• Stop The Real War on Women in America
    Did you know the Federal Preventive Services Task Force, under this Obama administration, has issued new guidelines recommending that women in their 40s no longer have annual mammograms and that women ages 50 to 74 have them only every other year, instead of annually? Used to be Federal guidelines were just that, final decisions between doctor and patient. Well, under ObamaCare, that will no longer be the case, you will be FORCED to adhere to these life threatening directives. Most doctors agree, these cost cutting measures will be at the expense of women's lives. Did you know the FDA under this administration, as of Nov. 2011, has revoked the very promising use of Avastin for breast cancer? Yet another cost saving measure referred to by some as, "a death sentence" for some breast cancer victims. Do you believe, for a single minute, if ANY of the "political elite" have need for these life saving measures, they will be denied as would be the case for you, me, or one of our loved ones? These are the REAL battles, the geniune War On Women being conducted in America today...not who will pay for condoms or birth control pills. Please sign this petition and REMEMBER THESE issues come next November.
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    Created by Judyann Joyner, RN
  • Please Remember Debbie Peagler for Her Contribution of Domestic Violence...Crime After Crime
    Debbie Peagler was wrongfully incarcerated for more than 3 decades, she slotted to die alone and among the forgotten. The lack of understanding of the traumatic effects of battering and the Battered Woman Syndrome Defense, and she was denied the benefits of The No Stalking Law by Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys cause her to receive life in prison. Family Law denied her the right to protect her daughter from molestation. The Documentary of her life story won the Golden Globe Award! Tell the First Lady & First Grandmother to Take Action to End this Injustice1
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    Created by Sandra White/TheJourneyofCompassion
  • StopTheRushTax
    American taxes are paid to the Department of Defense's organization known as the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. Rush Limbaugh's show is broadcast on this network. Sign the petition to have this show removed from the network's roster. Tell our government that tax money should not be paid for any broadcast that contains offensive speech towards anyone.
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    Created by Michael Gaston
  • Shut Down Clear Channel's advertising
    Right now Clear Channel's advertiser's have moved their ads to other shows on Clear Channel. In order to effect a change we must affect the bottom line at Clear Channel Radio itself not the tentacles which grow back...somewhere else.
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    Created by Martina Richer
  • WSYR: please drop Rush Limbaugh
    Rush Limbaugh's radio show airs in Syracuse on WSYR 106.9 FM/570 AM. Let's send a message to them that no longer can they allow Rush Limbaugh the opportunity to spread hatred. Sign the petition and help get this done.
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    Created by Sam Eschenbrenner
  • Stop The Attack on Women! Withdraw 507
    This petition is about stopping WI Republican Senator Glenn Grothman Bill 507 that dictates being a single mother is a cause of child abuse. This bill, if passed, could have harmful affects on services women use to help raise their children. It's time to fight for equality of women all over.
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    Created by Tamera Bourne
  • Get Rush Limbaugh off Military Airwaves
    It's time DoD, particularly with the problems women in the military are having, to figure out what more than 40 of Limbaugh's sponsors have figured out.
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    Created by Col. Laurent Hourcle, USAF (Ret.)
  • Rush Limbaugh Attacks Author McMillan
    Rush Limbaugh continues his war on women, conducting a personal attack on critically acclaimed author Tracie McMillan, calling her a "babe," and "authorette," and being dismissive of her in-depth reporting of the American food industry. He can't seem to control himself on-air, so it is time for him to go!
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    Created by Diane Whitbeck
  • Pull Rush's Misogyny From the Sacramento Region's Airwaves
    Support women and pull the Rush Limbaugh Show from KFBK.
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    Created by Lucky
    His talk show isn't based on fact, but personal opinions that are races and derogatory. I think he should be sued for making public statements degrading people's character!
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    Created by ABBIE BRICE-BLACK
  • Clear channel hear our voice!!!
    Petition to remove Rush Limbaugh from Clear Channel Radio Rush's comments last week deserve to be punished in a major way. His lack of respect for this woman and women in general was inexcusable and he should be reprimanded in the most sever way
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    Created by Jeff Chadwick
  • Boycott all who continue to sponsor Rush Limbaugh
    Rush has crossed the line and now is the time for him to go for good. It is obvious how so many are outraged by his vitriolic nature and unrelenting hatred and it is perfect timing to join forces and be rid of him forever. All who are outraged by his recent comments need to ban together and boycott any sponsors and stations who continue to support him. The time to act is NOW!
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    Created by trish Cahalan