• Don't let Medicaid go private
    Medicaid needs to continue to remain the way it is along with Medicare. Medicaid is for people who can not afford health care thru the private sector. Say no to Medicaid going private
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    Created by Margaret Taylor
  • Moral Majority Against Viagra
    These past few weeks, there has been excessive media focus on not forcing religious employers and schools to fund the sexual promiscuity of their female employee/students. However, the media has completely ignored the fact that Viagra (a drug whose sole purpose is to aide men in having an erection so that they can have sex) is funded by these same religious insurance plans. Tell congress you don't want YOUR money to fund the sexual exploits of men!
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    Created by Chelsea Gray
  • Abortion
    Please do not change the current law regarding abortions. As it stands, it can help women who find they have a fetus which is incredibly malformed and they, and only these women with their doctor's guidance, should be able to make the decision of not carrying it to full term. Women do not make these decisions without much thought, prayer, grief and medical guidance. They deserve to be able to continue or terminate a pregnancy where there is damage to the mother or the fetus is extremely dismembered, etc.
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    Created by Dorothy Blum
  • Stop Republican Viagra
    It is time that we permit employers of conscience to exercise their constitutionally protected beliefs and be permitted to withhold Viagra via employer provided health insurance. It is a tyrannical government that mandates I spend my hard earned money to subsidize men having sex. Erectile dysfunction should not be "the people's problem".
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    Created by Jonas Grumby
  • Thank you, Sandra Fluke!
    The President can do it, so can we. Please sign this petition to thank Sandra Fluke for standing up for women's health care in the face of shameful and unwarranted attacks by the right-wing media.
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    Created by R
  • H.64- Improve the Health and Prosperity of Vermonters with CAM
    Reduce the amount Vermonters and Vermont’s employers pay for health care by passing H.64 (http://tinyurl.com/PreventionSavings). With health care costs spiraling out of control, H.64 will allow for insurance coverage of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) (www.CAMaVT.org), to prevent disease before disease actually arises. It has been shown that there is an increasing rate of return by investing in preventative medicines over investing in the current medical system. H.64 Draft: “This bill proposes to require health insurance plans, including Medicaid, to provide coverage for all health care services, including complementary and alternative treatments, if at least two studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals find such services to be safe, to be directly related to statistically significant improvements in individuals’ health status, and to reduce associated medical costs.”
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    Created by Thomas Hall
  • Please convene a "State of the South Task Force" to address the HIV crisis in the Southeast.
    More people are living with and dying from HIV in the South than in any other region of the Country. We need urgent action to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Southeast.
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    Created by Southern HIV/AIDS Strategy Initiative
  • Support the Gatewood Galbraith Memorial Medical Marijuana Act
    State Senator Perry Clark has submitted a bill to legalize the use of Marijuana for medical purposes in the state of Kentucky. With the advent of research done all over the globe on this issue and the findings that medical Marijuana is in fact beneficial for treating a variety of ailments, we are urging passage of this bill.
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    Created by Ron Moore / Keith Rouda
  • Fire Rush Limbaugh
    Rush Limbaugh has now gone too far. There are many who use birth control for health reasons other than the prevention of birth. Some for life threatening issues like heart conditions, bleeding, menopause, ovarian cysts etc... No amount of apologies will make up for the infuriating attack on women, some of them MARRIED who use and need affordable access to birth control. This is not a religious issue it is an issue about control of women.
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    Created by DeAnn Padelo
  • County Mental Health Center A Necessity
    We, the undersigned, recognize the need to keep the County Mental Health Center Open. In their own mission statement, it says: "The Community Mental Health Center of Lancaster County is dedicated to providing quality mental health care and rehabilitation services for adults who experience acute physhological distress or serious mental illness." We all know someone who is in need of these services. Knowing that this facility is closing has our friends, family members, neighbors and those we do not know, but who live in Lancaster County, in a frenzy. They are frightened as to what will happen to them.How will they get the treatment and medications that they so desperately need. A trait of all people, especially those with mental problems, is the need for community support. Without this support, many will end up in jail, on drugs, or living on the streets. The Mental Health Center is a lifeline for people with problems. How can we turn our backs on our neighbors, friends, relatives and people in need? Signing this petition let's the county know that the County Mental Health Center is a necessity and should remain open. Correction: "No county money was spent to re-dig the geothermal well holes. That was the responsibility of the contractor that dug them wrong in the first place. The subcontractor had bond money posted prior to going out of business. The contractor fulfilled its legal and financial obligation of re-digging the 149 wells at no cost to the county." per Jane Raybould (District #1), Board of County Commissioners We still need to keep the Community Mental Health Center open and functioning.
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    Created by moveon-Lincoln Council
  • URGENT: Floridians, your freedom is at risk!!
    Governor Scott wants to funnel $$$ to his hospital friends by forcing you to the ER within 72 hours of an accident. If you don't report to the hospital, you forfeit your rights to receive care for injuries sustained in the accident. Does that sound like freedom to you? To view bill information: http://flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2012/119 If you want to keep your right to choose your medical provider, and the type of care you receive after an auto accident, please sign this petition:
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    Created by Dr. Deborah E. Springer
  • Governor Quinn Do Not Cut Our Health Insurance!!!
    In his 2013 budget, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn proposes to "zero out" the state's contribution to the Retired Teachers Health Insurance Program (TRIP and CIP). Active teachers and their districts contribute every pay check to this insurance program, while retired teachers have paid a substantial premium every month. But now without warning Governor Quinn has unilaterally proposed to slash state support. As a result, retired teachers' health insurance costs will significantly increase. Governor Quinn is breaking the state's promise to the men and women who spent 35 years teaching the children of Illinois. Tell Governor Quinn this is no way to support teachers!
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    Created by Bob Haisman