Friends, it is time to hold politicians accountable for their actions. We recently invited Jeff Flake to speak to our community and he completely ignored us. As undocumented youth, we are tired of being played as a political football. Flake went on a Spanish news paper recently saying he will vote yes on the DREAM Act. HOWEVER, when he had the chance in 2010 as a House Rep. he voted NO! Tell Flake to stop the lies, stop flip flopping and stop playing with our lives.
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    Created by Erika Andiola
  • Ruth Johnson: Treat DREAMers Fairly
    I am Adonis Flores, a student leader at Wayne State University, and public relations director of my fraternity. I have lived in the United States since I was brought to Detroit by my parents as a child. I've been an active advocate for the DREAM Act, a spokesperson regarding the issues affecting students, and have organized forums on the issue for everyone from students to union members. Recently, I've been active organizing students to support DREAM Relief and voter registration efforts. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson just announced she's denying drivers licenses to young immigrants who have been allowed to stay under a recent action by the Obama Administration. So I'm calling on Ruth Johnson to give drivers licenses to DREAMers, because it's not right to tell us we can work but we can't drive.
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    Created by Adonis Flores
  • Jeff Flake: Tell the Truth on the DREAM Act
    Undocumented youth in Arizona have tried it all. Went to his congressional office, to his Tucson headquarters and even invited him to a town hall meeting to address immigration, but he refuses to do so! He even went on Prensa Hispana (a Spanish newspaper) saying he does support the DREAM Act. Ask Jeff Flake to stop ignoring us and tell the truth on how he voted no on the bill in 2010.
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    Created by Erika Andiola
  • President Obama: Allow the DREAMers from the Campaign for an American DREAM, who walked across Am...
    The Campaign for an American DREAM is a grassroots organization lead by undocumented youth. For seven and a half months, we have endured a journey from San Francisco to Washington D.C., creating dialogue around the passage of the Federal DREAM Act and immigration reform. In our long and strenuous journey for this cause, we have promoted the values of equality, unity, and diversity. We believe all people are equal, all those who are oppressed should be united, and that individuals should not be punished, but recompense for their hard work as individuals. We have united hundreds of communities across the nation by sharing our struggles as undocumented American's, allowing people to fully comprehed the obstacles of undocumented youth. Our journey commenced on March 10, 2012 and will come to an end on November 2, 2012. Throughout these past few months we have created productive dialogue around the plight of undocumented youth in both small towns and big cities across different states. We have educated communities and opened up spaces where communities came together and discussed the opportunity of creating a better society for undocumented youth via the passage of the Federal DREAM Act. But most importantly we have empowered other undocumented youth to not feel isolated in a nation we call home. We have walked nearly 3,000 miles in hope that we can overcome this obstacle and have also put a halt on our lives in order to shed light on this issue. Deferred Action is not enough, its a step in the right direction but will not solve the existent broken immigration system for undocumented youth in America. We ask that President Obama meet with us in The White House because he has stated that he would sign the DREAM Act if it was placed in front of him. Our walk across the country may be coming to an end, but the process to reintroduce a more comprehensive DREAM Act as a stand alone bill is just beginning.
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  • Immigrants are people, not space invaders.
    Immigration is hurting people all over the country!!!
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  • Shame on Mitt Romney for attacking deferred action
    Gov. Mitt Romney promised to veto the DREAM Act, advocates "self-deportation" and calls Arizona a "model for the nation." Now, campaign officials have confirmed that Romney would also try to end the new, popular Obama Administration deferred action program that grants temporary work permits and protection from deportation to young immigrants who would have qualified for the DREAM Act.
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  • Stop using the word "illegal" to describe human beings
    My husband, Cesar Chavez, and I made the decision to move back to Delano to begin organizing the United Farm Workers in 1962. Dolores Huerta and other leaders soon joined us. Then thousands more came to work with our movement. And millions of good people across North America supported us by boycotting grapes and other products. All these years, I chose to stay in the background. I walked picket lines, managed our credit union, and took care of our eight children. Cesar respected my privacy. I never spoke in public or did an interview with a reporter. But I’m speaking out now. Back in 1962, farm workers were treated as though we were agricultural tools. One grower called us “rented slaves.” Working in the fields, I remember we were called “wetbacks,” “dirty Mexicans”—and worse. It was common then in parts of our country for African Americans to also be degraded by those who called them the “n” word or used stereotypes because of their skin color or who they were. Our movement gave, and still gives, hope and pride to farm workers and millions of other people who never worked on a farm. Today, farm workers and many other immigrants still do important work other American workers won’t do, for low pay, and miserable conditions. We harvest the greatest bounty of food in the world. We spend our lives laboring in service jobs where we make beds, clean rooms, cook meals, and care for the young and the elderly. We work in construction and manufacturing. We serve our country in the military. But instead of thanking all these workers for their important work, they are often called names—like illegal immigrant. That’s not right. It is no longer acceptable to call people names or use stereotypes because of skin color or who people are. Why should we tolerate farm workers and other Latinos being treated this way? Some day not long from now people will look back and ask, “How could people call other people names like illegal?”
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    Created by Helen F. Chavez, widow of Cesar Chavez
  • Keep our family together
    My fiancé is at risk of being deported for a simple traffic violation. He has no prior criminal record. I am 34 weeks pregnant with his daughter. I also have two children from a previous relationship who call him daddy. Since we have been together Jeronimo has stepped up and taken over the father role for my three year old son and four year old daughter. I don't want my children to lose a true father who really loves them. I need Jeronimo he is the love of my life and our daughter Paloma needs her daddy. He is the sole financial provider for our family. Ask the Department of Homeland Security not to deport my fiancé, Jeronimo Quixan Lopez, and leave my family homeless and separated.
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    Created by Stephanie Mazariegos
  • Give Dreamers a chance to Contribute!
    Tens of thousands of children brought to AZ as illegals have a chance to contribute and BE real citizens through an education. Help these dreamers get their start with access to in-state tuition.
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    Created by Darcy White
  • Mitt Romney and the GOP: It's time to dump "birther" Kris Kobach
    Kris Kobach is Mitt Romney's immigration advisor and Kansas’ Secretary of State. He is the author of the Arizona and Alabama anti-immigrant "show me your papers" laws -- as we just found outhe and fellow “birthers” are considering removing President Barack Obama from the Kansas ballot this November because they are doubting the validity of his birth certificate. Even more outrageous than attempting to take the sitting president off the ballot, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party keep giving Kris Kobach an influential seat at the table as a top immigration advisor. It's time that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party cut ties with Kris Kobach and his ilk once and for all..
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  • Alabama immigration
    Governor Bentley is challenging the recent decision by a federal court that labeled controversial elements of the new state immigration law unconstitutional. The law is basically detrimental to the state of Alabama as well as to those who are adversely effected by it.
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  • Accept the 11th Circuit's ruling on HB 56
    Several provisions of Alabama's disgraceful anti-immigration law were found unconstitutional in a series of rulings by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. They include invalidating any contracts with undocumented immigrants (making it virtually impossible to get a lease), harboring illegal aliens and the requirement that parents and students disclose their legal status to enroll in school. Days ago, Governor Bentley announced his decision to appeal the ruling to the full Court "based on principle"–claiming that Alabama must defend its rights against federal intrusion. The call for states rights' is a time-honored tradition for laws that oppress and disenfranchise people of all types in the southern United States. It is time for Alabama to accept the widely-held and fully constitutional "principles" that all children have a right to education and all people a right to shelter free of discrimination, harassment or fear. And it is time for Alabama to quit wasting money it doesn't have defending the indefensible on a fool's errand in court.
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