• Gov. Scott: Proclaim September Campus Fire Safety Month
    This academic year, at least 6 college students affiliated with American universities, including Jasmine Jahanshahi, have lost their lives in fires. Join JUSTICE and Campus Firewatch in requesting that Rick Scott proclaim September as Campus Fire Safety Month, in order to "raise awareness and encourage schools to provide fire prevention and safety education". Additionally, we hope with this proclamation to encourage schools to publish annual fire safety reports, in accordance with the Higher Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act of 2008.
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    Created by Sarah Blanc
  • Oppose the Piccola Bill - SB 1151
    SB 1151 would establish a three member board to carry out the mandates of the Act 47 plan in Harrisburg, if City Council did not approve the plan. The board would have the ability to sell the city's assets, overrule arbitrator rulings and not allow the city the option of Chapter9 bankruptcy. This would usurp the ability of Harrisburg City Officials to govern their city and the voters wishes when they elected them.
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    Created by Brad Koplinski
  • Foreclosures as temporary housing following a natural disaster
    This storm season has seen an unusual amount of damage to families, property and family stability. This is especially true given the current recession, with many folks living on the edge of sustainability. We're asking that those Americans most affected by natural disasters be allowed to live in vacant and foreclosed properties, rent free, for up to 6 months. Those banks who were given TARP funds would be asked to donate a small portion of their inventory of vacant and foreclosed properties, and assume the nominal property management fees during this 6 month period. We're asking banks who have received TARP funds in the past to now contribute, in a very particular way, to rebuilding America.
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    Created by Anthony Newby
  • Stop Double Dipping
    All government services (schools, libraries, police, fire, sanitation, parks, street trees, paved roads, etc.) are at risk and many services will be cut. In the meantime many public employees have full retirements from other public or private employers. If salaries were capped so that no one could earn a net greater than $150,000 from two or more jobs then many more jobs could be filled and services saved. Individual high level managers and professionals could could have net earnings more than $150,000 but only from their current employer. Now there are many public employees who receive large pensions and coupled with their current salaries earn way more than $150,000.
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    Created by martin nelson
  • Save the Catherine Ferguson Academy for Single Moms in Detroit, MI.
    The Ferguson Academy for Young Women is an alternative high school located in Detroit, MI. They provide education and resources for pregnant teens, grades 9-12. Many of the teens come from underprivileged backgrounds and are faced with daily challenges that infringe upon their educational opportunities. The Catherine Ferguson Academy strives to provide quality education in order to ensure a bright future for each child. The goal of the principal and teachers at the academy is to prevent the pregnancy cycle from reoccurring in the next generation of infants. Lots used for farming and a barn built by the students lie adjacent to the school. The barn houses a variety of farm animals that the students help care for. Help keep this school open! We need to continue to support Mama's and their quest of love to support themselves and their beautiful children. Every child is our child:: Let's petition the ACLU Michigan chapter to file a stay in court to prevent the school closure!!!
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    Created by MammaFL
  • Protect your right to own land in Walton County
    The Walton County Clerk of Courts office, the Walton County tax collector's office, all State of Florida /Walton County tax deed sales in the past, and all current public deed records use the Township Range Section (TRS) grid system as it's base. The TRS system was established by the Federal Government BLM office to convey land by patents, etc. A hundred years worth of Walton County Surveyors documents and field notes have disappeared from the Walton county public records. A court case and recorded public records indicate that the county surveyors did not retrace the original Federal surveys of the area. County Surveyors went the wrong direction and placed their own reference monuments, instead of finding and verifying the existing federal monumentation. The result has been the migration of survey lines by hundreds of feet in many areas, and constant ongoing confusion and litigation by property owners over the course of Walton County history. It is time for Walton County, the State of Florida, and the Federal Government to be on the same page about the basic right to own land and to know exactly where it is, according to the original Federal surveys (the root of our county tax base). Local court case rulings have added to the confusion and assisted the migration of the land lines in all directions.
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    Created by Mary Jo Odom
  • Welfare and Food Stamp Dishonesty
    The welfare system was designed to help those in times of need to get the monetary and food assistance that they needed to survive. Many people abuse this system today and it needs to be updated and changed. People who use their income for things that are not appropriate should not be allowed these benefits.
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    Created by Saralyn Sarandis
  • Democrats: stand proud
    Democrats lost seats in the last election because they didn't stand up for issues that have long been Democratic values. We want them to be very clear from now on so that voters realize there really is a difference between the two parties.
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    Created by Marcia Bailey
  • Support Grants for Storm Shelters in Tornado Alley
    Storm shelters provide a high level of protection from tornados but they can be expensive to build. Currently in the United States, FEMA offers grants after tornados have devastated communities but residents need to be able to protect themselves before disaster strikes. The USDA offers low-interest loans but the last thing that someone can afford to do after they've lost everything that they own is to take out a loan. I'm calling on Congress to provide grants for homeowners to install storm shelters in states impacted by tornados through Community Development Block Grants.
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    Created by Lisa Bondeson
  • Stop cuts to HIV/AIDS services
    AIDS service organizations have endured over a decade of flat funding and 3 years of dramatic budget cuts, stretching their resources over an ever-growing population in need of HIV prevention education. The current PA House Republican budget proposal for 2011-2012 purposes an additional 25.4% cut in the AIDS Programs.
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    Created by Kirsten Felix
  • reinstate my original birth certificate over turn my adoption.
    I want the state of Ohio to overturn my adoption and reinstate my birth rights. I am an adopted person and have located my birth family in 2004 43 yrs later. I was molested as a child in the care of my foster family along with a sister. My foster sister molested also for over 10 years. I was molested for about 7 yrs. At 16 I was adopted by my foster family. I joined the army never went back for 23 yrs. Till "dad" got sick. Was told never to return or do or say anything. My birth name I had restored in Oct 2010. Been fighting with Toledo Lucas county Ohio, sense restore my birth,thus far they have redused. I am now 53 and fill I have the right to be who I was born. If the court,children services can falsify an adoption birth certificate,I so not see why they can not reissue my original birth certificate. I know it is just a piece of paper, but is who I was born. My God given name. I will never give up! I want to be who o was born. Thank-you all!
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    Created by Michael De. Hibbard
  • Restore the GI Bill - Don’t Leave Veterans in the Cold
    After 9/11, congressional leaders fought for increased benefits for our military veterans. But with President Obama's signing of the Veterans Educational Assistance Act, living allowances will now be cut for all student veterans attending school, leaving 270,000 soldiers-turned-students and their families without money needed for rent, food and clothing during every school break--including Christmas. Join with Student Veterans of America, Reps. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Susan Davis (D-CA) in support of the Post 9/11 GI Bill Payment Restoration Act to prevent this cutoff from taking effect on Aug. 1. Send a clear message to Congress and the White House: don't leave our nation's heroes out in the cold.
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    Created by Geoffrey C. Lewis