• We are all immigrants.
    If my father had not come to the United States I would not be here. He was a migrant/immigrant. He traveled with the crops and made enough money to keep his family, clothed, housed and schooled as well as churched.
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    Created by Angeline Walczyk
  • Quality and non discriminate immigration
    Like all countries, the USA should choose its immigrants by quality and not by race.
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    Created by Naomi Aldort
  • No to a New Bracero Program-Guest Worker Program
    The immigration reform proposal currently on the Obama political agenda contains a new Bracero Program, termed "a process for admitting temporary workers." Having a new Bracero Program in something called Immigration Reform is no reform at all, it is a step backwards into indentured servitude, slavery. We must oppose any new 'temporary contract labor program.' Unfortunately, a temporary worker program remains on the Obama version of immigration reform. Let's be firm in our opposition to any new guest worker program and make no deals in order to get justice for the undocumented. On this see Julia Preston, "Obama Expresses Confidence in Early Action on Immigration" (NYT Nov 14, 2012). Among the various actions in the proposed legislation is a new Bracero Program now pegged, or better sanitized as "visas available for farm workers." Gilbert Gonzalez
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    Created by Gilbert Gonzalez
  • Caribbean's/West Indian's Community
    The Caribbean’s/West Indian’s Americans want to be identifying as who we are. We migrate from our country to the USA to make a better life for ourselves and our children. Our children as well as ourselves service this country in many composites and the country should know that the Caribbean’s or West Indian’s Americans are proud to be American and are willing to defend this country and do play an important role in this country.
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    Created by Beatrice Sadler
  • Immigration Reform NOW!
    The US needs to reform its immigration laws because current laws are insufficient to address realities on the ground, which leads to millions of people being treated inhumanely. Enforcement of current laws is lacking in some areas [employers who hire unskilled labor without being penalized, making huge profits], and is over the top in other areas [undocumented workers who are treated like animals whether in labor camps or in prisons]. This reality on the ground is unworthy of the land of the free, and we need to change it.
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    Created by Eric Pourchot
  • H1B1 Visa Abuse
    Employers, especially in the SF Bay Area, are bring in unqualified H1B1 workers because they are cheap. I see it time & time again in my work. Headhunters openlly admit it too me. It is doing a disservice to us because the H1B1 workers are simply getting free training here as they are not really trained for these programming positions. I'm a middle age women, having trouble getting a position in this field as it is dominated by H1B1 workers.
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    Created by Bonnie Lott
  • Make everyone who is illegal, legal as long as they have not committed a crime.
    I think who is an illegal alien in the US should be made legal, excluding ones that have committed violent crimes. This would help with the debt of the US because all of the illegals would have to begin to pay taxes and it will cut the nations debt dramatically. If you agree with me sign this petition and lets take this to the white house and get it done.
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    Created by Ricky Davis
  • Congress: Provide a roadmap to citizenship
    People move to make life better for themselves and their families. Most families moved here in the past for the same reason that American immigrants move here today - to raise a family in a land of freedom and opportunity. But the current patchwork of policies and programs is mismanaged and broken, and it breaks up families. In order to do our part to welcome newcomers, we need to make America the most attractive place for the best, brightest, and hardest working people from around the world. That’s why America deserves a common sense immigration process, one that includes a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States.
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    Created by Matt Hildreth-Junod Picture
  • President Obama: Make the Dream Act the First Legislation of your Second Term
    With the recent reelection of President Obama, this is the time to push for the passage of a federal Dream Act. The persecution of skilled, intelligent and law-abiding undocumented Americans is wasteful, cruel and has no benefit for our country. If President Obama makes the effort and suggests a Dream Act to the legislature, the current political climate makes its passage likely. The Democrats want to pass a Dream Act, and the Republicans cannot afford to make their demographic voting issues any worse with American Hispanics.
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    Created by Joshua Sager
  • Immigration Reform
    Immigration. I am an organizer, a mother and a Latina and I have seen the immigration issue not being addressed by President Obama. In the past election 75% of Latinos voted for him and 73% Asians also supported him. It is time to pay attention to this issue and fix it.
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    Created by Claudia Rodriguez
  • Please don't take my Mom and Dad...
    My family is going through immigration issues, i am really upset because not only in my family have we been forced to be separated from our parents or other loved ones, but also my friends and their families are going through hard times. These are people who are here in America working day to day, they contribute to paying their taxes and worry about their children's future.We need to convince congress, president and all people to make a change for better not worse.
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    Created by Irving
  • Free Livio (A77023995)!
    Livio Arias Torres (A77023995) is our beloved community Artist-Activist in Chelsea.. Twelve years ago, Livio came to the U.S. from Venezuela and applied for political asylum in 2011; however, an incompetent lawyer messed up Lívio’s application. Despite all this, Livio continues to give: teaching music classes to children and adults, directing Iglesia San Lucas’s choir, and volunteering in many organizations: Casa de la Cultura, Enlazando Fronteras, Roca, etc. Now Livio, a 70-year old music teacher, has been detained at South Bay Detention Ctr. since September 2012! Help us free Livio! Let Livio free to teach to our youth, create art & better our community now!
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    Created by Lily Huang