• The Congressional Reform Act
    Congress needs an overhaul to eliminate the current votes for sale attitude in congress. the proposed amendment to the constitution will change how congress doesw the public's business
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    Created by bob schader
  • HJR 7 - Allow for Florida Governor Recall
    A bill that would give Florida voters the ability to recall the governor and lieutenant governor, state legislators, and Cabinet members. The proposal would require that a petition drive get signatures equaling 15-percent of the total votes cast in the last election, and have signatures from each county. For lawmakers, the threshold would be 20-percent of the voters from the previous election.
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    Created by Luciano Retondaro
  • Pay Versus Performance
    Amend the Constitution so that Congress must act: Representatives and Senators will have their pay reduced by 1% for each day after July 1 that a budget is not in force. If the President vetos the budget, his salary shall be reduced by 2% if the Congress overrides his veto.
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    Created by LLoyd Stoner
  • Government Reform Act of 2011
    This petition calls on Congress to reform their benefits ending the special consideration only they enjoy simply because they are members of Congress. They work for us and should be subject to the same rules and conditions we each face every day. Should they have to deal with the same things we do, they will be faced to take our problems and difficulties seriously.
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    Created by Michael Hurm
  • give us back our votes
    Both parties are way too obligated to moneyed interests and thus do not approach important issues with an open mind. The only way to change this is to radically change campaign finance laws and procedures. My suggestion is a massive bipartisan petition drive to seek commitment from ALL candidates from ALL parties for ALL positions - federal, state and local - to seriously look to reform campaign financing in their next term in office. Those who agree and those who do not should be widely publicized. We can then monitor the results and vote accordingly.
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    Created by Lewis M. Weinstein
  • Cut Government Spending at the Source: Salaries of Elected Officials
    Salaries for U.S. and State Senators and Congressmen should be tied to the federal minimum wage of their constituents. At $7.25/hr, 24 hrs per day, no elected official's pay should exceed $63,553.50, and benefits limited to the time served in office. Staff size should be proportioned by state population or equal to the number of State Electoral Votes.
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    Created by Georgia G
  • Equality
    Congress and "We The People" should abide by the same rules. This is a recommendation for a Constitutional Amendment.
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    Created by Henri V. De Roule
  • Demand Paul LePage's Resignation!
    Paul LePage was "elected" Governor of Maine with less than 32% of the vote. In his brief time in office he has been anything from an embarrassment to a disaster for the State.
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    Created by Chad Thorne
  • Maintain Same-Day Voter Registration
    On Thursday, the House passed L.D. 1376, a Republican-backed bill to end Same-Day Voter Registration. Same-Day Voter Registration is an important part of Maine's electoral process. The Senate must vote again for final approval of L.D. 1376. Sign this petition today and let the Legislature know that we want Same-Day Voter Registration in Maine.
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    Created by Lisa Bondeson
  • Stop The Great Anti-Sharia Freakout
    Three U.S. states have passed anti-Sharia laws since 2010 and now, 17 others are discussing similar bills. While the civil rights of Muslim Americans are being compromised through such legislation, there is ZERO threat of Sharia taking root in the U.S. Law makers should stop wasting our tax dollars pandering to xenophobia during this time of economic crisis.
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    Created by Sumair Mahmood
  • Recall Process for Maine
    Maine does not currently have a recall process. We, the citizens, should allow ourselves the opportunity to have our voice heard.
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    Created by Shannon Dow
  • Abolish the rights of the corporate person
    Corporations are not people so they should not have the same rights as human beings. The Constitution needs a new amendment clearly stating that the bill of rights applies only to humans.
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    Created by Kurt Olsen