• Boycott any sponsor of Rush Limbaugh and Clear Channel Communications
    Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University law student, a slut and a prostitute for advocating for women to have access to contraception, not just for birth control, but also for medical reasons. This war on women has to stop. As always, companies need to know that women have financial power and we will not support this war on women brought on by the GOP and its supporters during this election cycle.
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    Created by Deborah Sandlaufer
  • Governor McDonnell:Don't Sign the Mandatory Ultrasound Bill
    Yesterday the Senate passed the HB 462 mandatory ultrasound bill, which would require women in Virginia seeking an abortion to receive a medically unnecessary and expensive ultrasound prior to the procedure.We are calling on Governor McDonnell to send a message to the lawmakers the women of Virginia that the government will not interfere with women's reproductive health decisions made between her and her doctor.
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    Created by Susie Leonard
  • Trust Women - Oppose House Bill 1077
    House Bill 1077, which was reported out of the House Health Committee and is ready for a vote by the full House, would mandate all women seeking an abortion in Pennsylvania to have an ultrasound whether or not it is medically necessary at least 24 hours prior to having the abortion. The sonogram mandated by this bill would require a trans-vaginal ultrasound for most abortion patients, an invasive procedure that carries its own medical risks. This bill is opposed by the Pennsylvania Medical Society and the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists because physicians understand that this requirement is meant only to discourage women from seeking the medically safe legal abortion to which the U.S. Constitution entitles them.
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    Created by Shani Ferguson
  • Stop Alabama from mandating ultrasounds (SB12)
    This procedure is not medically necessary and is instead merely a political tactic to undermine women's reproductive options and a blatant attempt to legislate morality and emotionally damage women. It seeks to make ultrasound (transvaginal or abdominal) a requirement and requires the practitioner to share the images with the woman receiving abortion services, even if it is necessary to remove a miscarried fetus or ectopic pregnancy. In the US, we are given the right to refuse certain medical services and this legislation attempts to violate and remove those rights because of the moral objections of others who are not receiving the service. This legislation is unconstitutional and therefore violates the Fourth Amendment.
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    Created by Mary Posey
  • Battered Mothers Receive Battered Justice-Free Janice Ritchey W-53958 Abortion Laws Deny Defense ...
    Abortion Laws Do Not Give The Unborn Fetus The Right To Life. A Mother Does Not Have The Right to Protect Her Unborn Baby. A Battered Mother Cannot Claim It As A Defense From A Violent Attack From A Domestic Partner & Is Hidden From the Jury. The Lack of Understanding of the Battered Women Sydrome Defense Has Failed. Judges, Presecutors, and Defense Attorneys Do Not Understand How to Apply The Defense-Consequently, Mothers Are Receiving 25 Years To Life Instead of An Acquittal or Short Term Manslaughter Sentences. And Then They Are Robbed of the Very Children They Were Trying to Save In the First Place. Defense Should Not Be A Crime! Inspite of The Abortion Laws!
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    Created by The Journey of Compassion
  • Womens Rights and Mens Lefts
    To support womens rights to have control of their physical health and not have it designated piece-meal by Political advocates or congressonial or legislative members. It is the individuals right and not the religuous ideals of any form. Politicians or religuous groups wanting to curb abortion should first sign up for registered adoptions and put their actions where their mouth is.
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    Created by Dan Inskeep
  • Tax the Vatican
    If the Vatican is going to interfere in politics and the choice issue, they need to stop pretending they are a religious organization, and start being transparent about their corporate status! Tax the Vatican now!! If the stats are true, they owe at least $100,000,000 in unpaid taxes each year! That would help the European economy!
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    Created by Lara Dale
  • Attacks on abortion rights
    The Virginia legislature is facing an agenda packed with urgent issues: Attacks on abortion rights.
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    Created by Don Manning
  • Veto:"End to Pay" Equity
    Demand Walker veto the backwards bill that ends equal pay for equal work.
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    Created by Julie Grimme
  • Please stand up for women.
    The Oklahoma Legislature wants to give zygotes personhood rights and force women to listen to fetal heartbeats before an abortion can be performed. Let's ask Governor Fallin to pledge to veto any such bills.
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    Created by Patricia Dickerson Lemon
  • Stop the Oklahoma "Personhood" Law
    The Oklahoma "personhood" law, which decrees that life and personhood begin at conception, will effectively ban most forms of hormonal contraception including "the Pill." It would lead to the prosecution of women for miscarriage. There are no exceptions for rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.
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    Created by Mercedes Lackey
  • Stop The Virginia Legislature
    The decisions made in the last several weeks in regards to women's healthcare in the state of Virginia are unacceptable. As citizens of the United States, we stand together against the Virginia legislature in regards to the "Personhood Amendment" and the requirement for transvaginal ultrasounds.
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    Created by Kaitlin Terwilliger