• Equality
    Congress and "We The People" should abide by the same rules. This is a recommendation for a Constitutional Amendment.
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    Created by Henri V. De Roule
  • Demand Paul LePage's Resignation!
    Paul LePage was "elected" Governor of Maine with less than 32% of the vote. In his brief time in office he has been anything from an embarrassment to a disaster for the State.
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    Created by Chad Thorne
  • Maintain Same-Day Voter Registration
    On Thursday, the House passed L.D. 1376, a Republican-backed bill to end Same-Day Voter Registration. Same-Day Voter Registration is an important part of Maine's electoral process. The Senate must vote again for final approval of L.D. 1376. Sign this petition today and let the Legislature know that we want Same-Day Voter Registration in Maine.
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    Created by Lisa Bondeson
  • Stop The Great Anti-Sharia Freakout
    Three U.S. states have passed anti-Sharia laws since 2010 and now, 17 others are discussing similar bills. While the civil rights of Muslim Americans are being compromised through such legislation, there is ZERO threat of Sharia taking root in the U.S. Law makers should stop wasting our tax dollars pandering to xenophobia during this time of economic crisis.
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    Created by Sumair Mahmood
  • Recall Process for Maine
    Maine does not currently have a recall process. We, the citizens, should allow ourselves the opportunity to have our voice heard.
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    Created by Shannon Dow
  • Abolish the rights of the corporate person
    Corporations are not people so they should not have the same rights as human beings. The Constitution needs a new amendment clearly stating that the bill of rights applies only to humans.
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    Created by Kurt Olsen
  • 1400 Block S Street NW Petition to Stay in Ward 2
    We request to have no move from Ward 2 considered for us under any circumstance.
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    Created by Tom Coumaris
  • Reducing the cost of Congress
    Congress has been identifying government organizations and programs that they think are too expensive, but I haven't heard a word about Congress's attempt to reduce the cost of Congress. I've sent emails twice to Maine Senators and the rep from this part of Maine, asking for a copy of a detailed plan, with objectives, milestones, deliverables, schedule, and anticipated savings, and got nothing back.
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    Created by Charlie Cameron
  • Our representatives must no longer be bought by big money.
    To end the obscene amounts of money being spent on the elections of our supposedly public representatives and to end the buying of their votes by overly rich corporations and individuals.
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    Created by Ron Drabiski
  • Congress, pay you're fair share!
    It's about members of congress having heath care and life insurance at no cost to them. Also retirement after a short period of time. These are cost the American people have to pay out of pocket every pay check up to retirement and then pay for health insurance until they die!
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    Created by James G. Jones
  • Election Reform
    We need to eliminate the corruption of our political system by giving the power of the government back to the people and away from individual, corporate, and special interest influence and/or purchase of our legislative and executive branches of the federal government. States should be allowed to set up their own systems of funding elections.
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    Created by theEman
  • Proposed Amendment #28
    The House, and Senate, are our servents, we do not have a monarchy.Time they share some of the burden we middle class carry in these hard times.
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    Created by Mark C Jakims