Stacy Bromberg has won enough titles and played enough WDF events to qualify for the World Cup Team. But the WDF feels that because she played in a now defunct division of the PDC she is ineligible to play and defend her World Cup Title. If this happened in the United States we could sue them, but because they are the ruling body of International Darts they can make arbitrary decisions that have no basis in reality. She has participated in 100% of the WDF tournaments held here in the United States, but players from other countries that have no WDF events are not bared from any lack of participation.
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    Created by Harriet Knight Schutsch
  • 9/11 First Responders
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided that the first responders (NYPD &NYFD) will not attend the 10th anniversary at Ground Zero. While they have not been invited for the past 9 nine years, they always showed up and were allowed to participate, not this year. There were no politicians running into the burning Towers to save lives that day, yet politicians have been invited. Tell Mayor Bloomberg that this needs to be changed and these heroes should be included.
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    Created by Virginia A Middleton
  • Unfair Production Standards
    Your signature is to help protest the unfair harassment and production standards that the United Parcel Service is imposing on our bargaining unit members. Help us stop the war on workers with this simple step to organize and let our voices be heard. So please invite your friends and family to join us in this cause as well!
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    Created by LagunaBrown.com
  • Indict Obama
    I am Obamas Watergate and more. I discovered attorneys made bank and court records of me dead. Obamas at Sidley Austin Brown and Wood Chicago Bank One Plaza SEC Insilco 8K deal using a co. called Zenadev which was 100% in my name for global fraud! The main perpetrator behind the fraud is linked to 911 and the global debt with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. We The People Against Corruption in the Campaign to Remove and Indict the man dba Barack Hussein Obama,his DHS Janet et al. Find Honey an Honest judge Campaign.
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    Created by Honey Siegal
  • Congress should apologize to ACORN
    From Wikipefia "...the California State Attorney General and the US Government Accountability Office released reports of their investigations. They found that O'Keefe had misrepresented the actions of ACORN workers, that workers had not committed the illegal actions he portrayed, and that the organization had managed its federal funds appropriately."
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    Created by Gustave Rabson
  • Reform the voting process in the US
    Voting laws in this country vary from state to state. To have this happen in a national election (president, members of Congress) is ridiculous. We need to be able to audit post election vote totals from machines that cannot be hacked. We need to establish a uniform ratio of voting machines per precinct based on expected voter participation.
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    Created by Robert Burgee
  • Compassion for Animals!!!
    We need to start treating animals like they matter. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Gandhi
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    Created by merrill
  • Reinstate Pete Rose
    Pete Rose has been banned from Baseball for Gambling on games during his career. He has admitted this and has expressed remorse repeatedly for his moral failure in this regard. The Commissioner of Baseball refuses to consider reinstatement to the game. Pete had a storied career, including holding the record for most hits by a major league player, 4,256. Reinstatement would allow Pete to take his rightful place in the Baseball Hall of Fame
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    Created by Richard Brakenwagen
  • VA Loan Mods for ALL Veterans
    Banks are foreclosing on veterans - one story last week told of B of A foreclosing the day the veteran returned home from Iraq. This is unacceptable! The Administration, Congress and the VA should work together NOW to STOP all foreclosures on our veterans and create a program to allow veterans to refinance their existing mortgages or require lenders to modify existing mortgages to allow veterans to stay in their homes if they choose to.
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    Created by Mary Sweeney
  • Chains designed for dogs Only!!
    This petition is to protect chained dogs. Most all states allow dogs to be chained or tethered unfortunately. What we want is to make it a law that only chains or leashes designed for a dog are allowed to be used when tethering a dog. The use of heavier chains designed for logging, load lifting or other non-animal use are abusive, inhumane and unethical. Please help put an end to the use of heavy chains and padlocks on tethered or chained dogs
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    Created by Rose Stadig
  • Salmon Deserve Saving
    Salmon on both coast and in all the great rivers are being decimated by toxins and poor water management. Dam removals promised to help alleviate their plight are being delayed and even cancelled despite EPA and court orders.
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    Created by Paul & Marcia Abram
  • Stop the Radical Republican Plan for Redistricting in Maine
    National Republicans have a radical plan to move 360,000 Maine people from one Congressional District to another and they’re getting their allies in Maine to try and push it through the legislature. Their plan would put 10,000 more Republicans into the Second District to turn it into a Republican Congressional seat and a vote for a Republican presidential candidate. Not only that--139 communities would lose their current representative in Congress, including Lewiston-Auburn, Bath and Rockland and Chellie Pingree’s hometown would be moved out of her Congressional District.
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    Created by Stacy Dostie