• The 28th Amendment
    Amend the Constitution to ensure Congress persons must give-up their pensions and become part of Social Security, that Congress cannot vote itself a pay raise, no tenure - no pay, Congress must give-up their health care system and use what the rest of us Americans must use, serving in Congress is not a career, terms should be limited to two terms, maximum.
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    Created by Robert Flick
  • Print the Peoples Money
    In 2010 we spent $164 Billion Dollars, in interest payments. Just imagine how that money could help the American people.
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    Created by Richard Frascone
  • Ordinary People Act
    Ordinary people need help participating in democracy.
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    Created by Calvin Leman
  • Congressional Term Limits
    Being a Congressperson or Senator was never meant to be a career or lifetime position. No one should be supported by the citizens of the US for the rest of their lives for working as a congressperson for 5 years.
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    Created by K McCurdy
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    Congressional Reform Act of 2011
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    Created by KAREN FALCH
  • Draft Howard Dean to run in 2012 as a Democratic Primary Challenger.
    With the 2012 election fast approaching, we are gonna get stuck with two dismal choices: A potentially insane Republican candidate or a weak and timid Democratic incumbent who doesn't really work for progressives. A lot of us have come to the realization that Obama is not the progressive that he pretended to be in 2008. He is worse than a Republican because he uses his position as a Democratic President as cover to pass conservative legislation. Even if a progressive primary challenger lost to the President, it would at least force Obama to move closer to his base, the people that elected him in the first place. Howard Dean would be a great choice. Let's call him to action so that he can push the President in the right direction and maybe even replace him.
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    Created by Mike Williams
  • Reform Congress
    Congress members should receive only the same federal benefits available to the rest of the American people.
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    Created by Louise Herschelle
  • Congress's Benefits
    We need a constitutional amendment restricting benefits of all Congressional and government employees to those publicly available to all Americans (such as Social Security and Medicare). They should not be able to give themselves better benefits than they give the rest of us.
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    Created by R Golder
  • Congressional Reform Act 2011
    Congress has created a fail-proof system of rewards and benefits for themselves. Voters need to insist that our representatives operate under an equitable system. Please read and sign the petition.
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    Created by Claudia Coyl
    Congress and the Executive Branch are part of the problem and need to contribute and share the sacrifices we are being asked to do, join us with the following petition: CUT back their salaries, perks, healthcare, PTO and pensions; CAP future increases to the same COLA as Social Security; BALANCE the needs of the citizens with their party agenda
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    Created by Margie Mullins
  • Campaign Finance Reform
    As long as we continue our system of allowing the very rich and corporations to rule by donating to our representatives, obviously, it will be they who rule our country. That is, in my opinion, the reason for the mess we are having now! If we have serious campaign finance reform, allowing anyone running for political office to have equal chances with public financing, we will have a very different political outlook!
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    Created by Ilse Hadda
  • Congress must abide by all laws they impose on the American People
    Congress imposes laws on the American people but exempts themselves from having to live with them. Examples are healthcare, social security, retirement, etc. If congress had to live within the laws and restrictions they create for other Americans we feel that we would get better, faster and more intelligent decisions from an elected congress and senate.
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    Created by Pat Goody