• Stop the Resegregation of Georgia
    Georgia's GOP redistricting maps purge white Democratic legislators, isolate minorities and use the Voting Rights Act as a weapon against multi-racial voting coalitions. If these maps are adopted, Republicans will have a super-majority, which will let them pass any constitutional amendment without a single Democratic vote. The stakes are high: the end of reproductive rights, defunding public schools, adopting English-only legislation and harming individual rights. For more information, visit www.gafairdistricts.com.
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    Created by Stacey Abrams
  • Term Limits
    It's about time that we establish some term limits for all of our elected representatives. A majority of them spend most of their time fund raising for the next election and devote little time to the pressing issues of our country.
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    Created by Charles Cable
  • Stop U.S. Support for Human Trafficking
    Since 2006, the Pentagon has been taking steps to prevent subcontractors in Iraq from taking unfair advantage of the labor of Third-Country Nationals. Yet despite new regulations, many of these vulnerable workers continue to be exposed to poor working conditions and, in some cases, human trafficking. Please ask the Department of Defense to more closely monitor its subcontractors to prevent the mistreatment of Third-Country Nationals from going unnoticed and unresolved.
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    Created by Margaret Hardy
  • DoD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Funding
    This funding is intended to conduct medical research on illnesses associated to the Gulf War. Our House of Representatives sent a bill to Senate that allowed 10 million dollars for research and treatment for our veterans. Please act now to get our Senators to pass this funding for our veterans' health issues caused by the war in Iraq.
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    Created by David LaShell
  • Let's take our country back by taking all the money out of politics.
    Our politicians have been in the pocket of corporations and large contributors being unduly influenced by them when they are elected to serve the people. By having only publicly funded elections and making all lobbying with money or gifts illegal, we can influence what our elected officials do in congress and they can listen to us and be influenced by We the People and not their dollar contributors.
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    Created by Let's take our country back by taking all the money out of politics.
  • Pave our dirt road
    My street has been a dirt road for years and it has put a lot of extreme wear and tear on our vehicles the kids can't ride their bikes safely because of the dirt that has been washed away by the rain that leaves the road full of pot holes
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    Created by Daniele johnson
  • Gamingunity
    Microsoft need to hear me out so many kids on the street so little areas for them to play games. Why not help rey start his business and change the gaming community for the better gather around all lets make a gaming diffrence.
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    Created by Joseph Oyola
    If you care about your government, get HEARD! The media ignores all progressive actions. We can target tea party functions, bringing loud noisemaking equipment under our trenchcoats. At a prearranged signal we can make NOISE! Our T-shirts can read American Dream. ANYONE can do this. It costs little money, little energy and little risk. LET'S MAKE NOISE!
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    Created by Caryn
  • Stop the slaughter of 5,000 black bears in Wisconsin
    Black bears are peaceful, shy beings who live in harmony with nature, but the state agencies are killing brokerages. Wholesale destruction of the natural world and other species is the really important issue now. The slaughter, over packs of dogs and bait, and 20,000 hounders and their dogs, starts Sept. 5 - Oct. 9, 2012. The DNR is promoting running packs of dogs on bears starting July 1 through the kill - for 15 weeks of disruption of all ecosystems. Bears need to put on fat for winter hibernation to take care of their babies. We must ORGANIZE for change now.
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    Created by Patricia Randolph
  • reform local news media
    Local TV news is dominated by sensational, police scanner news. How relevant are beatings, gang brawls and crime stories to the news we can actually USE? Consumer, health, events, festivals, and other significant stories are displaced by the concept "if it bleeds, it leads." Isn't it time for a positive constructive change?
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    Created by buck challenger
  • No Cuts for us until Congress cuts theirs!
    With all the talk about cutting practically every social program that works, we hear nothing from Congress about cutting their salaries or benefits. Seniors are suffering the most. We've had no increase in Social Security in three years while our expenses skyrocket. No cuts to our programs until Congress cuts their salaries and pensions at least 25% including their summer vacations. Our Country is on the brink of collapse, unemployment, in reality, is more like 18% when counting everyone who has given up and they have six weeks vacation. Congress works for us not the other way around!
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    Created by Marion Wipf
  • Pay raise for the Police officers, Firefighters, and EMS
    Our health and safety are at stake. Police and Fire (include EMS) department have not receive a pay raise for about five years. Quality police, Fire and EMS personnal are leaving our city for higher pay.
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    Created by Johnny Moore