• Fix our immigration system to be sustainable
    Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but we need to reduce immigration to traditional levels so that it does not drive population growth and unemployment. In the 1970’s, our population reached 200 million, and we wondered how we were going to preserve our environment. People started having fewer children, But the government drastically increased immigration (and ignored illegal migration) to the point where we are at 325 million. We’ll be at a half billion by mid century! Meanwhile we are running out of resources and trampling the environment. If we maintain our current immigration policy, our environment will be destroyed by overpopulation. This excessive growth is also causing wage depression and outright unemployment. We have massive unemployment, yet we are importing workers faster than we are creating jobs. This makes no sense.
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    Created by Vince Dunsworth
  • Tell Mitt Romney: Arizona is Not a Model!
    Extreme politicians in Arizona wanted to force all immigrants to carry their papers at all times, and give law-enforcement officers the ability to harass and racially profile immigrants and Latinos without any fear of penalty. They would even make it illegal for an undocumented immigrant to search for a job. Is this what Governor Romney meant last fall when he said Arizona’s approach is a “model for the nation”? The Supreme Court just struck down most of the Arizona law, and narrowly allowed a key provision to remain. The Justices warn that provision could still be unconstitutional. Already, it is terrifying Latino and immigrant communities, who know it will lead to racial profiling. Yet Mitt Romney and his campaign have still refused to change his position. The immigrant and Latino communities are already bracing for government-sanctioned harassment by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other extremist politicians, and leaders are planning to bring the case back to federal court. Tell Mitt Romney that Arizona’s anti-immigrant law is not a model for the nation. We need strong national leaders to stand against racial profiling and stand up for values of fairness and equal treatment under the law.
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    Created by Matt Hildreth
  • Immigration pardon
    Making people who have been deported for ten years be eligible to come back before that if they pay a fine. Also if they commit to work and not be a burden for the economy. People should sign it if they are in a similar situation especially if a person was deported and their only crime was enter illegally but have no other violent or drug related crimes.
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    Created by Mayira Salcedo Salazar
  • Mass high speed transit.
    If you're tired of waiting for a car, or paying high fees in insurance, or risking your families life from "reckless" drivers. Then this petition is aimed at you
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    Created by Nick Woods
  • Mr. President, Stop SB1070. Don't Deport Its Victims.
    Arizona is headed toward a crisis, but the President can stop it immediately. Because of Sheriffs like Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Arizona is already known for its abuse of power and some of the worst racial profiling in recent history. Now that the Supreme Court has allowed parts of the anti-immigrant law, SB1070, to go into effect, Arizona will get even worse unless we move the President to act. The civil rights violations that will sky rocket in Arizona under SB1070 can only be carried out if the federal government willingly cooperates and processes SB1070's victims for deportation after Sheriffs like Arpaio round them up. The President can stop racial profiling, prejudiced policing, and the separation of families, by cutting off Arizona's access to federal immigration enforcement.
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    Created by Carlos Garcia, Puente Arizona
  • The time for immigration reform is NOW!
    Following the recent announcement that President Obama will halt the deportation of DREAMers, the Supreme Court has announced that they will let stand the despicable "Papers, please" provision of Arizona's SB 1070 that allows police to profile individuals based on the color of their skin. Our country's urgent need for a comprehensive solution for our broken immigration system has never been clearer. Add your name and message below to tell our leaders in Washington that the time is NOW for comprehensive immigration reform!
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    Created by Donna De La Cruz
  • Keep families together!
    With the current immigration laws, when a citizen marries an undocumented immigrant, the citizen must file a petition for residency on behalf of the immigrant. At the point of interviewing with the immigration official it is likely that the immigrant will have a ten year ban from the country placed on them, separating the couple for many years unless the citizen can prove a hardship without the spouse. I am personally capable of taking care of myself and my children alone, and I do not have a debilitating illness, but because I cannot take my children out of the country to live, as their father is American, I am forced to choose between my children or my husband. I married him because I love him, not because I needed him financially, but now I may lose my husband because when people are forced to be apart for years the relationship can die. It would be financially impossible for me to visit more than once a year.
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    Created by Lisa Perez
  • U.S. Supreme Court: Block Anti-Immigrant Law from Taking Effect
    The U.S. Supreme Court will shortly announce whether or not it will allow the State of Arizona's proposed discriminatory SB1070 bill to pass. The bill proposes that anyone suspected of being here without proper documentation can be stopped by police for this reason alone. Please sign this petition if you agree that the bill's passing would infringe on our rights and on our families.
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    Created by B
  • Law to limit work hours in 24 hours
    I teach English to our immigrants and so many of them disappear because they work such long hours they can not attend class. I checked our labor law and discovered there is NO limit on the number of hours employees can be forced to work in one 24-hour period. None whatsoever. I have a current student working landscaping who worked 8 a.m. to 11:05 p.m. recently.
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    Created by Steven G. Allen
  • Save American Innovation and Discovery
    Americans are innovative, and our research institutions are world renowned. The major breakthroughs in the fields of engineering and science often lead to new companies, sometimes new industries. In today's globalized economy, granting foreign nationals access to our research institutions is to the detriment of our economy, businesses, and societal progression. To Americans, it disincentives the pursuit of graduate work, and eventuates in the US training foreigners to be highly skilled and knowledgeable beyond most Americans. Some might say foreigners are more qualified to be doctors or masters in their field, this argument is a slap in the face of our school systems and every American. If our research and development begins to lack, our lower educational institutions are to blame, not our lack of investment in foreign nationals. If a highly qualified individual desires to benefit from involvement in our publicly funded research institutions, obtaining US citizenship and committing to contribute to our society should be an unobtrusive requirement.
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    Created by curtis thornton
  • Illegal Immigration
    A simple method that would not target ethnic groups as it would apply to everyone seeking a job. Heavy fines and /or jail time to those employers hiring illegals!
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    Created by Allan Jones
  • Jobs lost
    Unemployment would really go down if the government would enforce the laws against illegal immigration.
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    Created by Larry Stewart