• Safe Access to Medicinal Cannabis
    Create a safe place for Medicinal Cannabis patients to access a laboratory certified safe Cannabis medicine. Current methods involve to many unknowns. Tainted Cannabis with mold or fungus. Criminal Interaction. Not everyone good at gardening.
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    Created by Grant Gaskill
  • Trayvon Martin
    Let justice prevail. Justice sometimes can be unfair when the laws are made by men and women who believes that what is made law do not apply to them.
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    Created by Carma
  • Give Felons a chance for Employment!!!
    An estimated 65 million Americans have criminal records. Over the last two decades, the percentage of employers screening for such records has grown from an estimated 20% to more than 90%. How are Felon's going to stay on the straight and narrow if they can't find work, make a living, support themselves and their family? These barriers actually encourage criminal activity by preventing ex-offenders from re-entering the economic mainstream. When a person serves their time for the offense they have committed, their record should be sealed. People make mistakes and as a society we are too harsh on these individuals.Encouraging employers and local governments to give people with criminal records a second chance is the right thing to do. Remove that dreadful question "Have you ever been convicted of a felony" off the application. Although the justice system is designed to punish and rehabilitate, the rehabilitation is something that requires more than a GED program and a few skills courses. It requires the assistance of communities and employers. Lets put an end to this discrimination!!! By signing this petition we are sending a message that every citizen has made a mistake once in their life and deserves another opportunity to prove himself.
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    Created by S Mina
  • Justice for all
    I am petitioning that Trayvon Martin get justice or his death...If this does not change there will be many more to follow...
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    Created by orissa stewart
  • Protect Children
    Children are the world changers of tomorrow and we are not doing enough to keep them safe. Adults are abusing and killing innocent children and not being force to take responsibility, it's not right! As adults, we need to stand up and protect the future of our countries and force those who cause harm to be punished and take responsibilty. A couple years in prision for murdering a child is not enough.
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    Created by Kayla Hackett
  • shooting of trayvon
    no curcumstances leading to the death of the young man all evendience is pointing toward the watchman, more lives will be lost if thier is no justice for trayvon.
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    Created by yvette harris
  • Gov. Quinn: Revive the Illinois Torture Commission!
    Numerous Chicago Torture victims remain in prison! Most Chicagoans and many people around the world know about the brutal acts of torture perpetrated by police officers for decades under the command of Jon Burge. Hundreds of young black men -- many mere teenagers at the time of their arrests and torture -- were forced into confessing to crimes and imprisoned for decades. While millions of tax dollars have been spent to defend the torturers, many victimized by Burge and others are still in prison with no recourse other than the potential for freedom and justice which the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission can provide. History is repeating itself as our officials refuse to prioritize this issue or the victims/survivors, so the Commission is being virtually dismantled due to reduced funding and failure to appoint commissioners for vacant seats. Governor Quinn and legislators have a chance to reverse the budget cuts in their new budget. Call on them to fully fund and staff the Torture Commission - now!
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    Created by Standish E. Willis
  • Justice for Trayvon Martin
    His death was not right because of the color of his skin.
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    Created by April
  • Fight to keep predators off the streets preying on our children.
    The world need to take a stand for our children. We have babies being rape, sold for drugs and Murder all over the world. Our children have no future if we don't stand up.
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    Created by Mrs. Sonia Parker
  • Nicholas' Law
    It will be against the law for an adult to be intoxicated well taking care of a child, giving Police Officers the right to give a Breathalyzer test. If the test is over .08 the person will be arrested.
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    Created by Nyna Fleury
    He has spent 33 yrs in prison, he is 57 yrs old. He was sentenced to life for first degree murder or attempt 4/30/1979 in Volusia County, FL. He is asking for prayers for his release.
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    Created by Dolores R. Peers
  • Boycott FL
    Florida is not a safe place to take your family for vacation as long as Florida law permits a citizen to shoot or kill you for merely looking suspicious, and to do it with impunity. Boycott Florida tourism until this dangerous law is overturned. If the murder of Trayvon Martin isn't enough to get lawmaker's attention, maybe a loss in revenue to the state would be.
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    Created by Chris Bergman