• congress: wake up!
    It is within our US Congress's power to correct the injustice to the American people. The poor and middle classes bear the brunt of an unequal and unfair tax burden, while the very rich are left untouched to acquire ever more wealth.
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    Created by shirley sullivan
  • Petition to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir
    This petition asks the Governor of Pennsylvania to protect the watershed that feeds the Ambridge Reservoir from poisoning by gas well fracking in the Marcellus and Utica shale.
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    Created by Randolph Shannon
  • Public Campaign Financing Now
    With the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United, corporations are allowed to put in unlimited amounts of funds into a candidate's campaign. This is a threat to democracy as it drowns out free speech rights and voices of individuals and distorts the electoral process. Also, instant runoff voting allows for more proportional representation by other than the primary two political parties.
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    Created by James Lindsay
  • Return Congress To The Voters
    The only way American democracy and our Republic will survive is to eliminate Congressional seniority and unlimited corporate contributions. We are calling for a constitutional amendment to provide two terms for all federal elected officials and to redefine that only live, natural human beings are "persons." Congress represents contributors' interest, not the voters. The seniority system is undemocratic. Being repeatedly reelected gives a senator or congressman more power than those who are new to congress. This enables them to raise enormous amounts of money for their own reelection and those of other representatives whose votes they control. To eliminate this we need to limit the terms of elected officials just like the President's two term limit. With seniority gone each representative's power will equal every other elected representative's power. Without the ridiculous decision that corporations and other artificial entities are "persons" under the Constitution enabling them to contribute billions unrestricted into political campaigns, Congress could restrict political contributions reasonably to prevent artificially created financial entities (corporations, partnerships, LLCs, etc.) from owning Congress. Unless we do this, our democracy, our Repucblic and our nation's middle class are doomed.
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    Created by Jay Curtis
  • Term limits for U. S. Congress and Senate members
    We are asking the American public to vote on making a two term limit for all U.S. Congress members and U.S. Senators. The President and Vice President are both limited to two concurrent terms in office and must vacate the White House after a second term.
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    Created by Shahid Raki
  • Gay Men Should be Allowed to Donate Blood
    There is an FDA rule instituted during the 1980s, during the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, that prohibits men who have had sex with men since 1977 from donating blood. This rule made sense then, but almost thirty years later there are far more sophisticated and rapid tests that are administered to all prospective blood donors. As the "window period" regarding HIV infection is weeks or months, rather than 34 years, this rule both unnecessarily limits the supply of blood from healthy donors and is discriminatory. I urge the United States to follow the lead of Great Britain, which changed a similar rule there earlier this year.
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    Created by Andrew J. Heugel
  • Congress?
    I don't know why congress wants to change both the military pay and the post office pay. In what other "job" can you work for 4 years and then retire and get your whole salary paid to you for life plus health benefits and other benefits. Why doesn't congress look at itself and give the US citizens the same benefits that they get? Warren Buffet has the right idea in that the top 2% of the people who earn the most (of which constitutes most of the congress) shoud pay their fair share of taxes and not get all of the loopholes plus all of the perks.
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    Created by Anne Elmes
  • Gross Abuse of Power by Huntsville, Alabama Police Department
    This petition is about civil liberties violations by the Huntsville, Alabama police department & about protecting our first ammendment right to peacefully organize in the united states. The petition was started to challenge the legality of the Huntsville, AL ordinance that states that; 1. It is illegal to have a funeral procession without a police escort; 2. The funeral procession is limited to 25 cars, including the hearse, clergy & mourners.
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    Created by Denise Grandberry
  • National Hiring Day
    There is a solution to the jobs problem and it could quickly put hundreds of thousands of people back to work. It is not pro left or right. It is not from any corporation, it's outside the government control, it's totally voluntary, works in about one week, and helps all with little sacrifice from anyone. National Hiring Day - This is a day that corporations are encouraged to hire new employees. Corporations are called on to put patriotism first and help their country in hard times. Those corporations that cannot hire, are asked to stop firing for that month. http://wp.me/p5S9X-nv Political bickering doesn't buy groceries. Let' go beyond a wish list for a stale mate congress, and get the jobs people need in a win win for everyone.
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    Created by Tom Hendricks
  • Demand Kansas' Early Innovator Grant's Acceptance
    Governor Sam Brownback recently returned a $31.5 million dollar federal grant to create a Kansas Health Care Exchange System. Kansas was chosen as an early innovator by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This grant's funding was long considered and the Kansas Insurance Commissioner had worked hard to begin a process to save all Kansans money in purchasing health insurance. Governor Brownback out of ideological and political beliefs rejected the federal monies allocated to Kansas.
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    Created by David Wilkinson
  • We Can Still Save America
    The financial mess, the jobs loss, the housing debacle, the debt ceiling fiasco; career politicians have been ruining our Country with their own self interests ahead of Americas. Term limits of Senators (2) and Congressmen (3) must be put to a national referendum. If a Senator can't accomplish his goals for us in twelve years, or a Congressman in six years, they must return to their previous profession. Spend your time in Washington working for the Country rather than perpetuating your own interest as a lifetime politician.
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    Created by Jay Hergott
  • Get Congress Real
    It's time to rein in congressional perks. Senators and representatives don’t run to serve their constituents, they run to get a seat on the gravy train that congressional perks have created. The Constitution envisioned legislative service as an honor – not a path to entitlement. This proposal would renew that charter. It would deter the most mercenary Congressional aspirants and should help refocus sitting members.
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    Created by Phil Kann