• Anti-Strip Search
    An effort to repeal the SCOTUS opinion allowing unrestricted strip searches.
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    Created by Robert Stemme
  • Stop Kill at Will legislation in Iowa!
    Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager who was killed while walking home in his hoodie, is dead because someone who felt threatened by him took his life. George Zimmerman, Trayvon's killer, still hasn't even been arrested for the shooting. Why? Because Florida is a Kill at Will state! Astonishingly, Florida law broadens the definition of justifiable homicide by granting people the right to use deadly force if they feel threatened. This extreme expansion of the right to kill, despite being fought by law enforcement officials, has occurred in 24 states. Nearly half of the United States allow killing just because a person "feels" threatened. Right now, the legislature in Iowa is considering following Florida's lead and becoming a Kill at Will state. If enough of their constituents speak out against Kill at Will, it can be stopped. Because of the negative attention the Trayvon Martin tragedy is bringing to these laws, elected officials and the media debating the legislation won't be able to ignore loud public pressure to keep Iowa from becoming a Kill at Will state. These Kill at Will laws make all of us, including children, less safe. They are a special danger to young people of color like Trayvon Martin, who may fall under "suspicion" from armed vigilantes simply by being young, Black, and wearing a hoodie. Please join me in protesting passage of any Kill at Will laws in the beautiful state of Iowa, where people are friendly and kind. Let's not allow ourselves to be ruled by hysteria.
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    Created by Constance McNamara Romanowski
  • Investigate Douglas County
    Complete investigation of Douglas County Sheriff and 18th Judicial District. Corruption on all levels. Pergury, federal theft, public theft, manufacturing of crimes, and in-humane incarceration.
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    Created by Jason Rosenhahn
  • Kill ANY Kill At Will Legislation
    This is about Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old gunned down in cold blood for the crime of being Black and wearing a hoodie. His MURDERER has not been arrested after more than 30 days since this unpardonable crime. The criminal who committed this heinous act hasn't even denied it. He disregarded the express order from the Police to stand down and stop following Trayvon. He ignored this order, and an innocent child is dead. There is NO excuse for this murder.
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    Created by will gilbane
  • Reject Alaska H.B. 80 - "Stand Your Ground"
    Currently, Alaska law gives Alaskan's a broad right to self defense. The proposed law would add wording to the existing law that would allow a person to use deadly force "in any place where the person has a right to be." That could be a sidewalk, a highway, the woods or on private property as long as the person isn't trespassing. The Alaska Legislature is almost done for the year and is unlikely to act on H.B. 80 during this session (H.B. 80 is being reviewed by a Senate committee), but it is important to strongly express our concern that such wording is being considered.
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    Created by Ken Winterberger
  • Stop YouTube and Google cruelty to animals videos from being accepted and shown
    TV, news, and several types of media have been recently highlighting the seemingly growing, sickening trend of trend of images of people deliberately inflicting cruelty on animals. YouTube is not being efficient on screening the recorded crimes of defenseless animals being hurt, tortured and sometimes killed for amusement. YouTube and others in power have as of yet done nothing efficient to prevent this so it is necessary to withdraw these images, and put restrictions and penalties and immediately take measures to permanently put a stop to this sickening endorsement of animal cruelty.
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    Created by C. D.
  • Legalize The Growing, Farming, and Distribution of Marijuana
    Pennsylvania is in trouble. The criminalization of Marijauna use and sell has made common hustlers into hardened murderers. Why? Pennyslvania is leading the nation in crowded broken prisons and corrupted school districts. We are in debt and looking for ways to move our statehood forward into the future. Would you vote to legalize marijuana if you could vote on it?
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    Created by Carlos
  • killing of trayvon martin
    trayvon martin justice for trayvon
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    Created by doris smith
  • The Karen Ferrell Murder
    Karen Ferrell was murdered in her home while babysitting her 7 year old grandchild and 1 year old cousin. Her body was found a week later draped in plastic and thrown under her basement steps. The police had been contacted to file a missing person's report for Ms. Ferrell, but on the day her body was found there was no record of the Missing Person's report. Karen leaves 3 children and two grandchildren to mourn her death. Her daughter was promised by Homicide Detectives that their mother's death would not be in vain and that they would not rest until the killer was brought to justice. It has been over a year and still nothing has been done to capture and prosecute the person who is responsible for Karen's murder. He still walks free believing that he got away with murder.
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    Created by A.Holmes
  • Moratorium on Ohio executions NOW
    Executions in Ohio must stop NOW. No one should be executed under a system of justice while that very system is being closely examined to assess its fairness and accuracy. Doubt continues to erode the system: - Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor has established a Joint Task Force to examine Ohio's system of capital punishment. The Joint Task Force should be allowed to operate without the undue pressure of ongoing executions. There are currently 13 inmates with execution dates. - There is a bill to repeal the death penalty in the Ohio House - Bill 160. - There is a bill to repeal the death penalty in the Ohio Senate - Bill 270. - In January 2012, Joe D'Ambrosio became the 6th person to be exonerated from Ohio's death row, further demonstrating Ohio is at risk for executing an innocent person.
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    Created by Julie Przybysz
  • Justice For Jasmine
    Jasmine Thar, a 16 yr old African American was shot and killed December 23, 2011 while in her Godmother's yard in Chadbourn, NC preparing for a routine shopping trip to Myrtle Beach. Jasmine was doing what most teens do, texting, when the shot rang out. Two others were injured by the same bullet. A 23 yr old Caucasian male who was in the house across the street where the shot came from claims it was an accident. He was taken in for questioning but was not charged.The families of this tragedy lives will forever be changed.
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    Created by Treka McMillian
  • Request the Retreat at Twin Lakes to Hand over the Original Community tape Recordings for the day...
    This is about getting the Community Surveillance tapes for the case of Trayvon Martin to finally put Martin's Killer in Bars. These tapes will tell us 1-3 things 1. If Mr Zimmerman really made the Call from his automobile, if he had the gun drawn, If He had seen him while trayvon was walking to the store. 2. IF trayvon attacked Zimmerman first with out zimmermans gun drawn and was pounding his head violently on the pavement. with intent to Either hold him off in till the cops got there or intent to Kill Zimmerman and 3 IF Mr Zimmerman had the gun drawn trayvon tried to pry it out by using a wrap up tackle move and then take the gun away from him to hold Mr Zimmerman Under citizens Arrest until the cops arrived only to have Trayvon's Plan Back fire and Zimmerman pulled the trigger as the two went to the ground!
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    Created by Jason