• Marijuana Legalization
    Marijuana prohibition is based upon multiple falsehoods. Such as Marijuana is classified as a schedule one drug that essentially says it is deadly addictive and with no medical use. It is also has it's origins in racism that affects people of color, as evidenced by the fact that while 72% of drug users are white and 15% are African-Americans, African-Americans make up 37% of those arrested and 57% incarcerated for drug felonies; We the United States has the world’s largest prison population, fueled by the War on Drugs. It is time to legalize marijuana.
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    Created by Robert Ryan
  • "Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas"
    Justice Thomas has committed perjury for 13 years of sworn financial disclosure forms claiming that his wife, Mrs. Thomas earned no income, when in fact she was earning a hefty income--directly related to cases before him. Justice Thomas has made a mockery of the United States Supreme Court and must be impeached effectively, immediately.
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    Created by Anthony P. Johnson
  • Reformning the Alford Plea (Deal)
    When the Defendant in a trial is accused of harming a child (17 and under) whether it be from sexual and/or physical harm, and the State has an overwhelming amount of evidence against the Defendant to convict if it goes to trial...and the said Denfendant decides to enter a plea, that they not be allowed to enter that plea under the Alford Plea.
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    Created by Sherilyn Sowell
  • Demand that Sheriff Joe Arpaio Resign!
    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is currently the subject of FBI, United States Department of Justice, and Federal Grand Jury investigations for civil rights violations and abuse of power, and he is the defendant in a federal class action suit for racial profiling. He and his department have been named in over 27,000 lawsuits, and his department has been accused of mismanaging over $100 million in county funds. While the Sheriff has pursued media attention and publicity stunts, violent crime rates have risen in Maricopa County. Our already cash-strapped state cannot afford to pay for the Sheriff's misdeeds any longer. We call on him to do the right thing and resign.
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    Created by Julie Jennings Patterson
  • Mayor Gray: Make Our Streets Safe
    Every year automobile drivers kill tens of thousands of people in the USA, and injure millions more. Enough is enough. We are asking for increased digital enforcement of such frequent illegal and dangerous habits as speeding and running red lights in areas where we live, work, shop, and recreate.
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    Created by Erik Kugler
  • Legalize
    Legalize marijuana for medicinal use. It helps over 200 diseases and sicknesses such as cancer, aids, glaucoma, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, nausea, and many more. Help cut down crime and bring some money into our economy by taxing it.
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    Created by Jacob Ekstrom
  • ethics code for police
    New York City policemen and women do not have an ethics code. Professions serving the public need guidelines that the public understands to provide the basis for strong partnership between the public and the police. An ethics code would dignify the job of policeman/woman, provide the basis for mutual respect, and clarify the limits of conduct.
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    Created by dr. elizabeth hegeman
  • Indict George W Bush War Crimes
    I think it's time to make the Bush Administration face the penalty for the Catastrophe they are responsible for. The deaths of almost 1.5 million people, the invasion of a sovereign Nation based on lies, and the authorization of torture. I also feel we should impeach George W Bush, and Richard Cheney for their crimes, as well as Condoleeza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld
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    Created by Patrick A Gordon