• No unlawful entry in Indiana!
    The Indiana Supreme Court recently passed a bill that states we the citizens do not have the right to resist unlawful police entry; this is obviously a right given to all Americans under the fourth amendment and this bill is blatantly unconstitutional.
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    Created by Brad Deaton
  • Stop P&G's war on women
    Proctor & Gamble recently put on a Mr. Clean coupon in the mother's day supplement a picture of a woman and child with the caption "This Mother's Day Get Back to the Job That Really Matters", and all their ads portray women as the only ones who clean, serve, wait on men and boys, etc. Underlining message- You women need to get pregnant and back in the kitchen where you belong.
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    Created by Leslie Rojohn
  • Stop Wisconsin-style Attacks on Maine Workers
    I’m Will Towers, a corrections officer from Oakland, Maine. My co-workers and I are willing to work together with the state to help solve our state’s fiscal situation. But we’re not willing to have our rights attacked. Instead of working with Maine’s state workers, our rabidly anti-worker governor, Paul LePage, is attacking us and our unions. Last week, I learned that LePage and his friends in the legislature are pushing a bill misleadingly called “right to work,” starting with a hearing this Thursday at 2:30p.m. L.D. 309—the bill our legislators will be considering—doesn’t give workers rights. It takes them away. It directly challenges the right of me and my co-workers to bargain freely over our wages, benefits and working conditions. I’ve had enough of Gov. LePage and his friends in the Maine legislature doing the bidding corporate CEOs, Wall Street hedge fund managers and out-of-state special interest groups who poured money into Maine’s 2010 elections.
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    Created by Will Towers
  • Protect your right to own land in Walton County
    The Walton County Clerk of Courts office, the Walton County tax collector's office, all State of Florida /Walton County tax deed sales in the past, and all current public deed records use the Township Range Section (TRS) grid system as it's base. The TRS system was established by the Federal Government BLM office to convey land by patents, etc. A hundred years worth of Walton County Surveyors documents and field notes have disappeared from the Walton county public records. A court case and recorded public records indicate that the county surveyors did not retrace the original Federal surveys of the area. County Surveyors went the wrong direction and placed their own reference monuments, instead of finding and verifying the existing federal monumentation. The result has been the migration of survey lines by hundreds of feet in many areas, and constant ongoing confusion and litigation by property owners over the course of Walton County history. It is time for Walton County, the State of Florida, and the Federal Government to be on the same page about the basic right to own land and to know exactly where it is, according to the original Federal surveys (the root of our county tax base). Local court case rulings have added to the confusion and assisted the migration of the land lines in all directions.
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    Created by Mary Jo Odom
  • Allow Undocumented Immigrants with U.S. Born Children to Drive
    There are reportedly 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Many millions of them have U.S. born children and an undocumented immigrant without a social security number cannot get a Driver's License. This creates a lot of hardship and an unfair situation to their U.S. born children.
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    Created by Jorge Carbajosa
  • The Childrens Cry
    A Private school that supports girls who are troubled and missed placed; supports Girls with low to no income who live in a high poverty level neighborhoods who depend on QUALITY EDUCATION...A school who has a high graduation rate is being shut down!
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    Created by Tyese Donaldson
  • Congress, pay you're fair share!
    It's about members of congress having heath care and life insurance at no cost to them. Also retirement after a short period of time. These are cost the American people have to pay out of pocket every pay check up to retirement and then pay for health insurance until they die!
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    Created by James G. Jones
  • testing create
    this is just a test
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • We are no longer a democracy
    The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court turned our country into an oligarchy. This decision must be overturned
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    Created by Lucie McKee
  • Corporations Are NOT People
    Corporations have been using Constitutional protections designed for citizens to gain power in our elections and to make them unanswerable to citizens, workers or even the government. Only a Constitutional amendment can stop this.
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    Created by Paul Metcalf
  • Corporate Citizenship?
    This is about reversing Citizens United.
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    Created by Randolph A. Gaul
  • Fishman's Framework for Tax Reform: The tax reform plan that saves our middle class!
    This tax reform plan saves our middle class by lowering taxes for individuals and corporations, yet raises almost a trillion dollars more per year than our current tax system. The additional revenue creates and fully funds National Health Care, solves Social Security's long term funding problem, and allows all academically qualified students the opportunity to attend college free of charge. www.serioustaxreform.com
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    Created by Mark Fishman