• Justification of the Times
    Allow people to make their own decisions.
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    Created by Joseph DeSanctis
  • Stop blindly supporting your candidate just because he is not from the other party.
    The idea that the other side is worse and so you can support a candidate who turned out to be a protector of war criminals , who pressured other govts. to not even hold hearings that would have implicated the republican administration here , who wanted NDAA , is not how in the long run we will have a better country .
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    Created by Frank
  • End the War on Drugs
    We have wasted enough lives and resources and enriched vicious criminals in a futile attempt to address a medical issue as a law enforcement issue. It is time to redirect our energies and face this sensibly and compassionately.
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    Created by Susan Moore
  • Juveniles should be treated as adults
    My petition is about how the legal system should have the option to charge juveniles as adults in murder cases.
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    Created by Mary Alice Lyons
  • Make the DNA law in Nevada appealable
    Current Nevada DNA legislation does not allow the District Courts decision to be appealed to the NV Supreme Court. This means that those able to be cleared by DNA evidence have no recourse if the District Judge (who was probalty the same judge for their trial) denies their petition for DNA testing. This is unfair, and should be corrected by the 2013 Nevada Legislature. Additionally, it should not require a court order to test DNA if the State isn't picking up the tab. DNA has become an important tool to prove innocence. The opportunity for testing should not place the innocent at the mercy of the courts that convicted them.
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    Created by Michelle Ravell
  • Mr President, Prosecute Fraudulent Bankers, Not Their Victims
    The Justice Department has been prosecuting and convicting those who fraudulently applied for mortgages, but not one fraudulent banker has been prosecuted.
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    Created by David Savir
  • Ban Bath Salts in All 50 States!
    This terrible drug known as "bath salts" is taking lives and needs to be made illegal in all 50 states! Innocent lives are at stake!
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    Created by Kimberleigh Hare
  • Defamation of Character
    Romney's lies about Obama's, record since being in office.
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    Created by Rene'
    In New Hampshire a judge that recused herself got back on my case an declared my appeal to be erronious. When she did this my time bar quit and she never let me know about it. The trial judge verbally said to sign an appeal "to the wrong court". My attorney knew that it was filed in the wrong court and did nothing about it. The Judicial Conduct Committee warned her of getting back on the case that she recused herself from. NO CORRECTION WERE MADE TO GET MY APPEAL BACK. CORRECTIONS WERE MADE THOUGH
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    Created by Louis G. Duclos
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    Created by Cheron Tomkins
  • Stop Ohio from Executing Abdul Awkwal a Seriously Mentally Ill Man
    Ask Republican Gov. Kasich to vote his faith -- granting a man on death row a chance to have his case heard before a court of law. Abdul Awkal believes that he directed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, advised CIA Directors and Presidents, and warned the government about 9/11. In reality, Mr. Awkal is a seriously mentally ill individual on Ohio’s death row for the 1992 murders of his estranged wife Latife Awkal and Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz. No one sanctions murder - any murder - which is why the state should not put a mentally ill man to death. This afternoon, May 30, Governor John Kasich denied executive clemency. Without some type of intervention, the State of Ohio will execute Mr. on June 6, 2012. A psychiatrist recently determined that Mr. Awkal does not rationally understand the reason for his execution because he believes his execution is being directed by the CIA. It is unconstitutional to execute someone as mentally ill as Mr. Awkal. Mr. Awkal’s lawyers are back in court trying to get Mr. Awkal’s execution halted, but time is running out. Governor Kasich, we ask that you grant Mr. Awkal a reprieve so that this life or death issue can be put squarely before a court. What can you do? CALL the Governors Office: 614 466-3555 SHARE this petition with anyone who believes that the mentally ill should not be executed.
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    Created by Will Cerf
  • Remove Internet Mugshots
    End the 1950's era public records law. We are now in the 21st Century era of unlimited information exchange. Mugshots are now a source of voyeuristic entertainment.
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    Created by Paul Isham