• Term Limits 4 Members of Congress!
    My petition speaks for itself! House of Representatives, and Senators alike would never ever bring this bill up for a vote. We all know why, they would be voting themselves out of a job!!Duh!! 2 terms, after that so long!
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    Created by JoAnn Diaferio
  • Political Office Reform
    No tenure/pensions for elected officials at any level. Serving is a priviledge, not an entitlement. Also, they should have to participate in the same health care programs they are trying to force upon Americans. This is yet another way to cut the debt!
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    Created by Maggie Marlowe
  • Save Congress from Political Cults
    Lawmakers who signed the Norquist pledge belong to a Political Cult. They have displayed religious fervor and unquestioned loyalty towards Political Cult Leader, Grover Norquist. Lawmakers who pledged allegiance to him show misplaced loyalty and a dereliction of duty.
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    Created by CMSimn
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    The Congress of the United States is out of touch with the condition and needs of over 90% of the population. The members receive executive level salaries, guaranteed medical care and guaranteed pension benefits paid by tax dollars. Yet, they are reckless in proposing to tear down the income, medical benefits and the only retirement that many taxpayers have. In order to adequately represent the majority of taxpayers, the protections that congressional members enjoy should be more closely aligned with those they represent.
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    Created by Rita C. Kidd
    Americans need to come together and work towards amicable solutions to the many problems confronting this nation. Our representatives are totally out of touch with the real ways to discuss, suggest, compromise, and fix the problems affecting PEOPLE. This is one nation with many, many sub cultures and we need to understand the suffering of millions of our countrymen.
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    Created by Harriet Schwartz
  • Six year term limits
    We need to establish congressional term limits to encourage new ideas and actually accomplish goals for this country.
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    Created by Jennifer Howe
  • Cut in Pay Health Benefits and Furlough Days
    When state workers, ie teachers, police, fire fighters and even private corp workers are experiencing cuts in pay, losing health benefits, and unpaid days off, why don't we the American Tax Payers, the employers of all 3 branches of government demand that our Federal Government Officials take a 8% cut in pay, limit their health benefits, limit retirement benefits and take forced days off with out pay.
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    Created by Julie East
  • Right to Vote Act
    It would divide the City of Irvine(CA) into 4 council Districts and a citywide Mayoral district. There are no representatives from some parts of the city and dividing the city would allow more equal representation. It would also make it more affordable to run, since you would only have to win the majority of your district. Right now only the rich can afford to run.
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    Created by taxfighter
  • Examine Oaths and Pledges to get Party Funding by the Congressional Ethics Committee
    95% of Republican Congressmen have signed an oath not to raise taxes, which is a virtual prerequisite to get Republican National Committe funding, and have also had to sign, in many cases, the right-wing purity oath for same. It is our view that, not only does this impair the excercise of the integrity of personal independent judgement in the exercise of their duties as congressmen, it can be in violation of their sworn oath to defend and protect the Constitution. We move that this and all oaths that hamper individual judgement to be exercised in the performance of public office be examined by the Congressional Ethics Committees in hearings to determine whether this be a breach of ethics that conflicts with the exercise of their sworn duties as Congressmen.
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    Created by John T Haupt
  • Justice For Harrisburg
    Harrisburg is in fiscal collapse, Monies were borrowed for projects that had no hope of repaying the debt. Public officials and well paid professionals told the world that the bonds -- now almost $300 million on one project alone -- were self-liquidating, when they had to know that was impossible. To date, no one has been held to account. We demand accountability, fairness and justice. We ask the U.S. Justice Department to fully investigate these dealings, charge those who ignored the law and report to the world what really happened.
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    Created by Debt Watch Harrisburg
  • Stop Gov. Walker's Redistricting Power Grab
    Instead of doing their job and listening to their constituents, Scott Walker’s GOP lemmings are changing the game and rigging the rules so they can’t be held accountable for their own actions. They are doing this by drawing undemocratic, hyper-partisan districts that kick many Democratic legislators out of their own districts! Stop the power grab. Raise your voice. Sign our petition for a fair and balanced approach to redistricting.
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    Created by Stephanie Bloomingdale
    Petition sponsored by: The Beer Party South Carolina Chapter South Carolina has been under Republican rule far too long. Now the "Tea Party" is influencing Governor Nikki Haley and Senator Jim DeMint. If this continues, they will most certainly destroy our beautiful state. Lt. Governor (Ken Ard) is charged with 107 ethics violations. SC Superintendent (Mick Zais) has refused to obtain federal grants for our children's education. Our Recall Petition will be presented alongside Reps. James Smith, Bakari Sellers & Boyd Brown's proposed Recall Bill to the SC House and SC Senate. Let our elected officials know that their constituents support this bill for passage.
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    Created by Charlie A Waters