• Get Rush Limbaugh off the air in Columbus‏
    Rush Limbaugh's verbal assault on Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke, calling her a "slut" and a "prostitute," was intended to do one thing: intimidate women who would dare to speak out for their reproductive freedom. But this time Limbaugh has gone too far, and it has sparked a nationwide backlash. At least 140 major advertisers have pulled their ads from the Limbaugh show, and some stations have canceled the show altogether. Rush is still on the air in Columbus—but if enough local folks speak out together, that could change. We can't let up now.
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    Created by Peg Cox
  • Military Stop Broadcasting Anti-Woman Limbaugh Show
    The US military continues to broadcast Limbaugh's program across the world. He has made it evident that he is a mysogynist. Hate should not be spread across the air waves.
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    Created by Ginny Schneider
  • Republicans: Support The Violence Against Women Act
    Republicans in Congress are currently blocking of the Violence Against Women Act. It is important that we hold them accountable for this kind of despicable partisanship.
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    Created by Grant Short
  • Take Limbaugh Off WTAM Radio in Cleveland
    We want WTAM Radio in Cleveland, Ohio to remove the Rush Limbaugh show from their programming for his outrageous attack on a woman who wanted to testify before Congress about the importance of insurance coverage for contraceptives.
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    Created by Alice Paul
  • Abortion is personal
    Abortion is personal. The state legislature should not be working on personal matters.
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    Created by Charlene Stapleton
    Rush Limbaugh has gone to far in the arena of Freedom of Speech when he defamed Sandra Fluke and her request to get contraception. Not only does she pay taxes to support such, but so do all of us who know how important a young person's need for contraceptive information is.
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    Created by Frank Treadway
  • The GREAT BARRIER Brief health protection 4 women
    More WOMEN dead from AIDS than Men from WAR 1984 - 2010 RIP Please click on the petition to educate everyone http://www.change.org/petitions/all-womens-organizations-organize-educate-members-to-make-distribute-the-great-barrier-brief PS Past history of much interest to non-Republicans right now as during the BUSH Administration the NIH FUNDING GUIDELINES were demoted to EXCLUDE ALL FUNDING for women, especially contraception and prophylaxis, effectively red-taping this idea which never has become a product....YET! Please call any women in government in YOUR STATE and the White House Office. ASK them to sign the petition and then JUST DO IT! Educate and organize!! SEE the ancient website when a NIH GRANT was receiving during the CLINTON Administration under the name JANESWAY.net THIS would save LIVES and is more economical for any health care plan. Latex is 4th most renewable substance in the world. From: Fern Fedora on Facebook on behalf of the women of the world.
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    Created by Fern Fedora
  • Stop The Real War on Women in America
    Did you know the Federal Preventive Services Task Force, under this Obama administration, has issued new guidelines recommending that women in their 40s no longer have annual mammograms and that women ages 50 to 74 have them only every other year, instead of annually? Used to be Federal guidelines were just that, final decisions between doctor and patient. Well, under ObamaCare, that will no longer be the case, you will be FORCED to adhere to these life threatening directives. Most doctors agree, these cost cutting measures will be at the expense of women's lives. Did you know the FDA under this administration, as of Nov. 2011, has revoked the very promising use of Avastin for breast cancer? Yet another cost saving measure referred to by some as, "a death sentence" for some breast cancer victims. Do you believe, for a single minute, if ANY of the "political elite" have need for these life saving measures, they will be denied as would be the case for you, me, or one of our loved ones? These are the REAL battles, the geniune War On Women being conducted in America today...not who will pay for condoms or birth control pills. Please sign this petition and REMEMBER THESE issues come next November.
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    Created by Judyann Joyner, RN
  • Please Remember Debbie Peagler for Her Contribution of Domestic Violence...Crime After Crime
    Debbie Peagler was wrongfully incarcerated for more than 3 decades, she slotted to die alone and among the forgotten. The lack of understanding of the traumatic effects of battering and the Battered Woman Syndrome Defense, and she was denied the benefits of The No Stalking Law by Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys cause her to receive life in prison. Family Law denied her the right to protect her daughter from molestation. The Documentary of her life story won the Golden Globe Award! Tell the First Lady & First Grandmother to Take Action to End this Injustice1
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    Created by Sandra White/TheJourneyofCompassion
  • StopTheRushTax
    American taxes are paid to the Department of Defense's organization known as the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. Rush Limbaugh's show is broadcast on this network. Sign the petition to have this show removed from the network's roster. Tell our government that tax money should not be paid for any broadcast that contains offensive speech towards anyone.
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    Created by Michael Gaston
  • Shut Down Clear Channel's advertising
    Right now Clear Channel's advertiser's have moved their ads to other shows on Clear Channel. In order to effect a change we must affect the bottom line at Clear Channel Radio itself not the tentacles which grow back...somewhere else.
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    Created by Martina Richer
  • WSYR: please drop Rush Limbaugh
    Rush Limbaugh's radio show airs in Syracuse on WSYR 106.9 FM/570 AM. Let's send a message to them that no longer can they allow Rush Limbaugh the opportunity to spread hatred. Sign the petition and help get this done.
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    Created by Sam Eschenbrenner