• Impeach religiously-based legislators and tax political churches
    Republican controlled state and local legislatures, and the US Congress, have attempted to limit access to birth control for women and carry out anti-choice religious discrimination of women through government legislation. We're calling on Americans to stand up and ask for investigations into breaches of their oath of office to protect the constitution, and for investigations into breaches of the tax exempt codes for churches delving into the political arena.
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    Created by Patty
  • End the war on women
    I have a petition on Gov.org. It needs 150 signiatures before it can even be seen. The URL is: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/!/petition/stop-catholic-church-imposing-some-their-beliefs-usa-laws-what-has-become-war-women/Vxf1Z8yT
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    Created by Janet
  • Give Samantha credit
    When it came time for senior Samantha Culver to get an internship, she applied for a position with Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, which she described as “an awesome opportunity.” According to Culver, she notified St. Michael’s internship office as soon as she was awarded the position. She said internship director Joanne LaBrake Muehlberger, told her it was OK. Not long after returning to school from winter break, Culver learned she would not be eligible for credit for the internship.
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    Created by Michael Langenmayr
  • The Catholic Church does not speak for us-Keep Birth Control Free for Women
    Males in Congress and the Senate as well as leaders of the Catholic Church are ignoring the facts about how Catholics are not against the birth control provision in the Healthcare Reform Law. This is not violating Relgious Freedom as The Catholic Church is attempting to claim. A Catholic woman is not going to be required to use birth control, however it does deny Catholic and non-Catholic women the right to have free birth control in their healthcare insurance policy.
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    Created by Kelly
  • Let women decide their health options and not men.
    Tired of hearing older males either in politics or religion deciding what a woman should or not do with her own body. It is just outrageous that women are still subjected to this thinking. Our country is so backward from other civilized nations on this topic. Contact all law makers and let your opinion be known. Shelly Gowen
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    Created by Michele Gowen
  • Protect Women's Right to Contraception
    Currently, under the name of religious freedom, many Catholic run institutions like hospitals refuse to provide health insurance coverage for contraception for their women employees even if it is medically indicated for their health (even though 98% of Catholic Women have used contraception.) It is time for all women, including Catholic women, and the men who love them, to speak up and let their voices be heard about this issue.
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    Created by Johanna Epps
  • Keep Birth Control in Obama Health Plan
    Although Archbishop Dolan is against this portion of the health bill, historically, Catholics follow their beliefs. This should not rule out others who need or want this medication.
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    Created by Patricia Foti
  • President Obama: Stop Apologizing for Protecting Women's Rights
    It is offensive that President Obama and the Democrats are apologizing for protecting a woman's legal access to birth control. It is the job of the President to make sure everyone's legal rights are upheld. Stop Apologizing Now!
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    Created by Betsy Kleinman
  • Give freedom to women on health care
    Conservatives passed more laws on abortion and contraception in the last year than any time in our history. Move on to fixing the economy with more jobs. Ask your self why they are preoccupied with interfering with women.
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    Created by Raoul Eiseman
    My petition is a simple few word-length plea to the female sex to join ranks together and make sure that our right to choose is not violated by the Republican party.
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    Created by Nancy Rick
  • Stop the War on Women
    The Ohio legislature has seen more anti-women legislation introduced in the last year than in the past three General Assemblies combined. Let your legislator and the Governor know that you want to stop this war on women.
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    Created by Ted Celeste
  • Tell the Susan G. Komen foundation to stop selling guns
    As Feministing recently pointed out, the Susan G. Komen foundation has lent its name to a pink M&P9 JG Smith and Wesson gun. For a group that is trying to keep people alive, selling a handgun sends the wrong message. http://feministing.com/2012/02/01/three-reasons-i-wish-i-could-quit-you-susan-g-komen/ http://www.ammoland.com/2009/05/26/smith-wesson-donates-a-portion-of-mp9-jg-pistol-sales/
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    Created by Aaron Swartz