• Make the EPA test Ethanol E-10 MPG
    Ethanol, at low percentages such as E-5 (5% Ethanol) up to E-15 (15% Ethanol) causes MPG in most cars to drop about 12% to 20%. Thata costs the USA up to $200 B each year! Why? Because E-10 has about .5% water, its Ethanol clumps and burns first, destroying the car's use of real gas. We DEMAND that the EPA test our real "at-the-pump" gas that we are forced to use.
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    Created by Steve Zeigler
  • Stop the BLM Mustang Massacre
    The Bureau of Land Management is "managing" mustangs and burros in the west into extinction through hideously brutal roundups (chasing baby horses until their hooves come off), illenss and death in unhealthy holding facilites, and ultimate transfer to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. There are public laws in place to protect and preserve our wild heritage horses; but there is so much corruption that the laws are not being enforced. BLM is wiping out the horses to make way for more cows (which the taxpayer subsidises through cheap grazing rights) and oil and gas pipelines. Wild horses are not starving or overpopulated; that is BLM propaganda. Willd horses don't destroy the range, it's the thousands of cows that the Bureau (of cow management?) has dumped on our public land who are pulling up plant roots when they graze - horses don't. And of course it costs millions to torture and kill these horses and pennies to manage them humanely in the wild using birth control darting. Tell Congress to enforce the laws protecting wild horses, stop all roundups and slaughter, and manage wild horses humanely and cost effectively in the wild.
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    Created by Marta Williams
  • Save the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act
    Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sen. Amy Klobuchar have authored legislation to exempt from the National Wild & Scenic Rivers Act a proposed four-lane freeway bridge over the St. Croix River between Minnesota and Wisconsin. The legislation would create the first such exemption for an intrusion of this magnitude on a river protected under the Act, and create a dangerous precedent for future degradation of other rivers. The proposed $680 million bridge connects a town of 18,000 in Minnesota and an unincorporated township in Wisconsin. It's only six miles from an existing eight-lane interstate freeway bridge crossing the St. Croix River.
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    Created by Karl Bremer
  • Move Chicago Beyond Coal
    For over 100 years Chicago residents have been breathing life-threatening pollution from Midwest Generation's Fisk and Crawford coal plants on the Southwest Side. Enough is enough. It's time for the City of Chicago and Midwest Generation to address this public health and environmental crisis. Midwest Generation, a subsidiary of California-based Edison International, burns Wyoming coal, employs non-Chicago residents, and sells Fisk and Crawford's power on the open market out of state. What do we get? We get life-threatening pollution and $120 million dollars in medical costs every year.1 Chicago is the only major metropolitan area with a coal plant operating within its city limits. Even more conservative states in the South have set retirement dates for their coal plants. If Chicago is truly going to be a "green" and healthy city it cannot wait any longer to protect its citizens from these ancient polluters. Sign this petition and tell Mayor Emanuel to protect our families and move Chicago to a clean energy future.
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    Created by Christine Nannicelli
  • Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline
    Stopping the construction of the dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline slated to bring oil sludge from Canada across the United States to the Gulf States for refining.
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    Created by Jay Schumann
  • Religious Community Says 'No' to Keystone XL Pipeline, 'Yes' to Climate Justice
    President Obama will decide soon whether to sign a permit for the Keystone XL, a controversial 1,700 mile pipeline that would carry dirty oil from the Canadian tar sands to refineries in Texas, trespassing on 6 American states. U.S. religious communities argue that "climate change kills the poor first" and leading climate scientists contend that tar sands oil development will substantially increase U.S. carbon emissions. Tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.
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    Created by Rose Marie Berger
  • Stop The Light Bulb Ban
    There are better ways to save money on energy without taking away our choice of light bulbs. Support H.R. 91 Better Use of Light Bulbs Act or "BULB Act". Stop the ban on incandescent light bulbs that favors more expensive, mercury toxin-filled, health damaging fluorescent bulbs. H.R.6, that imposes the ban, has no health exemption for people who suffer clinically verified physical distress from fluorescent.
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    Created by Trishah Woolley
  • Petition to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir
    This petition asks the Governor of Pennsylvania to protect the watershed that feeds the Ambridge Reservoir from poisoning by gas well fracking in the Marcellus and Utica shale.
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    Created by Randolph Shannon
  • Keep secret chemicals out of California's water!
    Oil and gas companies are drilling in California using a controversial method known as "fracking," with hardly any oversight. This leaves your groundwater at risk for potential contamination. We need your voice today to change that! Assembly member Bob Wieckowski has filed a common-sense bill (AB 591) that would ensure that California's citizens have access to information about fracking in our communities. AB 591 would require oil and gas companies to disclose -- for the first time -- when and where they are fracking, what chemicals they are using and how much scarce water their operations consume. All of this information would be published on a public web site, setting one of the highest bars for fracking disclosure in the nation. This bill needs your help to become law. Your state legislators and Governor Brown need to hear that you want them to support AB 591!
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    Created by Environmental Working Group
  • Alternative transportation
    Advocate for more rail service lines,for Amtrak to recieve federal funds to build such and then be mandated to offer affordable pricing. This will greatly reduce the need for cars. Trains are less polluting than cars or buses. Also, mandate funding for bicycle and pedestrian lanes. Establish a carpooling list for those unable to travel via trains/bicycles.
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    Created by Lori Landsberg
  • Don't Privatize Pennsylvania's State Parks
    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett said that he wants to privatize Pennsylvania's state parks. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Corbett was asked what, besides the Liquor Control Board, might benefit from private-sector control. He replied: 'Prison health care and running state parks.' " We can't allow corporations to control state parks, using them to line the pockets of billionaires. Tell Gov. Corbett to stop selling PA to the highest bidder.
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    Created by Mike Morrill
  • President Obama: Pardon Tim DeCristopher!
    Tim DeChristopher was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison and was fined $10,000 for bidding on oil and gas drilling leases in an attempt to protect public lands. In the eyes of the American people, Mr. DeChristopher has done nothing wrong. His dissent stems from something greater than ourselves, our ability to sustain all forms of life on this planet.
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    Created by Derek Jennings