• No Jail Time for non-violent criminals
    Releasing non-violent criminals with small drug related offenses that whites do not get to be sentenced for.
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    Created by Vernon L Landry Sr
  • End the War on Drugs
    The War on Drugs has been an attempt of the United States Government to deter drug use and trafficking with strict laws, enforcement, and sentencing. The problem is that many people have been thrown into prison and saw their futures disappear for simply making personal decisions which affect nobody but themselves. The black market, which consists of powerful global drug cartels, has benefited in this billion dollar market and have caused crime rates to explode. In my opinion it is one's own civil right to consume drugs, no matter how bad, as long as nobody else is hurt. Despite the war on drugs, drug use remains high, cartels remain powerful, and billions of dollars have been invested in a problem that cannot be cured through enforcement. The only way to win the war on drugs is to end it.
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    Created by Joseph Riccardo
  • Jasmine Thar
    Jasmine. We should sign it to make a difference and let others know that you just can't kill someone regardless if it was an accident and think nothing of their life and go free. There are consequences for doing things so careless and wrong.
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    Created by Pam Franklin
  • President Obama, Why do you support the failed "war on drugs" whose policies imprison African Ame...
    Statistics show that whites and African Americans use drugs at an equal level, yet African Americans are sentenced to prison at 4 times or higher the rate of whites for the same crimes of possession or dealing (Human Rights Watch). Why does our first African American president support this racist policy?
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    Created by Joel Hanson
  • Legalize Medical Marijuana At The Federal Level
    Legalizing medical marijuana at the federal level would end the question of state vs. federal. It would end raids on the dispensaries. It would allow people on Social Security Disability to have a card without fear of losing benefits.
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    Created by Dina DeRose
  • US Department of Justice, US Attorney General: Seek Justice for Natasha Roseanna Boykin
    Jacksonville Beach Police Department in FLORIDA. This police department as an agency standing alone in a 7.36 square mile area has reported more than 50 Suicides vs. 11 Homicides! WHY?? NATASHA was MURDERED and listed as Suicide
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    Created by Angel King
  • Ex-cons need Re-entry programs in their community.
    More re-entry programs are needed for incarcerated citizens returning to their community. Instead of building more jails, develop programs that prevent and help those who become incarcerated to become productive citizens through job training, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, family and marriage counseling, info on domestic violence, children visitation activities, etc.
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    Created by Emily Dixon
    As a former federal employee I know for a fact that everyday federal employees are required to tell the truth at all times and are bound to do so by both statute and regulation. If a federal employee gets caught telling lies for any reason in the process of accomplishing their duties, they can be reprimanded, disciplined, or removed from the federal service. Members of Congress are federal employees. I have heard many of them tell so many bold faced lies that it amazes me that they are able to maintain a clearance and keep their federal job. Someone should institute a law or enforce the law already in place that requires Fed. employees to tell the truth at all times. If members of Congress lie to the people they were elected to serve, they shall be removed from the federal service.
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    Created by Randall Neal
  • Gun Owners Liability Insurance
    We the undersigned want the Congress of the United States to pass legislation which would require all gun owners to purchase liability insurance for each gun they own. This insurance will guarantee that victims of gun violence be compensated for their losses. It costs taxpayes about $60,000 for every bullet fired at a crime scene. This insurance would help those who were victims of gun actions. It
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    Created by Dan Beamer
    Sam Mullet, an elderly Amish bishop, and six other Amish men, including his three sons, have been held in federal custody, without bail, since their preposterous arrest on federal hate crime charges in late 2011. The charges are based upon alleged unwanted cutting of the hair of other members of the Amish community with whom Mullet and others had an internal theological dispute. The Amish community had settled this internal dispute within their own communal system, but sought outside help for what they hoped would be psychological counseling for Mullet. Instead, federal agents took it upon themselves to vehemently pursue criminal charges. Steven Dettelbach, the controversial US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, charged the seven men with violations of the Matthew Shepard-James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act for the alleged hair cutting. In mid-April 2012, Dettelbach's office brought additional charges of kidnapping and destruction of evidence against the defendants, which now include six Amish women. Dan Aaron Polster, an equally controversial federal judge assigned this case, denied bail to the original 7 defendants and these farmers have remained in jail, far from their fields and families, since November 23rd. A trial date has been set for late August, guaranteeing a total crop loss on Mullet's 800-acre farm in rural Jefferson County in eastern Ohio. In a time when a high profile football coach accused of raping scores of boys is free on bond and when a white man accused of murdering a Black teen in a high profile case is also free on bond, it is an outrage that these seven pacifist farmers rot in jail while their crops rot or never appear in their fields.
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    Created by Werner Lange
    Tom Petty wrote: Redemption comes to those who wait, forgiveness is the key.    Governor Beshear has the key and must step in and provide justice for Thomas Payne, Jr., his family, and the community to which he wishes to return and make a meaningful contribution.
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    Created by Jocelyn Johnson
  • Clearing Arrest Record So We Can Get A Job
    If a person is charged with a crime in North Carolina and the charge is dismissed or a finding of not guilty is entered, the court in the county of the charge will automatically expunge from all official public records any entries related to his/her apprehension or trial.
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    Created by Maurice Jones