• When Healers HARM
    Stopping Healthcare professionals from participating in torture and improper treatment of "prisoners" at Guantanamo Bay, and other detention spots
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    Created by Jeanmaire Manelski
  • Autistic Boy found in duffel bag by mother- Make the school pay!
    A 9 year old austic boy was put in a duffel bag by his teacher and put in the hall. Mistreatment of diabled people is far too common, but a child! In school! This teacher needs to be fired and there need to be strict rules in place against this. Read the article on MSN here http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45770432/ns/us_news-life/ and watch the video.
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    Created by Kelly B
  • Save the Pennsylvania State Police
    The Pennsylvania state police are the primary and often the sole law enforcement agency avalible to respond to many small communities and most rural areas of the state. Even then many residents must wait 30 minutes for a trooper to arrive at their location in an emergeny. In many areas small towns with only one officer must call for back up from state police. The protection of citizens is a basic government responsibility. Currently the state is propsing to cut the state police by 10% or fire 500 troopers. This will result in large areas of the state being unpoliced for long periods each day.
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    Created by David Neil
  • Remove Michael Gableman
    Wisconsin Supreme Court Michael Gableman has a long-documented history of unethical conduct. Now, he is certifiably a pay-for-play patsie. It is time to call "lies" lies, and for the appearance of impropriety to be given due respect in the evaluation of a judge's fitness for duty.
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    Created by Mark Hembree
  • Sacramento Supervisors: Stop the Costly Jail Expansion!
    In response to the realignment of prisoners to the county jails. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones has proposed a $100 million expansion to the County' Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center. This expansion would add 384 expensive and unneeded beds to the County's jails. In November, the County Supervisors already approved the reopening of 275 closed cells, costing the county $5.98 million, or 46%, of the 2011-2012 realignment budget for the Sacramento County. Realignment should be utilized to expand community program s and alternatives to incarceration not to build more cages.
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    Created by Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB)
  • Legalize Medical Marijuana
    Legalize medical marijuana so as to allow those states who wish to may institute their own medical marijuana program.
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    Created by Joe D
  • End imprisonment for possession of Marijuana.
    Once young people have been imprisoned, their records are smeared for ever. No longer can they apply for jobs, housing, funding, without being labelled "undesirable" and denied their benefits. Prison is for those who are a danger to society. The punishment is out of proportion with this "crime". By not imprisoning them, many people would get a second chance in life and it would save the States lots of money.
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    Created by Inger Easton
  • Stop denying housing to those who are mentally ill with minor criminal records
    My sister was diagnosed with a condition Schizophrenia when she was 20 years old. She was under a medical psychiatric care and her doctor prescribed a wrong medication which caused severe bad side effects. She was at a store acting bizarre and the police were called and they arrested her. At the time of her guilty plea, she was not coherent to understand the consequences of her guilty plea. Therefore, she should not be punished for what she simply followed her doctor’s advise and she paid a heavy price by taking the wrong medicine. She lost her Section 8 housing Voucher and now she fears for the uncertainty of her future since she is unable to support herself. This decision has caused her to suffer emotionally and this has shattered her hopes for the future. Stress can trigger psychosis and make the symptoms of schizophrenia worse, so keeping it under control is extremely important. Wherefore, we requests that the Orange County Housing reconsider its decision and change how we treat mentally ill in this country. They need help not punishment
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    Created by Gita Fard
  • Remove those responsible in Wall Street for creating the toxic mortgages that created so much pov...
    Because those responsible are still at their desks at Wall Street and will continue to create toxic instruments of mass destruction.
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    Created by Barb Gantt
  • Tell ICE Director John Morton: Abolish Government Sanctioned Stealing…In the Name of the Law…Su...
    The Seventh Amendment right to an unbiased jury trial is as important as a citizen's right to vote. Yet, everyday working class citizens are denied this right when they level allegations of theft of their intellectual property against multimillionaire defendants. Government protection of the 99%, at our expense will no longer be tolerated!
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    Created by Carla B. Boone
  • Remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Office
    Over a three-year period ending in 2007, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, headed by self styled "Toughest Sheriff in America" Joe Arpaio“ ignored or inadequately investigated over 400 sex crimes, many including reported child molestation, with victims as young as two years old. In the small Arizona community of El Mirage alone, at least 50 - 75 sex abuse cases (including over 32 child molestation reports) were never resolved. Victims of abuse, especially vulnerable children, are entitled to the protection of local law enforcement and deserve to have their accusers brought to justice. It is unconscionable that Sheriff Arpaio has allowed such a gross miscarriage of justice to take place under his direction. Under Sheriff Joe Arpaio's watch, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has allowed hundreds of reported sexual abuse crimes, including dozens of alleged child molestations, to be mishandled, inadequately investigated, or outright ignored. Law enforcement officials are sworn to serve and protect the public and victims of abuse are entitled to justice under our legal system.
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    Created by Rep. Ruben Gallego
  • LA Supervisors: Stop the Costly Jail Expansion in Los Angeles!
    In response to the realignment of prisoners to the county jails. L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca has proposed a $1.4 billion expansion to Los Angeles County jails. This expansion would add 393 expensive and unneeded beds to LA's jails. Realignment should be utilized to expand community programs and alternatives to incarceration not to build more cages.
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    Created by Emily Harris