• Stop Unauthorized "Egg-Sharing" by US Fertility Doctors
    According to an independent audit that was conducted after the FBI was informed, it appears that IVF (in-vitro fertilization) patients throughout the US are being routinely de-frauded by a heinous, yet common practice that is referred to by fertility doctors in this country as "Egg-Sharing." Without the patients' knowledge or consent, fertility doctors routinely steal a portion of the eggs and embryos obtained from each IVF procedure, and sell them to stem cell researchers and wealthy infertile couples who are willing to pay a substantial fee to these fertility doctors in order to bypass the typical two-year waiting list for an egg donor in this country. In the process, these doctors have created a generation of genetic orphans, who are not genetically-related to one or both of their parents, and who have been robbed of having any knowledge about, or access to, their true genetic origin. Yet, driven by a strong, instinctual need that many humans have to know their true identity, they will someday soon begin searching for their true genetic roots. There is only one feasible and effective way to help these people, and that's by creating a volunteer, discreet and strictly confidential DNA registry of any/all women who have undergone a transvaginal or laproscopic IVF, GIFT and/or ZIFT procedure in the United States. We will need to be patient and understanding with women who fear that they may be contacted without notice, or at an inconvenient time, by a child (or children) they never knew they had. Hopefully, we can earn their trust, appealing to their sense of integrity and compassion for a possible child of their's, who may be earnestly searching for them, but not with the desire for a child-parent relationship. In most cases, these children will only be searching for a better understanding of themselves, and perhaps some information about their genetic health history. It would be wise to require, when a match is discovered, that the "children" be at least 18 years old (or if younger, with the consent of their parents), and participate in a mandatory meeting with an experiened therapist, to hopefully work through any unreasonable expectations, dreams or hopes they may have, before speaking with and/or meeting with their genetic parent. Every single dime spent on this enormous project will be paid by a heafty, annual tax imposed on each and every fertility doctor in the US IVF industry, and the presence of a mandatory, on-site Bio-Integrity Supervisor will henceforth be required at every single IVF procedure in the US. There's no other way to stop the practice of unauthorized egg-sharing in America.
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    Created by Teri Royal
  • Apple: Stop Promoting Anti-Abortion Extremism
    Siri, iPhone's new voice assistant, won't tell you where you can get an abortion or even emergency contraception--instead she'll promote anti-abortion pregnancy "crisis" centers. But let's say you need an escort service? Siri can help you with that, no problem.
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    Created by Nita Chaudhary
  • Protect Us from Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
    VAWA, Violence Against Women Act, would not have happened without the steadfast commitment and hard work of a countless number of advocates, coalitions and community partners who worked tirelessly for this landmark legislation. And thanks to the bipartisan efforts and dedication of U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (Republican) and then U.S. Senator Joe Biden (Democrat) who worked diligently to draft the VAWA Act. These two men were able to set aside their political differences and recognize that valuing the well being of our citizens takes precedence over the political infighting of our of our political parties. By drafting this legislation, these men acknowled the severe sociological impact that domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking has on our communities. This powerful piece of legislation provided federal funding to help local communities address the needs of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. Their ability to come together meant that domestic violence would no longer be considered a “family matter” and it criminalized spousal rape. To be certain, without these two men, we would not have made the great strides in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Programs have been created that address the devastating impact of early victimization and exposure to violence. Due to the VAWA legislation that requires community service providers collaborate together, we are beginning to see some positive results. Judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, hospitals, shelters and rape crisis centers are working together more and more to create powerful change in their communities. But this collaboration is still in its infancy, and is due to the VAWA Act and the funding that results from the Act. But we still have a very long way to go and although we have seen progress we continue to fight an uphill battle. We still need the VAWA act in place to ensure that we will not lose the ground that has been gained. We still need our leaders to put aside their political differences and come together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with the goal of improving our society as a whole. Please contact your local congressman and let them know that you support the Violence Against Women Act and that you support protecting our children, daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers. Ask them to Reauthorize VAWA so that we can continue to provide protection and assistance to these victims.
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    Created by Austin and Sheri Taylor
  • Tell Dr. Pepper that women can handle any drink they put out!
    Dr. Pepper recently came up with a new "bold" flavor that is noted as being "manly". Now, there's a Facebook application chock full of misogynistic games and time-wasters. A new Facebook application put out by Dr. Pepper Bold has the tagline “It’s not for women”. On the page, (that was until recently, not able to even be accessed by women), it has a “man grade” quiz (where your abilities in pursuits such as baseball, jump starting cars, and quoting movies are put to the test), a man video section (chock full of clips that contain things that “women don’t understand”, a manly shooting gallery (where the object is to destroy high heels, unicorns, and rainbows among other “feminine” items), and “man-cronyms” With a tagline "It's not for women", Dr. Pepper has crossed the line, and is promoting sexism.
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    Created by Lynn Blake
  • Tell Dr. Pepper to Stop Sexist Advertising
    According to Dr. Pepper, only women drink diet. That's the idea behind Dr Pepper Ten, a 10-calorie soda Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is releasing under the slogan, "It's not for women." It was developed after research found that men are reluctant to purchase diet beverages that aren't perceived as "manly" enough. Send Dr. Pepper the message that pigeonholing men and women into gender roles isn't excusable, even as an advertising tool. Tell them to take this product off the market immediately.
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    Created by Kate Hilts
  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
    The Equal Rights Amendment was passed by Congress in 1972, yet it still hasn't become a formal amendment to the Constitution. Four states (Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Missouri) have yet to ratify the amendment, yet only three are needed. Help make the Equal Rights Amendment become the 28th amendment, and allow for equal rights of all people!
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    Created by Emily S.
  • Boycott SFJazz!!
    Please tell Randall Kline and SFJazz, the largest jazz festival on the West Coast, to stop their decade old practice of excluding women instrumentalists (not vocalists--there is no discrimination in jazz against women vocalists!!) from their programming. This season again they have hired only two women instrumental headliners out of 35+ acts for the 2011 Fall Season, Mimi Fox and Esperanza Spaulding. Historically, SFJazz hires 7% or fewer women instrumentalist headliners, despite tremendous opposition in the community. This is blatant gender discrimination by a nonprofit organization which solicits and uses public money.
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    Created by Ellen Seeling
  • Degrading Women Doesn't Save Animals; Stop PETA Porn Site
    In hopes of raising awareness of animal suffering, PETA recently announced plans to launch a XXX website. We've had enough of PETA's sexist publicity stunts. We're calling on PETA President Ingrid Newkirk to stop objectifying women in the interest of animal welfare.
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    Created by Kerry W.
  • We're Not Buying It - Retailers: Stop Messages that Devalue Girls
    On behalf of girls everywhere, enough is enough. This week, a young woman in New York named Lauren Todd started a petition on Change.org urging JC Penney to stop selling a girl’s shirt with the statement: "I'm too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me." This is just one shirt in a series that display slogans that characterize a girl's worth by her looks and makes being smart somehow not "pretty". Seemingly harmless? Just a joke? Not funny. Girls get messages from all aspects of media that show a woman's value in relation to her looks – well, we say enough – time to tell retailers, "we're not buying it!" The shirt, which was marketed to girls ages 7-16, imparts the message that boys are smart while girls are only meant to be pretty. Valuing looks over knowledge and hard work, and stereotyping female images is a dangerous message to send to young girls, one that females are already bombarded with in today’s media. We at Girls For A Change believe that girl empowerment is essential in helping girls to realize their full potential and helps them speak up and out about issues they care about – that they are more than looks, lyrics, and objects. Girls need to know that they are valued for who they are, and not the style of their hair or the way they look. Clothing that blatantly diminishes the value of girls is harmful to a girl's perception of her worth. We know everyone wants girls to reach beyond their potential and let them know they're valued for who they are. Let's start by removing messages that put any girl (or boy!) down. JC Penney rightfully discontinued the sale of the shirt in response to the massive support of Lauren’s petition, but the presence of sexist messages on children’s clothing is an ongoing problem that must be addressed. Tell major clothing retailers to stop designing clothes with sexist and damaging slogans that perpetuate gender stereotypes and devalue the role of young girls in society. Let them know your money will not support their company unless they take a stand against sexist, destructive slogans and imagery. Tell them, "you're not buying it!"
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    Created by Lori Fitzmaurice
  • Tell the Virginia Board of Health to Support Women's Health Care
    Thanks to legislation passed by anti-choice lawmakers, the Virginia Board of Health is currently drafting regulations that would limit women's access to reproductive health care. These regulations force health clinics to meet burdensome and unnecessary regulations. The result? Some health centers may be forced to close, limiting the continued availability of safe, legal, first-trimester abortion throughout the state. Virginia's women's health centers provide vital health care services like STD screenings, cancer screenings and family planning services, in addition to providing legal and safe abortions. Burdening their operations with unnecessary regulations would restrict access to these essential services and detrimentally affect young, low-income, uninsured, and minority women by furth reducing their health care options. Tell Virginia regulators you don’t support medically unecessary and burdensome regulations that would restrict women’s access to comprehensive health care services.
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    Created by Brian Devine
  • Justice for Victims of Relationship Violence
    Currently, the statute of limitations for domestic violence crimes in Washington State is 4 years less than the statute of limitations on credit card debt! Abusers use many tactics to control, manipulate, and threaten their victims to keep them from reporting the abuse to the authorities in a timely fashion. This petition will help bring these criminal abusers to justice.
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    Created by Jennifer Olson
  • "We've Had Enough" Rally for Women's Lives
    In the first six months of 2011, the Pennsylvania legislature made it a top priority to attack women's right to access safe, legal abortion care. Over 30% of legislative days were spent on reproductive rights attacks. The most egregious of the dozens of bills is one nearly identical to the Kansas law that will close two-thirds of the centers in the state. It requires major construction overhauls that are completely unrelated to patient safety and so onerous that it is unclear if any of the 20 free-standing abortion providers will be able to stay open, leaving women with few safe and legal options. Join us in telling our elected officials that WE'VE HAD ENOUGH of the attacks on women's healthcare, and it is imperative that they vote against these dangerous bills! Find out more about the attacks and watch a video of why other Pennsylvanians have HAD ENOUGH at www.wevehadenoughpa.org!
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    Created by Sari Stevens