• STOP Moveon.org!!!!!
    What is Moveon.org?
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  • Reinstate Enteral Formula Coverage for Patients with HIV/AIDS
    Please help us get NY Medicaid to reinstate coverage for people with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing weight loss!
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    Created by D. O'Brien
  • A.G. Holder: Strike Down FL's Voter Suppression Law.
    Floridians’ right to vote is under attack–again. What Rick Scott and Tallahassee politicians are attempting to do is change the rules of the game, leaving only their players on the field.
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    Created by Casey Dayhoff
    Protecting animals from inhumane treatment. Please view the documentary EARTHLINGS to understand he need.
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • Save Human Lives and $$$$$
    Close three of the four military bases in Japan
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    Created by Deborah Hinton
  • Sheriff Joe Has Got to Resign NOW!
    To be delivered to: Phoenix AZ Board of Supervisors and U.S. Attorney Ann Birmingham Scheel is the Acting United States Attorney. Sheriff Joe Needs to Resign Now! Arpaio is on the run and refusing to respond to the charges of $100 million illegally misspent funds, abuse of power and corruption. It is time for him to go.
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    Created by Deborah Curtis
  • No New Nukes; No Relicensing Old Nukes!
    In light of the unpredictable and deadly releases of radioactivity that are still coming from Fukushima, it's time that the US changed course about nuclear power. Congress is about to vote on a $36 Billion subsidy to the nuclear industry, and they need to know that we want a clean and sustainable energy future for our children and grandchildren. The US is producing highly radioactive nuclear waste to the tune of 105,000 metric tons per year, and there's nowhere to put it. Stop the madness. Stop nuclear power.
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    Created by LINDA SEELEY
  • Nutrition Matters - Reinstate Medicaid Coverage for Enteral Nutrition Support Products
    Recently, NY State eliminated Medicaid coverage for nutrition support products (including Ensure, Boost, and K-PAX) for adults with HIV/AIDS experiencing weight loss.
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    Created by D. O'Brien
  • Regulating gasoline prices
    The petition is to urge our Congressmen to regulate gasoline prices at the pump and treat fuel as a utility. People should care about this issue because fuel prices are draining the life out of this country.
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    Created by Gerald Roe
  • Stop cuts to HIV/AIDS services
    AIDS service organizations have endured over a decade of flat funding and 3 years of dramatic budget cuts, stretching their resources over an ever-growing population in need of HIV prevention education. The current PA House Republican budget proposal for 2011-2012 purposes an additional 25.4% cut in the AIDS Programs.
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    Created by Kirsten Felix
  • Stop Scott Walker's attack on same-sex couples' rights.
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is trying to undo a law that gives same-sex couples a few basic protections like visiting each other in the hospital, taking leave to care for a sick partner, and making end-of-life decisions. This isn't Walker's first anti-gay move. Before he was governor, he vetoed a county resolution to give benefits to county employees' same-sex partners, and he voted for a 2006 ban on same-sex marriage or substantially similar arrangements. Walker claims to oppose the new law on constitutional grounds, saying it violates the 2006 ban. But make no mistake: this isn't a principled stand like President Obama's decision not to defend DOMA – it's a political move by a man who's been undermining equality for years, including on the campaign trail. The new law doesn't violate the ban because it's not remotely similar to marriage; it doesn't even extend basic protections like joint tax filing or adoption. Walker needs to know the whole country is paying attention. Tell Governor Walker: Stop attacking same-sex couples!
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    Created by Human Rights Campaign (hrc.org)
  • Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Stop Importing Tar Sands Oil
    The oil sands are now the largest industrial project in the world. Extracted from Canadian forests, this process is causing devastation the size of Belgium, with up to 7,000 liters of water wasted to produce one barrel of oil. Such toxic waste water is stored in tailing ponds which can be seen from space. America is the main consumer of tar sands oil, imported through the Keystone pipelines.
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