• Fukushima Atmospheric Contamination.
    Force Japan to give their deadly fuel rods to France for reprocessing. Radiation poisoning hits California, Oregon and Washington daily. This criminal negligence must stop.
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    Created by Jeff Burns
  • Legalize marijuana
    Initiative to remove laws prohibiting marijuana production, distribution, and possession for persons over twenty-one; remove laws for criminal and civil penalties for activities that it authorizes; tax marijuana sales; and earmark marijuana-related revenues. A measure to remove laws and prohibitions against producing, processing, and selling marijuana, subject to licensing and regulation by health systems control board; allow possession of marijuana by persons aged twenty-one and over; and impose excise taxes on wholesale and retail sales of marijuana, earmarking revenue for purposes that include substance-abuse prevention, research, education, and healthcare.
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    Created by James H Taylor
  • Tell Congress: It's Time To Fix Our Justice System
    This petition urges Congress to enact THE NATIONAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE COMMISSION ACT. Irregularities and inequities in America’s criminal justice system challenge our notions of fundamental fairness. This bill will establish a commission to study the current functioning of the criminal justice system.
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    Created by Judy Wylene
  • Require a Sworn Statement from Secret Service Agent David Chaney Re Use of Prostitute provided by...
    Shailey Tripp has confirmed a "culture of corruption" within the Secret Service by admitting to providing sexual services to David Chaney as a result of her pimp, Todd Palin setting her up. http://malialitman.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/shailey-tripp-an-ex-prostitute-from-alaska-connects-todd-palin-the-ex-first-dude-from-alaska-to-david-chaney-an-ex-secret-service-agent/
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    Created by Malia Litman
  • Stiffer penalties for animal abusers
    Stiffer sentences for anyone that abuses any animal. Make it a law that if you have a dog or cat it must be spayed or neutered. Or else, fined and dog or cat removed from possession, and or never being allowed to own any animal for so many years. We need to crack down on these offenders. We need to crack down on senior serenades at shelters. Enough is enough, make a fee for turn ins to shelters, maybe 50 dollars or more–there are too many seniors being dumped because of inconvenience. It has to stop.
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    Created by Connie Bennington
  • End the Drug War Now
    Blacks and Latinos are targeted and jailed for small amounts of marijuana while comedians and the President of the US laugh about their own use. This is hypocriay at its most crass. The Justice Dept. is now busting dispensaries and users in states where medical weed is legal, even though Obama promised not to do that. Thousands of people have been killed by drug cartels because of this absurd prohibition. Legalization will also bring in billions of dollars in public money through regulation and taxation
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    Created by Marlene Foster
  • Class Action Lawsuit against Spint & Apple
    I have had sprint service for almost two years in Aughust of to date 2012, Spint has lied to medium day one & led me to there Associate-Apple through,Best Buye & it's evident that when Apple & Sprint-Best Buye find out I didn't have Insurance through either one my Service has been totally interrupted & all Sprint say's is it's my phone, the same as apple,& sprint is allways asking for service not tendered!!!!!!
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    Created by Scott Mcvey
  • Expunge The Fraudulent Conviction Of Abraham Bolden For Telling The Truth
    Abraham was the first African-American Secret Service Agent assigned to the White House. President John F. Kennedy personally chose Abraham from the Chicago office of the Secret Service. Following the murder of President Kennedy, Abraham attempted to discuss with the "Johnson Commission" the sloopy and negligent protection of President Kennedy. This included drinking and womanizing on the job, exactly what happened in Columbia last month. For trying to tell the Truth about this and the aborted attempt on President Kennedy in Chicago on November 2, 1963, Abe was charged with bribery and passing confidential information to counterfeiters, the same people he had been successfully investigating. The government railroaded Abe through two trials and convicted him of the bogus charges. He served three years and three months of a six year sentence, where the government attempted to force drugs into Abe. Since his release he has lived quietly in the same home in Chicago. He had a succcessful thirty five year career with several prominent major corportations as a Quality Control Manager. You can access more at: www.abrahambolden-petition-presidentialpardon.com. There are several videos on this site as well on you tube.
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    Created by Stephen Courts
  • Justice for the People; Prosecute Wall Street & Big Bankers
    The Bankers and Wall Street firms that profited enormously at the expense of everyone else deserve a day in court to answer for their crimes against the people!
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    Created by Mary Nicolay
  • President Obama: Let the Cuban 5 go back home
    The Cuban Five were wrongly accused, are unjustly convicted since 14 years in U.S. prisons. Men who prevented terrorism do not belong in prison
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    Created by Carmina Rodríguez Hermoso
  • Stop Incarcerating The Mentally Ill
    The mentally ill are being imprisoned instead of being helped with medication and therapy especially teens. By signing this petition, we can give it to the courts and persuade judges to be more considerate. We can even start a new court for underage teens.
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    Created by Catherine McQueen
  • Justification of the Times
    Allow people to make their own decisions.
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    Created by Joseph DeSanctis