On May 16, 2010, a Detroit police Special Response Team, being filmed by A&E's First 48 reality show, firebombed the home of seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones in Detroit, and shot her in the head, killing her. There has been world-wide outrage at this murder, but to date, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has brought no charges against Police Officer Joseph Weekley, who fired the fatal shot, or anyone else from the police department and city government (which had contracted with The First 48), in this child's death. This qualifies as a first-degree murder because police had ample opportunity to arrest the person they were seeking, who did not live in Aiyana's home, previously the same day, but waited until the cameras were rolling. Weekley fired immediately upon entrance into the home in a poor Black east-side neighborhood.
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    Created by Diane Bukowski
  • Mr. President - Investigate the Troy Davis murder!
    The State of Georgia and the U.S. Supreme Court have cooperated in the murder of Troy Davis. Now President Obama should appoint a special investigator from the Justice Department to determine why Georgia and the Supreme Court ignored the facts and world leaders and drove ahead with killing Troy Davis.
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  • End the Death Penalty
    The execution of Troy Anthony Davis is an atrocity. We need to join the civilized world and stop killing people who may or may not have killed people. This is a Human Rights issue that effects everyone. It's time to abolish the death penalty.
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  • Georgia: You Can Keep Those Peaches!
    Death penalty martyr, Troy Davis was executed by the State of Georgia on September 21st, 2011. We are appealing to everyone to boycott the state's signature product, its peaches. Pick up instead apples, pears, bananas, oranges . . . anything else but the product associated with that lynching despot. The alternatives are manifold, as is the way to authentic justice. Be assured that while the intent here is far from raining down on the impoverished Georgia grower, his juicy state symbol is ripe for the plucking.
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  • Legalize and Tax Cannabis
    Cannabis produces more protein, oil and fiber than any other plant on earth. It is used to produce more than 5,000 textile products, ranging from rope to fine laces, and the woody "hurds" remaining after the fiber has been removed contain more than seventy-seven percent cellulose, and can be used to produce more than 25,000 products, ranging from dynamite to Cellophane. Hempseed protein is the most productive and healthiest food crop on earth. Humanity would not have survived without this food source called "gruel" in our histories. Some studies indicate that an acre of hemp, in addition to its fiber production, will produce 300 gallons of oil that can be used for either food or fuel, plus more than three tons of residual presscake, (Notre Dame 1975) Making Cannabis the logical source for bio-diesel and wood pellets, to reduce our dependence on imported oil. It is a rugged plant that needs little pesticide and can grow in very poor soil (like deserts). Plus, it is a safe and effective medication from maladies ranging from panic and depression to cancer. This useful plant is currently the single largest cash crop in our nation and it is untaxed and under-utilized. Currently some Cannabis profits are used to support gangs, organized crime, and war. We should legalize this plant to leverage the economic opportunities and health benefits. Furthermore we should not be spending tax dollars on investigating, prosecuting, and incarcerating otherwise law abiding Cannabis users. Instead we should be taxing its use by scheduling it as peer to tobacco and apply the same tax rates.
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  • Stop the Death Penalty!! Let Justice Prevail
    We, the signatures below, want to stop the death penalty. Too many innocent people are dying because of the Judicial System not doing their part. The Death Penalty is an "Easy Way Out" for those who are really guilty of a crime that is punishable by death. As ONE, Americans need to put a stop to this!! With each death penalty case should be a fair trial...where evidence, there should be NO REASONABLE DOUBT!! And with that being said, there should be a jail that is made just for them!! A place where they will be held accountable for their actions and would have to live the rest of their days paying back their debt to society without being released or put to death! When lives are lost, there is no bringing them back. So an "Eye for an Eye" is not enough justice. Together we can stop the Death Penalty and make these criminals pay for their crimes not with their LIFE but with their TIME ( the rest of their lives ). In the "Pledge of Alligence" we say "With Liberty and Justice for ALL".....well let us start doing that!! Let us stand up together and fight back!! Let us take America back!! We are the people....let us stand UNITED!! One of us can't do it alone.....it takes a NATION!! With that.....the Government or the Judicial System CANNOT BEAT US!! We are the greatest nation....LET'S START ACTING LIKE IT***UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL***
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  • Save Troy Davis from being executed today
    Troy Davis is to be executed today in Georgia at 7PM, despite overwhelming and worlwide opposition to what is obviously a race killing. You can find information about his case at Amnesty International, NAACP, Save Troy Davis, and other sites. Please please please, do not let this happen in our name. Save an innocent man. We can do it, and we MUST do it.
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  • Stop imprisoning people who are no danger to the public
    Early settlers came to his country to escape debtors’ prison, yet we have recreated this situation here. While the Department of Corrections’ stated mission is to protect the public, our prisons are filled with people who commit minor crimes, suffer from mental illness, owe child support or even unpaid traffic tickets. While substance abuse treatment costs about half of what imprisonment costs taxpayers, we are still putting people in prison for using drugs. Yet we let out dangerous criminals who commit violent crimes after short terms in prison. People who are not a danger to the public should not be imprisoned. Money owed the state can be collected from their tax returns, pay checks, or welfare checks. Prisons can be converted to substance abuse programs, mental health facilities, housing for the homeless, or sheltered workshops to put low functioning and mentally ill people to work rather than paying them disability payments, and thus providing jobs for the corrections workers who would be laid off with prisons closing.
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    Help Free the innocent being RAILROADED by the system! There's to many innocent people doing time for a crime they did not commit. Truth be told, if there's no one fighting for them on the outside their going to be in prison till their last breath. I am not only fighting for the freedom on my brother Akman, but for all the innocent people who are the real victims along with their families who are suffering to support them with little or no finances. Please help free the innocent by signing this petition. Thank u in advance.
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  • SITTING behind the wheel of a vehicle, is a crime!
    Alot of people are going to jail because they are "in actual physical control of a motor vehicle", even if the vehicle is not running and there is not intention to drive. The state of Illinois says it is a crime to SIT behind the wheel of a vehicle, when your license is revoked or suspended. This goes back to slavery days, when blacks were not allowed to sit where they wanted, but the voice of the people got everyone involved and changes were made. We need to have this statement omitted from ALL vehicle codes, in order to keep innocent people out of jail, and focus more on drunk driving!!
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  • No Incarceration without DNA Paternity Confirmation
    Allow everyone the opportunity to know who they really are by encouraging legislation toward mandatory DNA paternity testing. Millions of people suffer, most assuredly children born into obscure existences, because one parent balks about confirming family origin through DNA testing.
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  • Free Devin M. Allen
    Devin was sentenced to 51 months Federal time for Aiding and Abetting, while his co-conspirters recieved less time for Crack Cocain.
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