• sb9
    To give juvenile offedenders who were charged as adults doing life sentences after doing 20 plus years a second chance, for a child's mind is not fully developed, therefore he or she should not be charged as an adult when in all actuality they are not.
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    Created by Carl Batiste
  • Legalize Marijuana
    Marijuana is the largest cash crop in this and other countries. None of the money is taxed, but if it were it could pay substantially toward the national debt. The billion dollar Drug War violates the 4th amendment of the Bill of Rights. The government has lied about its medical use for nearly 100 years, and they did this with taxpayer money.
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    Created by Jean Millay, PhD
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    Created by DALE PETTIT
  • Rehabilitated Juvenile Murderers
    Many criminal gang members in East Los Angeles have been successfully rehabilitated by Fr Greg Boyle and are now gainfuly employed.
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    Created by Fr John Flynn, SJ,MD
  • Decriminalize Marijuana
    The "War on Drugs" has proved to be a tremendous failure. Deadly violent Mexican cartels have taken control of the supplying of marijuana. Even American tourists who weren't trying to procure marijuana have been killed for being at the wrong place. The costs of U.S. enforcement are astronomical while violent crimes are put on the back burner.
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    Created by Neil Jacobson
  • Identity Theft Protection
    Identity theft is a growing problem for our society. However, in many cases there are no sound provisions in place to protect consumers. Having been victim of Identity theft and being accused of crimes as a result of the identity theft, all of which could have been prevented if the location had a camera or any other measure to identify the thief. This is the thing that sticks out most is that in Georgia check cashing locations are not REQUIRED TO VIDEO OR PHOTOGRAPH individuals making the transaction. Not having these measures in place allows criminals to steal checks and cash them, duplicate an individuals ID card or Driver License and use them, make fraudulent wire transactions and much more and all the while these criminals are going undetected. In the meantime causing many problems in the victims lives financially and many cases criminal with felonious charges because some locations do not have cameras or any other measure to identify individual in questionable transactions.
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    Created by Glenn Drane
  • Petition for a New Drug Policy
    This is a petition to Pres. Obama calling on him to initiate a national dialogue on alternatives to the war on drugs. The majority of the public no longer believes we can win the war on drugs and there is widespread support for legalizing marijuana for adult use. We intend to collect as many signatures on the petition as there are nonviolent drug offenders in our nation's prisons - approx. 500,000. We plan to send the petition to the President sometime after the Democratic Party convention and use it to press him to take a position on the need to reform our nation's drug punitive drug policies.
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    Created by Break the Chains: Communities of Color and the War on Drugs
  • Enough is Enough!!!
    Stop the foreclosure proceeding on the Banks Family. Mr. and Mrs. Aleman. Pascual and Martha Aleman were not informed as to how their no-money-down loan worked. Mr. & Ms. Aleman did asked for a fixed loan and were given a Adjustable with Balloon payment loan. They now owe more than their house is worth. Renegotiate their loan so that they can stay in their home.
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    Created by Pacual Aleman
  • Enhanced Monitoring And Disciplinary Procedures For Unethical Courtroom Behavior
    The origin of this petition is to seek enhanced court monitoring as well as enhancing disciplinary procedures for any and all court officials that practice unethically harsh actions and unfair sentencing due to overly biased personal opinions.
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    Created by Carla Johnson
  • The Wrongful Incarceration of David Thorne
    David Thorne was wrongfully incarcerated in January, 2000 after being falsely convicted in the death of Yvonne Layne. He was implicated by a mentally and emotionally impaired man, Joseph Wilkes, after Joe was arrested and threatened by police officers. No evidence led to David Thorne except the coerced statement of Joe Wilkes, who has since recanted. Despite an enormous amount of evidence and numerous statements pointing to David's actual innocence, he remains behind bars. It's time for the truth to be told. We, the undersigned, support David Thorne's efforts to win a new trial in order to prove his innocence.
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    Created by Sue Thorne
  • Privatizing jails & prisons
    I oppose SB 2036 and SB 2038, bills being pushed by corporate lobbyists to privatize governmental services and agencies without public input. These bills will compromise public safety, cause unemployment, and hurt communities and small businesses across Florida.
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    Created by Glenn Furiato
  • Molly's Law
    In Union County, SD, a child was abused while at day care. An indictment was handed down that charges the sole day care provider with child abuse. The provider is allowed to continue her day care business. The charge of child abuse is a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of 1 year. The child that was injured was 2 years old. This petition is the voice of the child.
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    Created by Cheryl Campbell