• Abolition of Assault Weapons
    The purpose of this petition is to urge Congress to ban assault weapons in the United States except for law enforcement and the military. It is the intent of this petition to reduce the level of violence in our society and to prevent future mass killings of the kind we saw in Tuscon, at Virginia Tech, and at Columbine High School. No law abiding citizen, including hunters and sportsmen, need to possess "weapons of war" capable of firing dozens of rounds of ammunition in a matter of seconds.
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    Created by Darryl Cherness
  • Honoring Susan Butcher
    This petition is in efforts to find enough resident Alaskans interested in a rename of the Ted Stevens International Airport terminal, to be changed in Honor of Susan Butcher, as the "Susan Butcher International Airport".
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    Created by Spam MaGee
  • Cell phone use in movie theaters should be illegal
    Enough is enough. The use of cell phones during movies is disrespectful and rude. It is corroding public life. New York should lead the way in banning cell phone use during movies.
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    Created by David Allyn
  • Stop Murder Cover Up by James Backstrom, Dakota County, MN
    Stop Murder Cover Up by James Backstrom, regarding the 1986 murder of Jane Duchene, by physician ordered withdrawal of two thirds of insulin to help associates claim the dead woman's money, so she would pre-decease her brother (whose son was a pathologist) and who had suddenly become ill with pancreatic cancer and was due to pre-decease Jane Duchene. She had to die first for fiscal reasons.
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    Created by Diabetics/Disabled Anonymous
  • Justices Service Limit
    Justices serve in the Supreme Court for life. I think this should be change to serve for a maximum of 10 years, on which the President, would elect another justice. I think this will create a more balanced Justice system, and stop the abuses from those judges, that are not for the service of the people.
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    Created by Jose Miranda
  • Impeach Clarence Thomas
    Clarence Thomas has broken the laws over and over again and lied under oath in his confirmation hearings! He is a disgrace to America. He has taken payments through his wife from entities or individuals on cases he has ruled on! He is a disgrace to all of America!
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    Created by Marc Levy
  • Appoint a neutral outside agency to oversee Internal Affairs Investigations of Police Officers
    We need an agency to review reported misconduct brought to the attention of local Internal Affairs Officers. Unfortunately, the officer who reviews and investigates these complaints tend to be coworkers and this either needs to change or oversite is needed to ensure citizens complaints are not just being written off.
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    Created by Johnny Chaney
  • Bush / Cheney War Crimes
    I would like to petition both the local,state, and federal government to compel an investigation into war crimes by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. To compel our government to act responsibly and to show we will not allow anyone whether it be our own government representatives to feel they can act with immunity and trample over the rights of law abiding citizens in ANY country.
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    Created by Richard L. Respler
  • Make Hating a Felony crime in all states.
    Haters have got out of hand and the outcome of haters have become detrimental to many in so many ways and it needs to be outlawed.
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    Created by Michael Maroy
  • Make Hating a Felony crime in all states.
    Haters have got out of hand and the outcome of haters have become detrimental to many in so many ways and it needs to be outlawed.
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    Created by Michael Maroy
  • Texas Dept of Criminal Justice: INJUSTICE
    We lost our high-school friend Hart almost 30 years ago to a violent, non-remorseful criminal with a long history of crime. Hart had a life full of promise. He had just graduated high school, and was attending a technical college in Texas, when he and several friends were brutally attacked by several grown men outside a nightclub. Those men had criminal records a mile long. John Wilkins was found guilty of the murder, and sentenced to LIFE in a Texas prison. But for the past 20 years or so, Hart's family has endured parole reviews every 1-1/2 to 3 years. The Texas DOCJ can choose to give prisoners a "5-year setoff," which means that only every five years is the prisoner up for parole. Instead, they choose to use shorter setoffs as incentive with prisoners to encourage them to behave. This practice creates stress and anxiety in the families...they already lost a loved one, but to be continually tortured with parole reviews every couple of years is inhumane. The State of Texas needs to take the needs of victim's families into consideration, and extend setoffs to a reasonable amount of time as DEFINED BY THE FAMILIES. Not the prisoner.
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    Created by Katherine Kramer
  • Governor Scott: Commute Marissa Alexander's sentence!
    Marissa Alexander, African American, sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot to fend off her abusive husband. This African American woman is a college graduate with a Masters' Degree, no criminal record, and she is a mother of three. No one was injured or killed. This woman was defending her life and should be freed.
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    Created by Sharon Coates and Crystal Langdon