• Boycott all Pink Ribbon sponsors of Susan G. Komen Foundation.
    The Susan G. Komen Foundation has chosen politics over women's healthcare. The time has come to boycott all Pink Ribbon sponsors.
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    Created by Dan King
  • Remove Fast Food From Health Care Environments
    Fast food is detrimental to the health of those who eat it. A health care environment should be an example of a healthy environment. Be an example to hospitals across the country and remove fast food establishments from the Detroit Medical Center.
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    Created by Noah Morrison
  • President Obama, Save our food chain now.
    Stop Monsanto and GMO foods. Dont they see what this is doing to our health? Europe is way ahead of us and this is banned there. They talk talk talk about health care and the reason so many our sick is the Fricken Food Chain. Here we are the best country in many ways to live in and we have the worst food. It is all about the money and greed. Please help us stop this silent war on the american people and let us afford HEALTHY FOOD.
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    Created by Denice Watts
  • Catholic Bishops stop legislating!
    The Catholic Church is fighting new rules that make it mandatory to provide contraception and for employees. Churches are exempt but Non-profit hospitals and organizations are not under the new rules. The church is fighting against the new moral and ethical ruling claiming religious liberty. Our local doctors and nurses are not religious employees and deserve full benefits.
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    Created by Michael Jarrett
  • Reform Benefits for Elected US Officials
    For decades, US national leaders have failed to solve the so-called impending crisis in Social Security and Medicare. This petition calls on Congress to pass and the President to sign a bill that will motivate them to find the solution by making Social Security and Medicare the sole retirement and healthcare benefits for all elected and appointed federal officials.
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    Created by David Whiteside
  • Stand with Planned Parenthood!
    Susan G. Komen bows to anti-abortion groups and halts support to Planned Parenthood.
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    Created by Kathy Muckley
  • Pawtuxet Village Nursing & Rehab, Post Rd, Warwick RI (overdosing patients)
    This particular nursing facility has has numerous medication violations along with many other unrelated to medications. My father now lays in a medical overdose coma that started on January 22nd and has still not fully recovered. Let's get a full investigation into this going NOW!.
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    Created by Debra Norman
  • Legalize Medicinal Marijuana in New York
    Patients need the unique medicine that can do what other prescriptions cannot do. Legalize Medicinal Marijuana!
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    Created by Josh DaC
  • Fire Tennessee GOP lawmaker Senator Stacey Campfield
    Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield is misinforming and misleading his constituents by making false claims about HIV. He claims that it's "virtually impossible" for "regular" people to be infected. His ignorance could confuse many people who see him as a community leader. Please help stop the spread of this bigotry and ignorance!
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    Created by Lea Hanshaw-Bishop
  • Include Acupuncture Under Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Deadline 1/31/12
    Acupuncture is safe, low cost, and effective medicine. Increasing its availability would benefit healthcare in America by reducing costs and improving outcomes for a wide range of health conditions. This is especially true for America's most vulnerable citizens, the sick and elderly, who could benefit the most from acupuncture if cost was less of a barrier.
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    Created by Steve Stigler
  • TN Dept. of Health MASSAGE THERAPY
    House bill 2387, sponsored by Representative McCormick, would change the administrative department overseeing the massage regulatory program. On page 5 of the bill, Sections 11 and 12 would relocate Title 63-18, which is the Massage Licensure Act of 1995, from the Department of Health Related Boards (DHRB) to the Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI). The Department of Health Related Boards currently oversees all health professions while the Department of Commerce and Insurance oversees other professional licensing programs such as: electricians, plumbers, and real estate agents. Massage therapy is a health profession. The current administrative oversight of DHRB has worked since the state first began licensing massage therapists; there is no reason to change what is working. The massage licensure board is self-funded from licensure fees so the proposed move would not save tax dollars, streamline state government, or reduce duplication of efforts. In fact, a change in administrative oversight would require an application and process shift to conform to a new department. There has been no reason given as to why the sponsors of this bill feel an oversight change is even needed. TN Massage Therapists are opposed to these sections of HB 2387 and encourages members to contact the sponsor of the bill and their own state representatives and tell them you are opposed to Sections 11 and 12 of HB 2387. Contact them by email or phone or both. The sponsor of HB 2387 is Representative Gerald McCormick, he can be reached at 615-741-2548 or [email protected] The same bill on the Senate side of the General Assembly is SB 2249, sponsored by Senator Norris and Senator Bell. Senator Mark Norris, [email protected] or 615-741-1967 Senator Mike Bell, [email protected] or 615-741-1946 Find your state legislator by going to http://www.capitol.tn.gov/legislators/
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    Created by Nathan McCarter, LMT
  • Organ Donations
    My sister who fell down steps was declared brain dead.. She never wanted to be an organ donor but her son went ahead and donated her organs. I read up somewhat afterwards on brain dead and it said you do not have a gag reflex.. well my sister had a gag reflex as they placed the tube down her throat.I believe for people who wish to donate their organs is all well and good but if they do not have it in writing then organs should not be taken procument of orgaa
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    Created by Hope Lundquist