• Wake Up Louisiana
    We have locked away our southern women for life, unjustly. They acted on basic instinct and defended themselves against an abusive partner and lost their families, children and freedom. We must make things right, we are their voices.
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    Created by S K Scott
    Haley Barber and conservative members of the supreme court have pardoned hundreds of murders in Mississippi for no apparent reason, while young people while some face long term sentances for minor drug infractions Please sign this petetion to limit Republican governors and federal courts from releasing murderers back into the community.
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    Created by C Gomez
  • 17 year-old Florida boy killed over pack of skittles - SPEAK UP!
    Trayvon Martin (17 years old) was walking home from the store in a gated Stanford, FL community with a pack of skittles and a drink when he was labeled as "suspicious" and shot and KILLED by an armed neighborhood watch guard. Despite the fact that Trayvon was completely unarmed, George Zimmerman (a white man) believed the young black teen to be dangerous and even AFTER being told by police to "stand down" he took it in his own hands and shot the young boy in cold blooded murder. We're calling on you, America, to stand up for justice and demand that Zimmerman be charged with his crimes! Please sign the petition and pass it on to all of your family and friends! Let's stand together and show that this is NOT acceptable in ANY community! http://news.yahoo.com/family-florida-boy-killed-neighborhood-watch-seeks-arrest-044537742.html
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    Created by Ashley Pierce
  • Support for Police Chief Chris Burbank
    We need to let our public officials know we are in support of Police Chief Chris Burbank and his continued support to uphold the law and advocate on behave of the residents of Utah.
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    Created by Zach
  • KONY 2012
    KONY 2012 is a campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.
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    Created by Belle-Isha
  • Rescue Kony's Army: Invisible Children Inc.
    Joseph Kony lives in Central Africa. What Joseph does is, he abducts African kids. He takes them and he keeps them. He makes the boys killers, usually they have to kill their families. When girls are abducted they are turned into sex slaves and are raped. There is no way out of his group: Lord’s Resistance Army, AKA the LRA. He has adbucted over 30,000 children and had made them child soldiers. he won’t stop what he is doing until he is caught, he found out that the US is now on a making to look for him making him harder to find. Right now, Kony is invisible because no one knows about him.. no one. Tell as many people about Kony as you can and make him visible and know. Donate money if you can. Make him visible. we need change, and we need difference. We need Kony to be famous so we can stop the harm of innocent children. By signing this petition, and sending it to our school board, our high school can become a "sponsor" and spread this news to other school that can spread this idea to other schools as well..making everyone be aware of what this man is doing to children. All we need is a BUNCH of signs so I can personally print them out and bring them to my school board of education, and then they will allow us to go on from there! Thank you to everyone that has signed.
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    Created by Alexa Torres
  • Senators Chambliss and Isakson: Return the "Blue Slip" for Linda Walker and Natasha Silas
    The President has nominated two highly qualified women for federal judicial posts on January 26, 2011 and Georgia's U.S. Senators (Chambliss and Isakson) will not return a "blue slip" and allow all members of the senate the opportunity to fulfill their constitutional obligation to cast an up-or-down vote on these nominees. All the while, there have been vacancies in the District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.
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    Created by Donna Bowman
  • Battered Mother Receive Battered Justice
    There Are Thousands of Battered Women-Mothers Across America Who Are Serving Lengthy Sentenes for Defending Their Own Lives and The Lives of Their "unborn baby" and live children From A Domestic Abuser. Abortion Laws Do Not Allow The Right To Defend or Protect an Unborn Fetus. Mothers Cannot Claim the Defense. This is hidden from the Judge and Jury. Free Janice Ritchey W 53958 Call the Governor's Office 1-916 455-2841 & Joe Biden 1-916-202-456-1111 Ask Our Leaders of the Free World to Begin A Fair and Honest Release Program and Set Short Term Limits. So Mothers Can Keep Their Babies.
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    Created by The Journey of Compassion Advocate
  • Strengthen Arkansas' Minor Sex Trafficking Laws
    In it's recent Protected Innocence Initiative, Shared Hope International gave the State of Arkansas an "F" for the strength of it laws protecting minor children from sexual trafficking and slavery.
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    Created by Kirk Rhoads
  • Stop Child Perputrators From Pleaing Under Alford Plea
    When a person is charged with criminal acts against a child, and the State has the evidence to convict if it goes to trial. and the accused perputrator takes the plea bargain....that perputrator should not ever be allowed to plea under the Alford Plea, either they did it or the didn"t....no in betweens, when it involved a child. People in positions of trust even more so. When they plea under the Alford, it is like violating the child all over again. Be the first State to stop this violation against children.....Leave no child behind. My child, Kelly Rae Sowell got left behind........more than once by the system, by the Alford Plea...Kelly's Law.....NO Alford Plea when it involves a child.
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    Created by Sherilyn Sowell
  • Accountability for NM Police Animal Cruelty
    According to this story in the Santa Fe New Mexican, police responding to an alleged Internet crime hopped a fence into the property of the reported VICTIM of the crime and shot her 11-year-old dog, leaving its corpse on the front porch for the innocent owner and her young children to see when they returned home. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/Local%20News/State-police-shoot-dog
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    Created by Susan Kolker
  • Qualified Lawyers for Position of Justice Court Judges
    This petition will cover every county and state with Mississippi. This is putting only qualified Bar Passed lawyers in our Judicial system starting with every "Justice" Court in the State of Mississippi.
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    Created by Randy Poole