• Stop cuts to HIV/AIDS services
    AIDS service organizations have endured over a decade of flat funding and 3 years of dramatic budget cuts, stretching their resources over an ever-growing population in need of HIV prevention education. The current PA House Republican budget proposal for 2011-2012 purposes an additional 25.4% cut in the AIDS Programs.
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    Created by Kirsten Felix
  • Stop Scott Walker's attack on same-sex couples' rights.
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is trying to undo a law that gives same-sex couples a few basic protections like visiting each other in the hospital, taking leave to care for a sick partner, and making end-of-life decisions. This isn't Walker's first anti-gay move. Before he was governor, he vetoed a county resolution to give benefits to county employees' same-sex partners, and he voted for a 2006 ban on same-sex marriage or substantially similar arrangements. Walker claims to oppose the new law on constitutional grounds, saying it violates the 2006 ban. But make no mistake: this isn't a principled stand like President Obama's decision not to defend DOMA – it's a political move by a man who's been undermining equality for years, including on the campaign trail. The new law doesn't violate the ban because it's not remotely similar to marriage; it doesn't even extend basic protections like joint tax filing or adoption. Walker needs to know the whole country is paying attention. Tell Governor Walker: Stop attacking same-sex couples!
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    Created by Human Rights Campaign (hrc.org)
  • Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Stop Importing Tar Sands Oil
    The oil sands are now the largest industrial project in the world. Extracted from Canadian forests, this process is causing devastation the size of Belgium, with up to 7,000 liters of water wasted to produce one barrel of oil. Such toxic waste water is stored in tailing ponds which can be seen from space. America is the main consumer of tar sands oil, imported through the Keystone pipelines.
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  • 100% Voter-Owned Democracy
    $$$ ruling political campaigns did not begin with Citizens United; it only exacerbated the evil. Our experiment in democracy will only survive if we demand 100% publicly funded elections. Plenty of local/regional models to follow. I'm with the MoveOn supporters who feel MoveOn should stop "putting out fires" and focus on reframing the debate: launch big bold campaign to capture the public imagination...100% publicly financed elections, for example...hire people who know how to message...otherwise we'll forever be the obedient serfs to giant corporations and their Madison Avenue minions.
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    Created by Kenny Jones
  • Impeach Clarence Thomas
    My petition concerns removing Clarence Thomas from the Supreme Court for high crimes and misdemeanors, just one example being his failure to recuse himself in cases involving issues for which his wife is a lobbyist. People should sign this petition because the current makeup of the Court clearly has an activist right-wing bias. We need fairer judges who can recognize that corporations should not have the same rights as do people and the there is no basis in the Constitution for the "Citizens United" decision. We need an organization (or two) that can reach a national audience to lead this effort.
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    Created by Connie Jo
  • discontinue Corporations having a vote as citizens
    Our government is virtually (if not literally) run by the large corporations, out "elected" president having some bargaining power at best. A Republican supreme court passed this no doubt, at the behest of their backers. We need to take a stand and put our government into the hands of the people and this is but one small step back.
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    Created by Elizabeth Wilson
  • Gone too far: Gov. Walker wants to ban same-sex visitation
    Scott Walker continues his assault on the rights of Wisconsinites. Now he's targeting the rights of same-sex couples to have the most basic and human of experiences - the ability to visit a loved one in the hospital. Let him know that hatred is not okay.
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    Created by Andrea
  • Put single payer on the table!
    Our huge deficit is forcing terrible cuts across the country. Yet we are not addressing the root cause - out of control health care costs. Rather than bankrupt America, it is time to put for-profit health care out of its misery and give us the only rational way of controlling health care costs and cover all Americans.
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    Created by Walter T
  • Stop the Prosecution and Persecution of Thomas Drake
    Why is Mr. Thomas Drake, one of America's heroes and true patriots, being prosecuted and persecuted by the Obama administration? I am very concerned that we have become--not turning into--a police state. Here is the New Yorker article regarding Charges Against the N.S.A.’s Thomas Drake at: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/05/23/110523fa_fact_mayer?currentPage=all Something should be done about this. I realize that my lone voice is no more than a grain of sand on a large beach and can easily be considered insignificant and discounted by our politicians. But, nonetheless, this insignificant voice is shouting for a cause that affects every single voice and every single man, woman, and child--including our politicians--across this vast country of ours. If this shameful and unwarranted prosecution and persecution is allowed to proceed AND our public officials--our Dam of Freedom--whom we depend on to help safeguard our freedom and liberties remain timid and silent, then God Helps Us All! Tell our representatives and the Obama administration it's time to do the right thing and stop this prosecution of one of America's true and great patriots. A lone voice, Pierre Coupet
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    Created by Pierre Coupet
  • Autism Blue Ribbon Vanity Plate
    Autism is a word that is heard in Maine communities more today, than in latter years. Autism Research has significantly increased allowing families the understanding & tools needed to provide for their children with Autism, in a loving, supportive house hold network. Sadly, there is more research and awareness to be conducted, as the number of Maine children diagnosed with Autism increase. The solution involves funding. A Blue Ribbon Vanity Plate not only funds Autism awareness, treatment, and research, but also shows people within your community diagnosed with Autism that you care.
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    Created by Michael Lowell Wright
  • Desecration at Wailuanuiahoano
    "Progress" in Hawaii means digging up burials, in this case for a septic leach field. See the arrest video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxCp48_rVss. Imagine your parents' or forebears' graves being dug up by a backhoe. Severing their connection to the past is the means to a culture's genocide. Kaiolani and James, acting with the authority of state and local law requiring cessation of digging when remains are found, put their bodies in front of the backhoe and were arrested for their brave act. Their court appearance is May 25.
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    Created by Kip Goodwin
  • Ban Political Advertising from TV
    To actually acheive true campain finance reform we must ban political advertising from TV. Without the heavy costs of television advertising the average costs for local, state and national election campagnes will be far less. The influence of non fact based advertising by annonomous groups is not only destructive to the political landscape, it is very expensive to counter. By banning political advertising on TV we minimize corporate interference with what should be only a citizens decision, opening the political landscape up to average citizens, no long making it necessary to have a huge bank roll. This would be true "Campain Finance Reform".
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    Created by Michele K Struck