• Don't Tax Drilling, Ban It!
    Our state politicians have been debating imposing a severance, or extraction, tax on the natural gas companies operating in PA. Some proposals recommend putting some of the revenue collected into the general fund. Others recommend that it all go into paying to repair the damage drilling has done to our infrastructure and environment. The fact is that no amount of severance tax will come close to paying for the damage. We're calling on our politicians to stop talking about taxing drilling and start acting on ending it.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Stop Fracking In New York!
    Please contact your NY State representatives as soon as possible to support fracking ban bill #S4220! In just a few days the state Legislature will shut down for the rest of the year, so act now! By fighting dirty energy on this front, we hope to pave the way for legislation that will support green energy and lower carbon emissions in the future. The only certain way to ensure New York's public health and safety, and to protect our precious water, air, land and forests from the ravages of massive industrialization and contamination through hydrofracking, is to ban this practice. We only have a few days left in this legislative session to communicate our unity behind a fracking ban.
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    Created by Benjamin Vescovi
  • Protect Your Zoning Rights
    SB 1100 of Session 2011 introduced by Joe Scarnatti, in order to expedite gas extraction gives foreign and domestic gas interests authority over American municipalities' zoning rights. This is treasonous legislation.
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    Created by Marj Lofland
  • Terminal & Coal Trains Threat to W. Washington
    Peabody Coal, Goldman Sachs, and BNSF are seeking a permit to build a coal terminal at Cherry Point north of Bellingham Washington. Coal would be shipped there by rail from Montana up the Coast of Western Washington. We are asking Washington residents to oppose both building the terminal and the right to "train" coal up our coastline and through our cities. Both actions endanger our immediate environment (air and water), threaten personal health (coal dust, diesel particulate matter, mercury), and endanger the planet. We need to warn communities along the train path as well as other concerned citizens in order to stop this project from happening. We have no vote except to speak out and the time is now.
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    Created by Lynne Oulman
  • Avoid an environmental Pearl Harbor
    James Hansen and other climate scientists have suggested we have less than a seven year window to take direct action to mitigate the growing effects of global warming. The Obama administration, while doing more than previous administrations, is not leading in educating and framing the importance of the issue; while the Republican stance on global warming, in terms of accepting the role that humans have played in creating the problem, is cynical, opportunistic and plays to the paranoia of their base.
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    Created by Dr. Bob Childs
  • End suppression of energy inventions
    Please help end the U.S. Government's viciously thorough suppression of new energy inventions which threaten the oil and power monopolies.There is no need to power our cars and trucks with environmentally and economically disastrous petrofuel!
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    Created by Gary Vesperman
  • Re-Legalization of Industrial Hemp in North America
    Tired of the environmeltal pollution and high prices resulting from Oil Company domination of the Global Market? Tell Congress to re-legalize the industrial growth of Hemp here in America. The Stranglehold that Petroleum Companies have on the world can be broken by the Industrial Growth of Hemp. Pollution can be turned around. Medications that have been PROVEN to cure Cancer can be studied and produced. Hunger can be wiped out through the cultivation of Hemp. Millions of JOBS can be brought to the US economy due to the production of Hemp!!! We can get out of our National Debt without cutting Medicare and hurting the pockets of the Middle Class.
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    Created by Mychelle Ostrow
  • Gov. Christie: Stop Hating Clean Energy
    Two years ago, Gov. Christie said he was going to be the “#1 number one advocate for clean energy.” Instead, he’s taking us backwards. Right before the Memorial Day weekend, he made national news by pulling New Jersey out of a regional pollution compact that was cutting down on global warming pollution and funding solar projects across the state. Now, he’s just announced that he wants to weaken New Jersey’s clean energy goals, and reduce their funding. Tell Gov. Christie to stop hating on clean energy, and ditch his plan to reduce our clean energy standards.
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    Created by Doug O'Malley
  • Admit UFOs are real and harmless
    Our planet is in trouble. We humans need help to clean up the environment, reverse global warming, reduce nuclear problems, and above all we need help to end all wars and live in peace. Brazil and France have admitted the existence of visitors from space. It's time that America did the same and our leader needs publicly to ask for the visitors' help to solve our problems.
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    Created by Phil Smith
  • Extend Daylight Savings Time all year
    If we extend Daylight Savings Time to a year long policy we can 1) save energy 2) help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder 3) keep people more active by allowing 9–5 workers to be outside during winter after normal work hours and therefore more health-oriented
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    Created by Brandi Avant
  • Why isn't anyone talking about Thorium????
    Everyong needs to read up on Thorium as the "silver bullet" we've been looking for to solve our energy/pollution problems. There is some political reason that it is NEVER mentioned. Most people have never heard of it. It is a by-product of coal and using it instead of burning coal is non-polluting and produces much more energy than burning coal does. WHY AREN'T THEY TALKING ABOUT IT????? WHY AREN'T WE DOING THE WORK TO GET GOING IN THIS DIRECTION?????
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    Created by N. K. Mason
  • Solar Hot Water Mandate
    The state of California is blessed with some of the best solar resources in the world. Solar water heating is cheaper than gas, electric, or propane water heating, yet it is seldom incorporated into new construction. Consumers do not demand it because they do not feel qualified to evaluate the options. Builders and architects are resistant to change from existing norms for house construction, and either do not know or do not present the advantages of solar hot water to consumers. Utilities have mixed motives, since installation of solar systems reduces their sales. Solar hot water is the right thing to do. It should be required, like grounded outlets and earthquake straps on hot water heaters. This petition calls on the legislature to mandate the installation of solar hot water systems in all new single-family residential construction or upon major renovation or rebuilding of a residential property. This will increase income for homebuilders and solar system manufacturers, save homeowners money over the life of their houses, reduce natural gas and electrical usage, eliminate significant amounts of pollution, and improve the energy efficiency of our state. No one loses in doing this.
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    Created by Roger Davenport