• Removing Republicans From Power By Voting
    I am for the majority of the people; this two party system isn't working for the majority, it has always worked for the 2%. I feel there is more good people than Republicans, and there more poor people than richs Republicans people.
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    Created by John Parks
  • Treason Against USA
    These "secret pledges" signed by the GOP supercede and conflict with their pledges of allegiance to the USA.
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    Created by Gloria Lemos
  • How About a Pay Cut for Congress?!
    We the People pay Congress to do their job, and frankly they haven't been doing a very good one lately. Wasting our time and money over partisan power struggles and not caring if we default on our debt. They are the only workers I know of that take the liberty to give themselves raises, whether or not they deserve or have earned them. Yet there are members of Congress who would like to take away the hard earned benefits (like Social Security & Medicare) that ordinary people have contributed to all of their working lives.
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    Created by Kim Leslie
  • Make Sure Our Politicians Are As Smart as a High School Graduate
    I'm distressed at the fact that many running for public office say things that could easily be debunked by any person who can remember what s/he learned in high school U. S. History and Civics classes. To protect us from this kind of ignorance, we need to ask states to make it a requirement that any person running for public office must pass a standard high school lvel U. S. History and Civics test.
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    Created by Thomas Griffith
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    This is how we fix Congress.
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    Created by Gary Fennell
  • Campaign Reform
    Until we have campaign reform, we will be exhausting ourselves chasing down every injustice one by one without ever rebuilding the foundation of democracy: our representatives.
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    Created by Callie Lockwood
  • Equality For All
    It's about an idea for a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and for Congressional Reform, proposed in an email that's been making the rounds; it's not my idea, but it is one that I embrace fully. Congress needs to be reformed to be more in line with how the American people live.
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    Created by William McCaughey III
  • We demand a better President!
    President Obama you made a lot of campaign promises that you've failed to live up to through no ones fault but your own. We expect more from you than you gave us. I did not elect a right leaning centrist. I elected Obama on the promises of hope change and progress for a better future.
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    Created by Michael Krueger
  • Bernie Sanders For President
    We need a President that will stand up for Progressive middle and working class values. A true fighter in the mold of FDR is exactly what we need but unfortunately don't have in the White House right now.
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    Created by Truthteller
  • Congressional Salaries, Pensions and Benefits
    Any bill passed by congress to restrict or limit Social Security or Medicare benefits of the people will result in an equal loss of salaries, pensions and medical benefits to all past, present and future members of congress. If we can live with less, so can they.
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    Created by dick haskamp
  • Do nothing congress
    Congress is not working for the people
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    Created by Ed Morgan
  • Social Security for Public Employees
    As long as the Government is for the Government and not for the people it can never be a fair and good government. When their entitlements are the same as the peoples entitlements then we will all be working together instead of working for one group or the other. The government will then be working for the good of all it's citizens. Let's start with Social Security. All public employees will retire on Social Security and the government will not have separate plans.
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    Created by Kenneth J. Cox