• Gov. Corbett Must Resign
    Thomas W. Corbett, while he was Attorney General of Pennsylvania and later as Governor, has allowed politics to supersede sound judgment in the child abuse scandal at Penn State. While Attorney General, he delayed making an arrest for years despite having eyewitness testimony of child rape. As Governor he gave millions of dollars to Second Mile despite his knowledge that they were at the center of the child rape scandal. At best, Corbett has used poor judgment. At worst, Corbett allowed politics to trump protecting children and prosecuting criminal actions. It is time for Corbett to resign.
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    Created by William Morris
  • Stop the meager settlement with the Banksters
    The Administration is intent on settling with the mortgage servicers who stole trillions of dollars from us for less than 25 billion dollars!
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    Created by Jeffrey L. Kravat
  • Boycott Casey Anthony from making money off poor Caylee
    Casey Anthony has not been charged with the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. But we can not let her get away with making money off this. Let Caylee rest in peace. Sign this petition and join me in the fight against her
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    Created by megan
  • Legalize medical grass and decriminalize the rest.
    In 14 states, VAs give medical grass to vets. What about the vets in different states? Did they serve in another country's army? Alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous to health than weed. I beat pancreatic cancer in 2010 but couldn't legally smoke grass because I live in New York. New Jersey is OK? Of course our country is divided. By laws as well. No good.
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    Created by Len Gelstein
  • End The War On Drugs
    Today, more than 60% percent of America's imate population are incarderqted for nonviolent crimes. This government policy implemented more than 30 years ago by the Reagan administration has not only been capricious and unjust, in that minorities have been it primary target, it has also been one of biggest drains on taxpayer's dollars. This failed policy has been an economic burden on the American taxpayer, causing a never ending need to spend precious resources in order to build more prisons to incarcerate instead of spending those tax dollars to educate our children, not to mention, releasing violent criminals into our communities in order to relieve prison overcrowding. We must put an end to this government madness. Please help by signing this petition so that we can send the message to President Obama and Congress that we want this decades old failed policy to end, and stop the waste of American taxpayer's money.
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    Created by Edward Davie
  • REPEAL H.R.1540 - National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)!
    December 31, 2011: President Obama signed into law the NDAA, as passed by the House and Congress, which strips "covered" citizens of their rights of Due Process. This Petition aims to repeal SEC. 1021 & 1022, thus holding our government officials accountable to their oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States".
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    Created by Shannon Ivey - The Independent Contributor
  • STOP Congress's Insider Trading and make their actions punishable by Prison Terms
    Recently 60 minutes exposed that Congress members actually trade on the stock market on Inside Information they get from their legislative duties. Any American who does this would be put in prison. We need to let them know that this is ILLEGAL and needs to stop.
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    Created by Michealene Cristini Risleyt
  • Legalize Marijuana
    Legalizing marijuana, like dropping alcohol prohibition, will free law enforcement for other functions. Legalizing will create jobs, and tax income, and drop the number of families ruined by possession, and property confiscation. Legalization will reduce prison populations. Each individual not incarcerated will save over $40,000 per year which could go into educational programs. Use and sale of marijuana should not be a crime, there are no victims..
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    Created by William Olkowski, PHD
  • Help Bring Our Missing Home
    There are so many missing people in the United States as a member of some of the missing internet sites,posting them on Facebook,Myspace and Porchlight for the Missing and Cold Case Public Unit I strive daily to post them and hope someone will recognize a person and bring them home to their loved ones.There are over 100,000 persons missing from all States and they are men,women and children many going back decades ago and still missing.
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    Created by Marian DeRossett
  • Mandatory Job Placement for Ex Felons
    We want to stop the revolving door Penal System in America...and provide immediate working alternatives to Ex Felons to prevent re-offending. We also want end discrimination against felons if their Crime is not applicable to their chosen profession .
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    Created by Troy Miller
  • strengthen megans law in Pennsylvania
    Despite recent updates to the state law on sex offenders we still are to easy on these people in Pennsylvania. We need tougher laws like other states have. I have incorporated laws from Texas, California and Tennessee into this proposal. No longer should be Pennsylvania be a sanctuary for these type offenders
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    Created by David Neil
  • End the Death Penalty in Kentucky
    A recent report by the American Bar Association [ABA] found that Kentucky's death penalty system is so broken and unfair that the state should declare a moratorium on executions. But a moratorium isn't enough. It is time to end the death penalty in Kentucky altogether. The 500-page ABA assessment found no uniform standards on eyewitness identifications and police interrogations, and a high error rate in death sentences, with more than 60 percent overturned on appeal. The study also found that Kentucky lacks safeguards to ensure that defendants with mental disabilities are not put to death. American Bar Association President Wm. (Bill) Robinson, along with former Kentucky Supreme Court Justices James E. Keller and Martin E. Johnstone, all of whom participated in the ABA assessment of Kentucky's death penalty system, recently wrote in the Courier-Journal, "The list of problematic cases is staggering, and review of the system is deeply troubling. Fairness, impartiality and effectiveness of counsel have been undermined by serious flaws that reveal systemic problems in administration of the death penalty in the commonwealth…" Richard Dieter, Executive Director of the Death Penalty Information Center and author of The Death Penalty in 2011: Year End Report, notes that the nation as a whole is backing away from the death penalty. “This year, the use of the death penalty continued to decline by almost every measure,” Dieter said . “Executions, death sentences, public support, the number of states with the death penalty all dropped from previous years. Whether it’s concerns about unfairness, executing the innocent, the high costs of the death penalty, or the general feeling that the government just can’t get it right, Americans moved further away from capital punishment in 2011.” "To make the leap that murder victim families are united in wanting a death penalty continues the critical oversimplification of “paying a price commensurate with their crimes” and the pathetic use of a grieving family at a parole hearing to justify another murder. I belong to two different organizations of murder victim families (thousands of us) that feel victim survivors are victimized yet again when murderers are given the gallows. My brother was murdered in 1986 and his murderer was poisoned to death in 1997 by the state of Missouri. That is why I work as a board member of the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Don’t lay the need to continue executions down at victims’ feet. (You don’t know the voices of all of us.)" - Ben Griffith, in a letter-to-the-editor recently published by the Frankfort State-Journal. The death penalty is costly. The death penalty is out of step with modern thinking. The death penalty is risky. The death penalty is unfair, broken, and arbitrary. The death penalty is unnecessary. Victims' families deserve better. Kentucky’s death penalty is too broken to fix. It needs to be abolished.
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    Created by Keith Rouda