC -
    Sick Seniors need Epic. If we have to rely on the Bush Donut Hole, we can not buy our medication. Epic was one thing the state republicans gave us & now a Democratic Governor wants to take it away. Yet the Governor is more concerned in protecting the super wealthy & not the elderly poor & sick.
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    Created by Floss Shahbegian
  • cut all health insurance for legislators
    cut all paid health insurance to state legislators.If maine can't afford coverage for maine residents it certainly can't afford to pay or coverage for afulent politicians.
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    Created by Randal Chase
  • Religious Freedom
    It is asking the Pope to stop interferring with the religous freedom of non-Catholics who work for Catholic institutions. By refusing to provide birth-control for non-Catholic employees, he is interferring with the rights of people who feel a sincere spiritual and religious responsibility to limit population growth on this planet, and to make sure that they only give birth to children for whom they can provide.
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    Created by Karen Lehr
  • Single-payer NY
    The waste and inefficiency of for-profit and non-profit insurance based care can be remodeled into a single-payer system based on the VT model. Healthcare will be unlinked from its current employer based system, and Medicaid will be rolled into one healthcare model, lowering property taxes and healthcare costs.
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    Created by Jonathan Lloyd
  • No discrimination against women's health care
    Women deserve the same protection under the law and the same rights to privacy regarding their health care, including reproductive rights and birth control, as men. Discrimination against women in the provision of health care should be a violation of federal law.
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    Created by Judith Colbert