• Gun victim compensation
    Car owners are required to register their cars and carry automobile insurance to cover any damages their cars may cause. Guns can be even more deadly. Gun owners should not be treated more favorably than car owners. In the event of death or injury, victims and their families should be compensated through insurance instead of being forced to rely on public assistance
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    Created by joe Genova
  • Petition in Support of Gun Safety Legislation
    This is a petition to targeted members of the United States Congress asking them to support sensible gun safety legislation.
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    Created by Moms Demand Action
  • Steve Sanetti & the NSSF: Support Comprehensive Background Checks
    The National Shooting Sports Foundation is located in Newtown, CT. Even after the devastating loss of innocent life right here in their own town, this organization refuses to support federal universal background checks. The NSSF is the #2 Gun Lobby in the US. The vast majority of Americans are in favor of federal legislation requiring universal background checks that would close the "gun show loophole" in every state, as well as other "private" transactions that allow people to obtain firearms without a check. The NSSF is fighting against such a change. We demand the NSSF tell Congress and Newtown that it has had a change of heart and supports universal background check legislation.
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    Created by Jake Snyder (Second Amendment Sanity)
  • Remove Gov. Hickenlooper from Co.
    This petition voices the opinions of the people of Colorado. This petition is started in opposition to the new gun control laws that have now plagued Colorado. We are petitioning to have Gov. Hickenlooper removed from office. And replaced with a more traditional gun friendly candidate. Hickenlooper has said our opinions and voices dont matter. Show him he was wrong to think that and it will cost him his job!
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    Created by Justin Wright
  • Let The People See
    We pay the Senators and we deserve a vote. We need to see the votes on record so that we can challenge our representatives. A vote on record cannot be disputed.
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    Created by David Laycock
  • Topeka and DC Legislators: Kansans also want sane gun laws!
    Right now Congress is on the verge of caving on the three measures we thought could be passed after the Newtown massacre: universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, and a ban on high-capacity magazines. Although a vast majority of Americans favor all three, we might get none of them, just more guns – in schools! It’s because lawmakers are listening to gun manufacturers via their mouthpiece, the NRA, the lobby with the big bucks. We must speak right now. Sign the petition - it will take a minute. This time it is aimed at all our Senators and Representatives in DC, plus our electeds in the Kansas statehouse. Tell them we don’t want a society that celebrates ever more guns when statistics and costs showing their accidental damage makes us all less safe.
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    Created by Jan Swartzendruber Picture
  • Repealing local government gun laws
    House passed gun law to take away local governments right to pass ordinances on gun safety.
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    Created by Terri Hassig
  • Repeal 15 USC § 7902 - Prohibition on bringing of qualified civil liability actions in Federal or...
    Much has been debated around gun safety legislation. All pending legislation attempts to control the acts of individuals while none pursues the manufacturers. I want Congress to repeal the 2005 law immunizing gun manufacturers from product liabilty.
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    Created by Valerie McGregor
  • Assault Weapons Ban Must Be Voted On & Prevail
    In the U.S. there have been nearly as many people killed by guns since the Newtown massacre as were murdered on 9/11. In light of Sen. Harry Reid's repulsive and timid sellout in giving up on bringing the Assault Weapons Ban to a vote in the Senate, We The People must declare to all in Washington, D.C., that Our actions, Our will, and Our collective determination to hold elected officials accountable will prevail and the Assault Weapons Ban will become the law of this land. Our land. Senators abandoned their obligation to stand up on this issue and make their votes known. Americans will now stand up and make their convictions on this issue known.
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    Created by Ed Kelly
    Senator Reid capitulated to the NRA by refusing to put Senator Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban bill to a vote. THIS IS WRONG, and MUST BE REVERSED
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    Created by P.A. Anderson
    We are no longer going to take it from are elected members of are usa congress-house-senate or are usa states legisatures.If you vote no against reasonable common sense gun laws and gun control in america-usa , we the people and american voters are going to vote you out of any elected offices ( local - states - federal ) Vote no on reasonable common sense gun laws we are and will vote you out of elected office.We are demanding a total outlaw and ban against all private ownerships of any military type assault guns firearms in america-usa.No one is talking about taking away your guns and firearms only the military type assault guns firearms.[ GUN CONTROL IS NOT ABOUT TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS AND FIREARMS AND IT NEVER HAS BEEN , IT IS ABOUT REASONABLE COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS IN AMERICA-USA ] , [ TELL ARE USA CONGRESS IF THEY VOTE NO AGAINST REASONABLE COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS AND GUN CONTROL LAWS IN AMERICA-USA WE THE PEOPLE AND AMERICAN VOTERS WILL VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF ELECTED OFFICE ]
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    Created by RANDY PRITCHETT
  • Tell Harry Reid Put the Assault Weapons Ban in Gun-Control Bill
    Senator Diane Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban will not be included in the Democrats Senate version of the gun-control bill. You can read about it at http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2013/03/19/assault-weapons-ban-won-t-be-in-senate-gun-bill.html . Senator Diane Feinstein can introduce it as an amendment, but Harry Reid dropped the Assault Weapons Ban from being included in the bill. Sign this petition to tell Harry Reid it is time to stop listening to the NRA and listen to the voters. We want the Assault Weapons Ban included in the Bill. After Newtown and many more massacres, it is time for the politicians to put the safety of the public ahead of politics.
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    Created by Philip Lowe Jr