• Veto:"End to Pay" Equity
    Demand Walker veto the backwards bill that ends equal pay for equal work.
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    Created by Julie Grimme
  • Please stand up for women.
    The Oklahoma Legislature wants to give zygotes personhood rights and force women to listen to fetal heartbeats before an abortion can be performed. Let's ask Governor Fallin to pledge to veto any such bills.
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    Created by Patricia Dickerson Lemon
  • Stop the Oklahoma "Personhood" Law
    The Oklahoma "personhood" law, which decrees that life and personhood begin at conception, will effectively ban most forms of hormonal contraception including "the Pill." It would lead to the prosecution of women for miscarriage. There are no exceptions for rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.
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    Created by Mercedes Lackey
  • Stop The Virginia Legislature
    The decisions made in the last several weeks in regards to women's healthcare in the state of Virginia are unacceptable. As citizens of the United States, we stand together against the Virginia legislature in regards to the "Personhood Amendment" and the requirement for transvaginal ultrasounds.
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    Created by Kaitlin Terwilliger
  • women's choice must be restored
    both the personhood amendment and the mandatory transvaginal probe should be discarded and trashed! they are fundemantal violations of women's choice. eliminate the radical right wing attack of women's rights.
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    Created by farid zurmati
  • Stop the Oklahoma Personhood Act
    Oklahoma is about to pass the Personhood Act, which gives embryos constitutional rights at the moment of conception. This bill would also outlaw abortions, even if its medically necessary to save the mother's life and if the woman was raped and a child was conceived because of the rape.
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    Created by Shyanna Handschumacher
  • Stop Virginia from Invading Women's Bodies
    Virginia is voting this week on a bill that would required that any woman seeking a procedural or chemical abortion, even those who are pregnant due to rape or incest, go through a transvaginal ultrasound. This procedure would require that a device is inserted into the woman's vagina. I am saddened to hear that the state's legislature is voting on a bill that would violate women in this way.
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    Created by Kelly Ormsby
  • Stop the War on Women
    The General Assembly is poised to mandate transvaginal ultrasound before allowing a woman to have an abortion. As a part of this legislation the fertilized egg will be deemed a person. This is a smoke screen in their march to overturn Roe v Wade transvaginal untrasound before a woman can get an abortion
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    Created by Barbara Savage
  • Keep the Government Out of the Lives of Women
    The Virginia Legislature must not dictate what doctors do to a woman's body. Women and their doctors should have the freedom to decide what is best for them without the government entering the decision.
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    Created by Robert L. Giron
  • Move On
    This petition is to give a vote of confidence to Gov Mary Fallin in her fight against anti-life forces.
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    Created by Joseph Pagano
  • Strong women of America
    stand strong women of America
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    Created by Betty
  • Stop the War On Women
    Insurance coverage for birth control is on the table in the legislature presented and based upon Rep. Carlos Bilbao's religious beliefs. Making birth control unaffordable, or unavailable to women will result in unwanted pregnancies, unwanted births, increased cost for children's health care services paid for by the tax payers of this state. Keep taxes down, keep children safe and keep women healthy. Please sign this petition.
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    Created by Tracie Leiterman