• Decriminalize Marijuana
    The U.S. spends too much time and money 'busting' 'pot-heads' and would be better served to decriminalize and tax the use of Marijuana.
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    Created by Vincent Sexton
  • punish the torturers
    The President has wrongly said "We are looking forward and not backward." If that had always been the rule, no criminal could ever be punished because a crime is immediately in the past. We could not have punished the criminals at Nuremburg. The people who authorized and advised torture must be arrested and put through the court process. We executed Japanese officers for waterboarding in WWII, and our waterboarders should at least see the inside of a prison cell.
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    Created by Will Cavanaugh
  • Purge the Prisons of Harmless Inmates
    U.S. citizens are paying a large part of their taxes on keeping people in prison. United States leads the world in sheer numbers of prisoners and in prisoners per capita. It's especially sad that more than 70 percent of the prisoners in the U.S. are non-whites. What's worse is that a very large number of those we incarcerate are not a physical threat to people. There are better ways of discouraging most of the prisoners from being repeat offenders. Why should hard-working taxpayers be picking up the tab for housing, feeding, dressing and giving medical care to white collar criminals, tax evaders, recreational drug users and to hundreds of thousands of "lifers" who have long since learned their lessons? Everyone should want to sign this petition to demand that federal, state, county and city officials and legislators begin the process of purging the prisons and jails of non-violent offenders.
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    Created by Don Ray
  • 100,000 New Police and K9 Units On The Beat.
    We need more police on our streets why did we sun down the funding for the 100,000 new police officers from the Clinton years? It was a good idea then and a good idea now.
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    Created by Brian Williams
  • End the War on Drugs
    End the failed trillion dollar War on Drugs. Before the War on drugs there were few drug problems. The WOD has had only negative results and at costs we cannot afford. Drug addiction is a medical problem and should be treated as such. Police actions only increase the price of drugs to the benefit of the drug cartels.
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    Created by troy grant
  • Make law enforcement get human trafficking education
    If you ask any local policeman if he has dealt with a human trafficking case he will say no. That policemen probably did and just did not recognize the signs. We need to educate our "protectors" to be able to protect everyone. Runaways are the biggest targets for human traffickers and nothing is being done to stop this tragedy. Most victims are girls under the age of 14. Think about your sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews and let's get law enfocement educated now to recognize the signs and help them out! For more information look at OATH. Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans.
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    Created by Miranda Watson
    Pass a U.S. FEDERAL law immediately that would enforce the cut off of smart phone electronic communication (except 911 emergency calls) to motorists in moving vehicles. Otherwise the next casualty could be you or someone in your family. Think about that!
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    Created by Dermot McGrath
  • Properly Investigate the Crimes of 9/11
    Since there's extremely widespread doubt among the general population (from 40% to a majority in national polls) that the real story of 9/11 and who was responsible has been allowed to come out and is not covered up, we demand that a true, open-ended criminal investigation with full subpoena power and access to all evidence be conducted by a universally acceptable proper court or properly empaneled grand jury.
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    Created by James Hufferd
  • Free John Larsgard
    John Larsgard, a Norwegian student, has been sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison for attempted murder. So what did he do? He accidentally drove down a street going the wrong way during a street festival. They surrounded the car, beat him up and threatened him. He called the local police in desperation but instead of helping him, they arrested him and charged him with attempted murder with a deadly weapon - his rental car. He spent 7 months in solitary confinement awaiting trial and was convicted today of attempted murder with a sentence of 7 1/2 years! He was convicted in this small town where the "witnesses" all agreed in lock step that he was trying to kill them. Poor guy was in fear of his life and was trying to get away from an angry mob. Oh did I mention, his mom was in the car with him?
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    Created by Abigail Johnson
  • Justice for Jasmaine
    Justice for Jasmaine, everyone who feel that justice has not been served. Also anyone who demand a change.
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    Created by Cynthia Pierce
  • No more Prisons for Profit
    The privatization of prisons creates strong incentives to shape the justice system in ways that increase arrests, convictions, and sentences. We have seen ALEC engage in this type of activity and a judge in Arizona was convicted of taking bribes to alter the sentences he gave. Prisons should not be privatized.
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    Created by Marie Doorey
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    Created by BRIAN C.P. PARKINSON