• Simple health care
    Are you a trying to scrape together a living but can't scrape together enough for health care coverage? Do you have an idea that you would love to test the market with, but need the health insurance your current dead end job offers? Are you a doctor or hospital fed up with the byzantine payment rules of private and public health plans?
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    Created by Jim McGee
  • Change Medicare Part D
    Finding a less expensive cost for Medicare prescription drugs
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    Created by Joe Forgy
  • CCS School Board: Restrict Sugar in Schools
    I in 10 kindergarteners entering Charlottesville City Schools is overweight or obese. From the 4th Grade on, it's 1 in 3. In addition to the short and long term health burden on our community, overweight students tend to suffer emotionally and psychologically and perform poorly in school. Sugar is directly linked to weight gain and is considered by many experts to be an anti-nutrient. Yet, on any given day as many as 4 of these items - cookies, ice cream, sugary yogurts and cereals and candy - are offered to students at CCS. We're calling on the School Board to take a stand.
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    Created by Ivana Kadija
  • Hands Off Medicare!!
    Congress Plan to change Medicare to a voucher system is very scary to say the least!! Medicare now functions better & more efficiently than any employer health insurance that I had during 40 years in workforce. So, Congress keep hands off!!
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    Created by Marilyn Hankins
    Taxpayers should not be paying 60 percent of every member of congress's health care costs. Anyone making $174,000 should be paying 100 percent of their health care costs unless the private company they work for is sharing the cost.
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    Created by Ann Holtzclaw
  • State Legislators: Give up your government-funded health care until you restore health care for t...
    The budget passed by the Arizona legislature and signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer slashes Medicaid funding by $510 million, cutting off health care for more than 160,000 people--while also giving corporations more than $538 million in tax breaks. If Arizona Republicans are going to cut off health care for poor families, they should give up their own taxpayer-funded health insurance.
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    Created by Arizona Progress ACTION
  • Universal Health Care Petition: Just Do It!
    -In 2009, health care costs reached $2.5 trillion.[WTVQ.com] The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not have a universal health care system. Source: Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences In 2006, the percentage of Americans without health insurance was 15.8%, or approximately 47 million uninsured people. [Source: US Census Bureau] Among the 84.2% with health insurance in 2006, coverage was provided through an employer 59.7%, purchased individually 9.1%, and 27.0% was government funded (Medicare, Medicaid, Military). (There is some overlap in coverage figures.) [Source: US Census Bureau] The primary reason given for lack of health insurance coverage in 2005 was cost (more than 50%), lost job or a change in employment (24%), Medicaid benefits stopped (10%), ineligibility for family insurance coverage due to age or leaving school (8%). [Source: National Center for Health Statistics] - More than 40 million adults stated that they needed but did not receive one or more of these health services (medical care, prescription medicines, mental health care, dental care, or eyeglasses) in 2005 because they could not afford it.[ Source: National Center for Health Statistics] And yet, one in three precious American health care dollars is wasted on profit and administration. [HuffingtonPost.com] In fact, CEO salary compensation packages. They ranged form $717,000+ to $24 million. [DailyKoz.com] The unemployment rate for January 2011 was 9 percent. For many, job loss not only means no income, but also a loss of health insurance coverage. Even many of those who are employed can’t afford the monthly premiums for health insurance. Researchers report about 58.7 million people in the U.S. had no health insurance for at least part of 2008. [Bureau of Labor Statistics via WTVQ.com] - Most health insurance plans for women have an additional cost for pregnancy; worse yet, if a woman opts out, her medical expenses related to her pregnancy don't count toward her deductible. [SingleMindedWomen.com]
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    Created by Josie Brown
  • Teach Mental Tools/Cure Mental Ilness
    Everyone is born dependent on others for the vital needs to develop the mind and body. Everyone is born with automatic reactions of fear and anger. End Psychiatry. Save Untold Lives and Dollars. The 12 Steps of Humans Anonymous empowers the development of the adult mind, curing mental illness.
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    Created by Clover Greene