• Support the Columbine mini-series on Lifetime
    In 1999, two teenagers rampaged their school and caused a deadly school shooting, killing 13 before themselves. Thirteen years later, Lifetime is now in talks of making a mini-series based on this event, and possibly exploring the two teens' lives prior, but many people are against it. I believe it should be made, for our generation's sake.
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    Created by Dominique Aguilera
  • California 3rd Strike Amendment
    Originally 3rd Strike advocates were intending to lock away seriously violent predators/murderers for 25 years - life. Unfortunately now we have many non-threatening aged prisoners who were sentenced to life (essentially) on a non-violent/minor offense because in their youth (before 3rd Strike sentencing statutes) they had committed felonies such as residential burglary or possession of a deadly weapon. Now our state is supporting these aged prisoners' in their increasing health care costs, while the prisoners themselves may not be incarcerated for a serious felony.
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    Created by Anne Bauman
    The caging of human beings in tiny concrete cells with no windows, no natural light, no human touch for decades in many cases is cruel and wrong. When people who have been so held, they are completely broken when they are released.
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    Created by sista soul
  • No one is above the law.
    Investigation of possible illegal acts by the G.W. Bush Administration.
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    Created by rwkleinman
  • Stop the War on Medical Marijuana
    Obama's policy on medical marijuana is an about face of what he campaigned on in 2008. His policies are worse than those of George Bush. Obama is raiding and shutting down legal medical marijuana farmers and distributors, destroying jobs and businesses. The question must be asked, is he engaging in this war against legal business because big pharma now has an interest in researching the benefits of marijuana?
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    Created by Rachel Shapiro
    This petition concerns the unjust incarceration of DeArcey Stewart. The San Diego County’s District attorney’s Office is in a position to correct this injustice, yet have chosen to turn a blind eye. By signing this petition, you will be doing your part in compelling District Attorney Dumanis to uphold her duty under the United States Constitution and set Mr. Stewart free.
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    Created by Bainisha Scales
    This is about those who are being put in PRISON and left there to starve while due process is slow and innocent people sit in Jail for long periods of time. This is for those who sit in jail for non violent crimes and have to be punished beyond normal reason. This petition is to begin to create an awareness to those who do not realize that the prisons is becoming a big business and our people, the poor and middle class people are at risk of going to jail and being held there for long periods of time, only to lose their jobs, lose their repetitions, and worse their lives. we have to begin to put an end to the silent slavery that's going on in America, it is known that AMERICA IS HIGHEST OF ALL COUNTRIES THAT ARE CARTING PEOPLE TO JAIL BY BARRELS AND IT HAS TO END... WE HAVE TO BRING BACK FAIR PRACTICES, WE HAVE TO PUT AN END TO Public Defenders who are not defending anyone. We have to put an end to being unfairly treated, and to let everyone know that we also have a voice and that we have RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS that were given to us, not by the GOVERNMENT but by the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE, NATURE... WE have natural rights that are being violated each and every day but this BIG AMERICAN BUSINESS
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    Created by Leslie Meadows
  • Insist the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board of Ontario Respect Victims` Privacy
    It has come to the public's attention that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board of Ontario is not currently respecting the privacy of victims of crime. Despite the fact that victims/survivors are not seeking compensation from the offender themselves, the offender is being contacted and informed of the proceedings. As a result, many victims are having their own right to privacy violated. For example, in cases of domestic violence the victim's new address, doctors office, or other personal and private information could be revealled to a partner who was previously found guilty of stalking or any other form of violence, making the victim vulnerable once again. Many of the victims accessing compensation through this organization are doing so because they need the money to cover lost wages, medical expenses and other costs related to the crime. Many of the crimes compensation is sought for involve violence and abuse, some of it historical in nature. If victims were aware that their offender would be contacted as a result of filing a claim, many would likely choose not to file with your organization, making it a huge barrier to access. Any procedure that results in increased danger for any human being should immediately be stopped and new policy developed and followed. The current actions of CICB are putting victim`s lives at risk and further violating their right to safety and privacy. We ask you to consider how the current actions of the CICB fit with their own policy around the privacy of victims. See below; "We are committed to the principles of the Victims' Bill of Rights, 1995, in that all victims who come before the Board are treated with courtesy, compassion and respect for their personal dignity and privacy." Taken directly from the CICB website which can be found at http://www.cicb.gov.on.ca/en.
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    Created by Lindsay McAllister
  • sb9
    To give juvenile offedenders who were charged as adults doing life sentences after doing 20 plus years a second chance, for a child's mind is not fully developed, therefore he or she should not be charged as an adult when in all actuality they are not.
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    Created by Carl Batiste
  • Legalize Marijuana
    Marijuana is the largest cash crop in this and other countries. None of the money is taxed, but if it were it could pay substantially toward the national debt. The billion dollar Drug War violates the 4th amendment of the Bill of Rights. The government has lied about its medical use for nearly 100 years, and they did this with taxpayer money.
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    Created by Jean Millay, PhD
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    Created by DALE PETTIT
  • Rehabilitated Juvenile Murderers
    Many criminal gang members in East Los Angeles have been successfully rehabilitated by Fr Greg Boyle and are now gainfuly employed.
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    Created by Fr John Flynn, SJ,MD