• To stop Life insurance companies from letting people change beneficiaries over the phone.
    as of right now in the state of Pennslyvania people can change life policy beneficiaries over the phone....anyone can do this if they know peoples personal info....i am going through this right now cause someone changed a policy my dad had over the phone... a month before his death he verbally told me over the phone this was done without his knowledge...he tryed to change it back and the insurance company will not recognize it...PA law needs to be changed on this point. It needs to be done writing with a signature.
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    Created by mary rowan
  • Save Medicare from the heartless--and extend it to senior retirees abroad.
    Medicare does not cover millions of qualified seniors because they live outside the US---even though care would cost less. (Excellent health care in Mexico, for example, costs about 50% less.) So when chest pains strike, there are only two choices for many retired expatriates: (1) immediate treatment causing bankruptcy or (2) passive suicide. than forcing them to return to the US for treatment.
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    Created by William Weston
  • Non Profit only for Health Insurance
    The conversion of non-profit health insurance companies to for-profit insurers has required there be profits payable to shareholders. The equation should only include providers, health care costs and patients. Require health insurers to be non profit companies and replace the interest of shareholders with the interests of stakeholders: patients and their providers.
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    Created by Sarah Ruef-Lindquist
  • Reinstate Enteral Formula Coverage for Patients with HIV/AIDS
    Please help us get NY Medicaid to reinstate coverage for people with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing weight loss!
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    Created by D. O'Brien
  • Nutrition Matters - Reinstate Medicaid Coverage for Enteral Nutrition Support Products
    Recently, NY State eliminated Medicaid coverage for nutrition support products (including Ensure, Boost, and K-PAX) for adults with HIV/AIDS experiencing weight loss.
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    Created by D. O'Brien
  • Put single payer on the table!
    Our huge deficit is forcing terrible cuts across the country. Yet we are not addressing the root cause - out of control health care costs. Rather than bankrupt America, it is time to put for-profit health care out of its misery and give us the only rational way of controlling health care costs and cover all Americans.
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    Created by Walter T
  • Autism Blue Ribbon Vanity Plate
    Autism is a word that is heard in Maine communities more today, than in latter years. Autism Research has significantly increased allowing families the understanding & tools needed to provide for their children with Autism, in a loving, supportive house hold network. Sadly, there is more research and awareness to be conducted, as the number of Maine children diagnosed with Autism increase. The solution involves funding. A Blue Ribbon Vanity Plate not only funds Autism awareness, treatment, and research, but also shows people within your community diagnosed with Autism that you care.
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    Created by Michael Lowell Wright
  • Simple health care
    Are you a trying to scrape together a living but can't scrape together enough for health care coverage? Do you have an idea that you would love to test the market with, but need the health insurance your current dead end job offers? Are you a doctor or hospital fed up with the byzantine payment rules of private and public health plans?
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    Created by Jim McGee
  • Change Medicare Part D
    Finding a less expensive cost for Medicare prescription drugs
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    Created by Joe Forgy
  • CCS School Board: Restrict Sugar in Schools
    I in 10 kindergarteners entering Charlottesville City Schools is overweight or obese. From the 4th Grade on, it's 1 in 3. In addition to the short and long term health burden on our community, overweight students tend to suffer emotionally and psychologically and perform poorly in school. Sugar is directly linked to weight gain and is considered by many experts to be an anti-nutrient. Yet, on any given day as many as 4 of these items - cookies, ice cream, sugary yogurts and cereals and candy - are offered to students at CCS. We're calling on the School Board to take a stand.
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    Created by Ivana Kadija
  • Hands Off Medicare!!
    Congress Plan to change Medicare to a voucher system is very scary to say the least!! Medicare now functions better & more efficiently than any employer health insurance that I had during 40 years in workforce. So, Congress keep hands off!!
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    Created by Marilyn Hankins
    Taxpayers should not be paying 60 percent of every member of congress's health care costs. Anyone making $174,000 should be paying 100 percent of their health care costs unless the private company they work for is sharing the cost.
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    Created by Ann Holtzclaw