• Install Sheriff Term Limits
    The Sheriff's Department of most counties is lead by an elected official. This is meant to be the office of a man or woman charged with protecting the public and serving them with respect to their personal liberties. However, it is often used as a weapon to curtail adult media and minority cultures that do not agree with the individual in charge. Just take the Sheriff of Polk County, FL, for example. Sheriff Grady Judd, has used his authority to prohibit the production and purchase of adult media and stifle the efforts of those that wish to organize peacefully. He is also responsible for forwarding department funds to churches and create policies that serve religious institutions best. This includes but is not limited to the arrest of Philip R. Greaves II, a man from Colorado. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated, and term limits are a solution.
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    Created by Anonymous
  • Justice for Tryvon petition
    Tryvon Martin death was unjustified and when has it been ok to defend one's self with a gun when the other person has no weapon. The law is being bent in this situation and it is time for JUSTICE.
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    Created by Angelique
  • Be Prudent About Strip Searches
    City and county governments need to be urged to limit strip searches to persons suspected of involvement in drugs or violence. The Supreme Court has approved strip searches of everyone arrested, for no matter how minor a violation, but because it's legal doesn't make it right. Indeed, in the current overheated atmosphere of the national security state, with indefinite detention, arrests for peaceful protests, and SWAT teams proliferating, we need to cool off--and rebuke the Supreme Court for scrapping the Fourth Amendment.
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    Created by Herbert S. Thomas
  • Keep juvenile murderers in prison
    If juvenile murderers are sentenced to life or had a former sentence of the death penalty then they should not be eligible for parole. The US Supreme Court will make this decision as early as June, 2012.
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    Created by Tena King
  • Arrest George Zimmerman for Disobeying a Police Officer
    Facts about the George Zimmerman’ actions He was a private citizen cruising his complex looking for a "crime" to stop. When he saw Trayvon Martin, he chooses to take the opportunity to “act like a cop”. He called the non-emergency police department desk and he talked with an officer who new him by name. The officer took his information and dispatched a police officer to investigate the complaint. After the police officer told Zimmerman that an officer was on the way, the police officer determined that Zimmerman was pursuing the youth. The officer told Zimmerman NOT TO DO THAT. Florida law makes it a crime punishable by up to 1 year in jail for Disobeying a Police Officer. His actions prove he committed a crime at that time. Let the courts find him guilty. How can Zimmerman use the Stand Your Ground Law as a way to claim self-defense when his actions were a crime?
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    Created by George Morris
  • Equal Protection under the Law in the United States, and in every state
    My petition is about equal protection under the law. Trayvon Martin is dead; Trayvon Martin's body was drug tested, but George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin's alleged murderer, has yet to be tested for alcohol or drugs.George Zimmerman has not be arrested, or even detained. If black teenager Trayvon Martin had killed George Zimmerman, young Trayvon Martin would now either be in solitary confinement in a maximum security Florida prision, or he'd have been killed by the police or self-appointed whilte vigilantes.
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    Created by Sharon Kirsch
  • Remove Clarence Thomas
    Justice Thomas deliberately filed false tax returns for ten years running. He intentionally broke the law.
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    Created by James a. Wilson
  • Anti-Strip Search
    An effort to repeal the SCOTUS opinion allowing unrestricted strip searches.
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    Created by Robert Stemme
  • Stop Kill at Will legislation in Iowa!
    Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager who was killed while walking home in his hoodie, is dead because someone who felt threatened by him took his life. George Zimmerman, Trayvon's killer, still hasn't even been arrested for the shooting. Why? Because Florida is a Kill at Will state! Astonishingly, Florida law broadens the definition of justifiable homicide by granting people the right to use deadly force if they feel threatened. This extreme expansion of the right to kill, despite being fought by law enforcement officials, has occurred in 24 states. Nearly half of the United States allow killing just because a person "feels" threatened. Right now, the legislature in Iowa is considering following Florida's lead and becoming a Kill at Will state. If enough of their constituents speak out against Kill at Will, it can be stopped. Because of the negative attention the Trayvon Martin tragedy is bringing to these laws, elected officials and the media debating the legislation won't be able to ignore loud public pressure to keep Iowa from becoming a Kill at Will state. These Kill at Will laws make all of us, including children, less safe. They are a special danger to young people of color like Trayvon Martin, who may fall under "suspicion" from armed vigilantes simply by being young, Black, and wearing a hoodie. Please join me in protesting passage of any Kill at Will laws in the beautiful state of Iowa, where people are friendly and kind. Let's not allow ourselves to be ruled by hysteria.
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    Created by Constance McNamara Romanowski
  • Investigate Douglas County
    Complete investigation of Douglas County Sheriff and 18th Judicial District. Corruption on all levels. Pergury, federal theft, public theft, manufacturing of crimes, and in-humane incarceration.
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    Created by Jason Rosenhahn
  • Kill ANY Kill At Will Legislation
    This is about Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old gunned down in cold blood for the crime of being Black and wearing a hoodie. His MURDERER has not been arrested after more than 30 days since this unpardonable crime. The criminal who committed this heinous act hasn't even denied it. He disregarded the express order from the Police to stand down and stop following Trayvon. He ignored this order, and an innocent child is dead. There is NO excuse for this murder.
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    Created by will gilbane
  • Reject Alaska H.B. 80 - "Stand Your Ground"
    Currently, Alaska law gives Alaskan's a broad right to self defense. The proposed law would add wording to the existing law that would allow a person to use deadly force "in any place where the person has a right to be." That could be a sidewalk, a highway, the woods or on private property as long as the person isn't trespassing. The Alaska Legislature is almost done for the year and is unlikely to act on H.B. 80 during this session (H.B. 80 is being reviewed by a Senate committee), but it is important to strongly express our concern that such wording is being considered.
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    Created by Ken Winterberger