The Center for American Progress reported recently about the US Department of the Interior’s plan to lease public lands in the state of Wyoming that would provide big coal companies with 758 million tons of coal. Interior will also decide this year about leasing public lands that would provide coal companies with an additional 1.6 billion tons of coal to burn and pollute our atmosphere. In light of the urgent plea by the world’s best climate scientists to rapidly phase out coal, we are calling on President Obama and Secretary of the Interior Salazar to halt the leasing of any new public lands to coal companies.
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    Created by Richard Miller
  • Protect Montana from the Dirtiest Fuel in the World
    Tar sands oil is the dirtiest fuel in the world, and its corrosive nature makes pipeline ruptures more likely. But Canadian oil company TransCanada is asking the State Department for a permit to pump it through our backyards. Here in Montana, we are already seeing impacts due to proposed road expansions to make way for trucks carrying “mega-loads” through wild, scenic and recreation river corridors and wild places -- roads that also disrupt daily life in nearby communities. Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to reject the permit for Keystone XL.
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  • Protect Our Land and Water from the Dirtiest Fuel in the World
    Tar sands oil isn’t like regular crude oil, and its corrosive nature makes pipeline ruptures more likely. But Canadian oil company TransCanada is asking the State Department for a permit to pump it through our backyards, and menacing landowners who get in their way. The proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline cuts a Texas aquifer that supplies water to 60 counties. Yet TransCanada has brushed aside concerns from local residents worried about their water, and threatened landowners that don’t want the pipeline crossing their land with eminent domain. Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that we will not allow a foreign oil company to dictate what we do with our land.
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  • Protect South Dakota from the Dirtiest Fuel in the World
    Tar sands oil is the dirtiest fuel in the world, and its corrosive nature makes pipeline ruptures and other problems more likely. But Canadian oil pipeline company TransCanada is asking the US State Department for a permit to pump millions of gallons of this oil each day through South Dakota farms, ranches, grasslands and groundwater, and across rivers and streams. The proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline cuts through the Ogallala Aquifer, putting 80% of the region’s drinking water at risk of contamination. Moreover, TransCanada has gained a reputation for bullying landowners and understating risks. Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to reject the permit for Keystone XL.
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    Created by Pete Carrels
  • Save Puerto Rico from the Green Gas Pipe Line
    This gas pipeline will be a menace to the population, animals, plants, archeological sites, water, aquifers, air, etc. We should care because whatever hurts the environment in one nation affects everybody in the whole world. Governor Fortuno should take into account the well being of the population as a whole instead of his and his friends own selfish interests. We request that the Army Corp of Engineers take action in this matter.
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  • Petition to end Chemtrail Spraying
    They have been spraying chemtrails in most of the world poisoning the water and soil supplies for years. These chemtrails are sprayed deliberately and they contain barium, aluminum, bacteria and even GMO fibers causing Cancer, Alzheimer's, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other illnesses. The EPA and Congress have been informed to keep a blind eye to the issue and we need to force thm to stop the Chemtrail death dumps.
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    Created by Bernadette Sava
  • Stop the TransCanada Pipeline
    TransCanada wants to build a risky tar sands oil pipeline right through the Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer. They are bullying Nebraska landowners and threatening our state's economic activity. We cannot risk the Ogallala, which provides clean drinking water for 85% of Nebraskans and crop irrigation water for two million Americans in other states. Get more info at boldnebraska.org
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    Created by Jane Fleming Kleeb
  • No Marcellus Drilling on State Forest Land
    Gov. Tom Corbett's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources announced on April 27 that it will allow expanded fracking for natural gas on state forest lands. This new drilling will mean 3,800 wells. There are currently 164. Former Gov. Ed Rendell instituted a moratorium that prevented expanded drilling. It is completely within Corbett's power to maintain the moratorium and keep our state forest lands protected. Tell Corbett to keep the moratorium in place.
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    Created by Michael Morrill
  • Frack View! AKA ~Flaming Drinking water IS NOT SAFE!
    People are encountering unsafe drinking water as a result of the practice of fossil fuel extraction called "Hydrofracking". "Hydrofracking" is when a person pumps 250 chemicals into the ground water and then blows up the rock layers underground to get the gas. This releases natural gasses into the water which makes Toxic (unsafe) and Flaming (also unsafe) drinking water. We know this is not safe for the residents of any community. The Clean drinking water act is in place to protect us from exactly this kind of abuse and exploitation. Somehow gas and oil companies have bought themselves an exemption from this protection of all of our shared water , even with the evidence and the knowledge that they are corrupting our drinking water. See gasland the movie for more first hand eyewitness accounts Here is a link to questions and answers about fracking and hydrofracking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agEYLbUQAeI The exemption must be repealed. Our representatives must represent our interests and come together to protect Americans from this invasion by foreign or domestic resource exploitation or be replaced as incompetent or unable to represent our interests when faced with the fossil fuels industry and its coercive power.
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  • Build DC Solar--Don't Let Green Power Die
    The future of solar power in DC is on the chopping block. The fledgling solar community and green businesses in Washington need your help. PEPCO is getting their renewable credits (SRECs) from outside of DC instead of from clean energy on the grid right here in DC--including more solar panels. The impact has been devastating--threatening to shutter green businesses, kill jobs and make it too expensive to put solar on more rooftops in DC. But a good bill currently under consideration in the DC Council will change that--requiring PEPCO to use homegrown renewable power at no additional cost to taxpayers. The bill would make it possible for solar to become more affordable too. Unfortunately the bill has been stalled for more than a month without any action while these green businesses contemplate cutbacks. We urge the DC City Council to pass the Distributed Generation Amendment Act of 2011 to help put more solar on the rooftops of our nation's capital. Please sign the petition and they will be delivered to all of the members of the DC City Council. Please SIGN the petition and tell your friends. Post it to Facebook after you sign too.
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  • Ban the Mercury "Silver" Dental Filling
    Dental Amalgam Fillings contain 50% Mercury, a known neurotoxin. Continued use of the "silver" filling is toxic to humans and the environment, causing undiagnosed health problems to millions of people. Dental offices are one of the biggest sources of mercury pollution. Mercury Dental Products are not necessary and are a result of corporate interests. As Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Canada has done, we are calling on Congress for legislation to ban the dental mercury filling.
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    Created by Dori Rota
  • End Corn Ethanol Subsidies
    Agricultural subsidies for corn predominantly go to large corporate farms. Ethanol from corn is creates tax credits to refineries to add to our gasoline. This combined, costs several billion dollars per year. The amount of fuel and chemicals that are required to grow corn, create a negative impact on our clean air.
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