• Help Us Keep Guns Out of Oklahoma Classrooms
    Currently, there are 2 pieces of legislation (HB 1062, 1622) that have passed the Oklahoma House which would allow for school districts to arm teachers and principals. Bringing guns into classrooms incurs a great risk. We want our teachers teaching kids, not carrying weapons.
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    Created by Julianna Kershen
  • Liability insurance for concealed gun permits .
    As a responsible citizen of Wisconsin, I am required to carry liability insurance to cover adverse consequences of using my automobile on public roads. I feel persons who feel a need to carry a loaded weapon in public should at the very least shoulder financial responsibility for any adverse action they commit with that weapon.
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    Created by Tom Oelhafen
    It affects and protects all our citizens
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    Created by Joseph Greco
  • State of Illinois Gun Control
    Gun violence is not acceptable. We need safe communities to raise our families.
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    Created by Cherie H
  • Universal Background Checks Petition to Cathy McMorris Rodgers
    We, the people of the 5th district of Washington State, support background checks for all gun purchases in order to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, gun traffickers, and drug dealers. We urge Cathy McMorris Rodgers to support background checks for all gun purchases. We need to adopt laws that reduce gun-related deaths and injuries that devastate American communities each year. In the United States a license is required to drive a car and a person will lose their right to drive a car if they do not drive responsibly. It is time for similar uniform requirements for gun ownership for the protection of all Americans.
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    Created by Rose Araya
  • Guns Rights, Mental Health & Public Safety
    I'm a former US Marine, a veteran of OIF. I understand our Constitution and the current economic situation we in Washington continue to endure. I value our freedom to keep and bear arms, as this right is the most potent in protecting all others. However, I have recognized that the root of the greatest threat to our freedom & liberty comes not directly from polilticians, or their backers; the true threat is the growing presence of mentally unstable citizens, who are still able to obtain firearms. An unbalanced individual is far more dangerous to themselves and others than anyone when armed. Since the funding reductions to Western State mental hospital, the number of officer-involved shootings in Seattle and throughout the region has risen. I suspect that there is a direct correlation between the growing number of mentally unbalanced individuals and gun violence. Persons unwilling or unable to remain appropriately medicated are a threat to our public safety. Gun owners are very responsible citizens; a group comprised of veterans and public servants. We don't like the idea of paying more for our weapons, but if it protects our future generation's gun rights, we'll gladly pay extra to support our mentally infirmed.
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    Created by Paul Gerhardt
  • Cease-Fire Day: End Gun Violence for one day!
    Every year over 100,000 Americans are injured by firearms. We propose that December 14, 2013 be known as Cease-Fire Day.
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    Created by Richard James
  • Georgia: Don't Allow Guns in College Classrooms, Churches, and Bars
    House Bill 512, which allows weapons on college campuses, in places of worship, and in bars, passed the Georgia House of Representatives with overwhelming support last week. As a college professor and a minister, I find this terrifying. The Georgia University System as a whole opposes this legislation, but the House supported a few students at urban campuses who feel unsafe and want to carry weapons. Georgia Senate and Governor Deal: fund increased security on these campuses. Don't endanger everyone in the most emotional and/or alcohol soaked places in the state!
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    Created by Jennie S Knight
  • American citizens against gun control.
    If you disagree with additional gun control legislature, and don't want more of our constitutional rights taken away from law abiding citizens, let your voice be heard by signing this petition which I will forward to the White House.
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    Created by Randy Stevens
    Gun owners to pay for gun control. Policing crime and paying medical cost is largely borne by law abiding non-gun owning citizens.
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    Created by LEOTHA BROWN SR.
  • Tony's Law(Girginis's) fight for harsher punishment for irresponsible gun use
    We want harsher punishment for irresponsible gun use! People who use guns irresponsibly should know that there are consequences for there actions and that they will go to jail if they use guns irresponsibly, This is about our cousin, Tony Girginis, who was killed by irresponsible gun use, the person responsible only got RECKLESS CONDUCT!
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    Created by Kim La Rosa
  • Keep guns off college campuses
    Tell Arizona legislators that you don't want guns on college and university campuses! The Arizona legislature is considering legislation (SB 1467) that would prevent universities from prohibiting the carry of concealed weapons on campus. College presidents, police chiefs, and a large majority of faculty and students oppose this bill. Sign the petition to show Arizona legislators that you oppose allowing guns on college campuses.
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    Created by Kiisa Nishikawa