• Cuts for Congress
    Reduce the salaries of all federal employees 5% and reduce their benefits to a 401(k) program and Medicare as their health insurance provider. They can pay for a supplemental Medicare insurance policy out of their own pocket. If you can please donate $2 to our campaign which covers advertizing costs, paper, materials, etc. by following this link... https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZZF6SK57LHFY6
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    Created by Jeffrey Sherknus
  • Department of Defense assault on FOIA
    Undersigned citizens request that our representatives not allow the Department of Defense to water-down the Freedom of Information Act by putting a provision into the Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that would prevent the public from accessing information having to do with Emergency Response and safety concerns effecting communities adjacent to Federal Facilities. This new legislation is the Department of Defense response to a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Milner v. Navy. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Milner as the Navy could not use the exemption put forward and that the community had a right to know the risk to their community. The public has a right to know about explosives, harmful chemicals and emergency response plans for military bases. Section 1044 would allow the Department of Defense to withhold records essential for Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requirements. The Department of Defense is not exempt from these regulations. By signing this petition you are letting your representatives know that you want an open transparent government that allows the public access to information concerning their safety and well being.
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    Created by Concerned Citizens
  • Drug Test Congress
    The "War on Drugs" in it's 34 year history has not only failed, but failed spectacularly. While we test factory workers and store clerks and such, public officials are exempt. Who can cause more harm than the people who spend trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, and send our children off to war? ALL public officials should be subject to drug testing, the more important you are, the more often you get tested. Test Congress, Supreme Court and President & staff at least daily. No more GUI (Governing Under the Influence!) If we're going to have a drug ware, lets at least do it sensibly.
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    Created by Charles M. Barnard
  • Congressional Responsibility to Constituents
    Congressional Incumbents should not be paid if they are effectively working for special interests and not their constituents. The constituents should be able to petition to redirect the offender's pay to an election fund.
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    Created by Cynthia Humphrey
  • Liberals are more american than conservatives?
    Liberals live the "do like I say not like I do" life, and need to be reined in at every opportunity so our country can be saved from them. Every American who believes in equality, and justice should sign this petition.
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    Created by Don Franko
  • Abolish the Electoral College
    It is time that each individual vote actually counted. One person, one vote - a true democracy. The electoral college stands in the way of this idea. It was designed to protect the rich & powerful interests in government.
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    Created by Susan Gunther
  • The Truth Act
    Goal is to make this the law of the land... 5 violations - need to resign from your post if you are in the public sector. You may correct an untruth within 24 hrs. Need to state the correction in the same public forum.
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    Created by Iresha Goonesinghe
  • The Congressional Reform Act
    Congress needs an overhaul to eliminate the current votes for sale attitude in congress. the proposed amendment to the constitution will change how congress doesw the public's business
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    Created by bob schader
  • HJR 7 - Allow for Florida Governor Recall
    A bill that would give Florida voters the ability to recall the governor and lieutenant governor, state legislators, and Cabinet members. The proposal would require that a petition drive get signatures equaling 15-percent of the total votes cast in the last election, and have signatures from each county. For lawmakers, the threshold would be 20-percent of the voters from the previous election.
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    Created by Luciano Retondaro
  • Pay Versus Performance
    Amend the Constitution so that Congress must act: Representatives and Senators will have their pay reduced by 1% for each day after July 1 that a budget is not in force. If the President vetos the budget, his salary shall be reduced by 2% if the Congress overrides his veto.
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    Created by LLoyd Stoner
  • Government Reform Act of 2011
    This petition calls on Congress to reform their benefits ending the special consideration only they enjoy simply because they are members of Congress. They work for us and should be subject to the same rules and conditions we each face every day. Should they have to deal with the same things we do, they will be faced to take our problems and difficulties seriously.
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    Created by Michael Hurm
  • give us back our votes
    Both parties are way too obligated to moneyed interests and thus do not approach important issues with an open mind. The only way to change this is to radically change campaign finance laws and procedures. My suggestion is a massive bipartisan petition drive to seek commitment from ALL candidates from ALL parties for ALL positions - federal, state and local - to seriously look to reform campaign financing in their next term in office. Those who agree and those who do not should be widely publicized. We can then monitor the results and vote accordingly.
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    Created by Lewis M. Weinstein